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Long Conversation with my Dream Guide Tsutsumi Part II (2232 AD)

*For a little while now, the invisible "nirvana" aura seeped through my very soul, down into my core, meditating on my powers for hours alongside Tsutsumi, we both were silent for another half day through the night. The white mist covers the dojo grounds, barely can see a few meters through, in my vision I might've seen only my dream guide's own aura, visualizing the hues as to see what comes out next. As soon as my stomach begins to make a jump to signal my hunger, I stopped meditating, open my eyes and ask quietly as not to rouse her.*

Alter Ego Lucian: "Tsutsumi. I'm hungry, where's the rice?"
Tsutsumi: *She stops meditating and briefly says* "Right underneath you, in front of your lap, it should be warm to taste. Eat slowly and let it revitalize you."

*We then begin eating our meals, but I have to hasten it because I don't like letting it cold or spoil. After about 15 minutes or so, I handed the large bowl over to her, and just as she is about to head over to the dojo's kitchen sink, an unlikely visitor from faraway lands comes up, holding the same black spear that hit me years ago. Behind me, I see a shadow that looks like long hair, but I can't see what else on the wooden floorboards. I turn around and for a moment I thought I would be enraged.*

Alter Ego Lucian: "Who comes over to this sacred ground interrupting my peace time? Who are you? Because if you don't I would've paint this whole dojo where you stand."
Tempesta: "Easy up on your harsh tongue, Reciter, I'm Tempesta, one of the Chaser envoys, a Wind Princess."
Alter Ego Lucian: "Wha? Reciter? What does it mean? Tsutsumi, get over here when you're done with the sink, we have a visitor here!"

*Tsutsumi walks back to see the deformed albino girl who is merciful enough to speak kindly despite her tone being dark. Tsutsumi had never encountered any Chaser in her entire life other than the occasional typical phantom.*

Tsutsumi: "Welcome to the dojo, Tempesta. *She bows* I presume you have a message for us?"
Alter Ego Lucian: "Show us your face, can't talk to people that covers their faces."
Tempesta: "It's because it was cold; I have to cover it, Reciter. It means that you are capable of speaking an ancient tongue that only those who knows such words can. I am happy to show you my true face."

*She then takes off the little hood and lets her hair loose with her left hand.*

Above: Tempesta means "storm" in Italian, the reason why she is a Wind Princess.

Tempesta: "Tempesta, your Tulpa, Reciter. At your service."

*I am shocked at what she just said, her green eyes beaming through my own retinas, her beautiful white hair moving back and forth, as she rests her spear through her right arm. I looked through that weapon of hers, and with further shock it was the exact one that impaled my spine during the surprise attack of 2203.*

Alter Ego Lucian: "Were you the one who used to hate me and injure my spine? I still remember those moments of what your kin done to mine."
Tempesta: "Without a doubt, I have, but don't accuse me for that, for I haven't been that treacherous towards my people. I was one of those five survivors you didn't killed off with this."
Alter Ego Lucian: "So why have you come here in the first place just to say you're offering services to me?"
Tempesta: "Because I have seen you before on your first dream, but at first never recognized you and did what my former masters told me, to cripple you. I then fled a bit when you shoved me away and stole my spear but when you collapsed and held on by, I do not know whose name, I took my spear back and ran off back to the ship. You saw me leaving along with four others in the group. All of them survived through your people's pointless wars."
Alter Ego Lucian: "MY people do have a point; it was a kamikaze attempt to assassinate Fujimura and Konohana to bring us into anarchy three decades ago. And after all that time I killed the last Queen, I thought we're all satisfied in our destiny, but turns out there's a much stronger foe than your kin told in lore by sages."
Tsutsumi: "Lucian, calm down. What I told you about the past is that it's no longer there anymore."
Alter Ego Lucian: "If pride is classed as a major sin, Tsutsumi, my people, including the both of us wouldn't hold up to such consequences, we have to use that, humanity has showed that numerous times on each other."
Tsutsumi: "And yet, your people is still clinging to the old ways like what happened when her people attacked your former world. I wasn't even born then."
Alter Ego Lucian: "Anyways, Tempesta, care to show us what message you're carrying, what do you want to tell us?"

*Tempesta shows the two of us a little scroll.*

Tempesta: "We heard about your ambitions against your most troublesome of problems, and we been called forth to aid as if we're kinship, as Sisterhood of the Yin-Yang. Lucretia Shadowmend has commanded unto me to serve the Reciter and its people as a permanent bonding to strengthen our damaged relationship. Thrice have the Queensland of Darkness been destroyed by the Lucians and thirteen times further have the Queensland of Darkness been destroyed by the Dominion in their relentless pursuit of ethnic cleansing. Thus, this Queensland by Lucretia's decree offers the Lucian peoples a chance to prosper with coexistence under their Constitution. The Queen demands a 10% annual tax in return as financial support."

- Tempesta, Envoy of the Void

Tsutsumi: "Lucian, are you sure about this? Tempesta is your Tulpa now, but what do you think of it?"
Alter Ego Lucian: "We may be a bit stretched thin with the mobilization, but always able to lend a much further hand. First though, Lucia Primriver has to see that, and maybe, just maybe she will either agree or disagree."
Tsutsumi: "I bet she'll probably agree on that, though it is a slim chance."
Tempesta: "I really do hope you'll trust me and my kin to reverse our long-term relations around. If you cannot beat the darkness, then join with us in coexistence. However, beware, Reciter. Such an alliance like this with the two of us could mean only the more lenient civilizations can accept it."
Alter Ego Lucian: "Parliament will be the judge of that, Tempesta. I don't know if your kin are really capable of that against an impossible scale."
Tempesta: "Don't worry, Lucretia Shadowmend has a well-equipped force and after all what we learned from our sixteen defeats, we won't fall back down a seventeenth time this time around. I want to be with you close, I'm so sorry if I haven't been this polite in years, I haven't aged much by condition since we last gazed at each other, not even close to reaching yours, but I felt like as if I been around a long time. Something must've affected the way I'm living, and apparently I'm still like this, you know."
Tsutsumi: "Should I return to practicing my moves?"
Tempesta: "What? Oh, I thought you were busy with the Reciter, well I could not go back to the Void, someone would probably find me, so I want to stay, probably share the space for resting. This place is way better than my homeworld."
Alter Ego Lucian: "Yeah, good luck not getting drenched by the occasional boiling rains, it can burn through you very fast because it is acidic to the touch."

*Tempesta rests her spear by the front door, leaning a little off to the side on top of an empty basket.*

Tempesta: "Say, Reciter? Ever heard of a picnic going on some faroff distance?"
Alter Ego Lucian: "A what, what you just say, a summer picnic?
Tempesta: "Well, you have some sort of unlikely invitation, maybe I would be wrong. Back in my homeworld, we have feasts, but it was horrible, you could not imagine the hardships my kin have to go through."
Alter Ego Lucian: "What do they want with me, I'm enemies with them still."
Tempesta: "Perhaps you could try writing a message to see if you have it or not. Although chances are, they know of our hostility, our common interests. Whatever the case, try it in the morning. I'll be with you always, Reciter."
Alter Ego Lucian: "If light and darkness can work together to wreck our enemies, then this would be it soon enough."
Tempesta: "I really hope your leader gets my message heard. I will make sure this gets into her hands tomorrow. See you."

*She then kisses me in the cheek for the first time before she heads out into the fog, bringing her black spear along for the long walk. First time in love with a former archenemy's princess now claiming to be my second Tulpa is just coincidence to me.*