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UNoE Budget, 2019


Prime Minister: Hiram Land
Prime Minister Delegate: His Excellency, Jakobus van Slooten (SOCLAB) (D)
94183 Milhouse Avenue, Greenfield, HL GJ3 H8F

Due to the very long wait between the end of the budget of last year and the day of the formation of this budget, we have had a long government shutdown. This budget will serve the 2019-2020 budget year area.

ARTICLE I - Budget for Offices

The following is the long awaited budget for offices:

  • Office of the Founder: $300 million NSD

  • Prime Minister's Office: $200 million NSD

  • Deputy Prime Minister's Office: $300 million NSD

  • WA Delegate's Office: $200 million NSD

  • High Justice's Office: $350 million NSD

  • Speaker of Parliament's Office: $200 million NSD

  • Minister of Defense & Security: $720 million NSD

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: $340 million NSD

  • Attorney-General's Office: $100 million NSD

  • Department of Transportation: $20 million NSD

  • Department of the Treasury: $280 million NSD

  • Department of Energy: $300 million NSD

The total of such will become $3,310,000,000 NSD, or $3.3 billion for offices.

ARTICLE II - Budget for Legislative and Judicial Branches

The following is for the Legislative and Judicial branches of Government.

Article II(a) - Parliament Budget

  • General Assembly: $670 million NSD

  • Security Council: $290 million NSD

The total for the Parliament will be $960,000,000 NSD, or $960 million total.

Article II(b) - Judicial Budget

  • Sovereignty Civil Court: $200 million

  • Criminal Court: $400 million

The total for the Judicial Branch will be $600,000,000 NSD, or $600 million total.

Article II(c) - Total

The total of both Branches will be $1,560,000,000 NSD, or $1.56 billion total.

Article III - Programs, Administration, Other and Overall Total

The following is allocated for programs, administration purposes, other services and the total of the entire budget.

Article III(a) - Programs

  • Regional Military: $1 billion

  • Dual Citizenship Program: $500 million

  • Office of Central Planning: $1 billion

Article III(b) - Administration

  • Other Security Expenses: $200 million

  • Administration (not listed already): $200 million

Article III(c) - Other

  • Government Worker's Pay: $1 billion

Article III(d) - Overall Total

The overall total of the entire budget allocated will be $10,330,000,000 NSD or $10.33 billion NSD.

Article IV - Implementation

This law will come into effect the moment it passes.

Written at the Office of the UNOE Prime Ministry Representative, 9392 Mark's Avenue, Ramvarkistan, Oostwaards, HL G5G JG3, on this day, the Twenty-third of the Fifth Month of the Nineteenth Year of the Second Millenium.

The Republic of Hiram Land