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National Overview for The Leader's eyes only. Currently unfinished.

The National Republic of Antagoria


Motto: Work, and be filled. Slack, and be starved.


-Density:5670 people a square mile

Largest City:Portospania

Official Language:English

National Language:English


Government: Bereaucratic meritocratic fascist dictatorship
- Leader: Anonymous
- Vice leader: None
- Speaker of the House: Jos Itupi
- Chief Justice: Hiler Jackovic

- Upper House:
-Lower House:

Establishment: from Republic of Antagoria
Independence: 25 April 1937

Land Area:249382.226mile˛
Water Area: 0km˛
Water %: 0. Shorelines only.

Highest Point: 781
Lowest Point: 232

GDP (nominal): 80653 US$
GDP (nominal) per capita:812873 US$million

Human Development Index (NS Version): 64.19

Currency: Antago

Time Zone: GMT -2

Drives on the:left

Calling code: +91

Internet TLD: .Anta


The National Republic of Antagoria commonly called Antagoria, is a Bereaucratic, autocratic meritocracy in Antagoria. It is bordered on the north by the sea, on the south by the sea, by the east by the sea and on the west by the Antagorian National Union. Antagoria covers 645 897 square kilometers and has has an estimated population of 74,579,861. Antagoria comprises of NUMBER SUBDIVISIONS and NUMBER TERRITORIES.

The National Republic of Antagoria acts as the enemy of democracy and communism alike. It's stong army which is surprising for it's size makes it extremely dangerous. Thus, it helps other fascist movements across the world in revolts and resurgency.


The term, 'Antagoria' comes from the British pronounciation of the word 'Andagorea' and the term, 'National Republic' comes from the fascist government which wanted a name that would appease the citizens who believed that the name tells you all about a person.

The standard way to refer to a citizen of the National Republic of Antagorian is as a "Antagorian."


In 1712, they were discovered and split into easy and west by England and Spain. In 1789, the Republic of Antagoria declared independence from Great Britain. The Republic of Antagoria joined the Central Powers in World War One. The National Republic of Antagoria was founded in 1937 after gaining victory in the Antagorian Civil War. The National Republic of Antagoria forms a fascist alliance with Franco Spain and all other fascist islands (except the Antagorian National Union) until 1977 with the death of Francisco Franco, and with him, the alliance. The National Republic of Antagoria will be the the only fascist nation to make it to the 23rd century with the Antagorian National Union.



The coastline is full of beautiful beaches and clear blue waters. The Kalui plains are a large region located in the central western part of the nation while ending at the Mansbu River which seperates the National Republic of Antagoria and the Antagorian National Union (mostly, and for now). The Kanbul plains exist in the North West but are blocked by the Karaku mountain range in the north bordering the Mansbu river. The Marate jungle exists as a zone between the two plains and is bordered to the west by the Mansbu river. (Note: as of 2247, the jungles do not exist due to certain events) The Kavarbta mountain range exists in the north near the beaches. Hills and forests cover the rest of the west.


Temperatures ranging from 28 degrees to 41 degrees can be experienced in the landmass with it's tropical and sub-tropical climate. The National Republic of Antagoria exists in the Northern Atlantic Ocean.




The Eastern Antagorian race takes up 99.9% of the total population. There are 74,579,861 citizens in the current year, 2251.


English is used as the Antagorian language is believed to be used by the Western Antagorian "savages".


95% of the population is christian, the rest are atheist.


The Eastern Antagorians consider themselves the master race meant to coexist with the Aryans. They have european-toned skin, blue eyes, black hair and have straight hair.

Largest Cities



Metro area population





Antagorian Territorial zone


Establo Novus


Celpius belt


Arckabel Citusi


Kalui Plains






























A fascist government which utilises meritocracy as a basis for promotion and choosing a new tertrach everytime the previous one dies. However, the previous tertrach would choose the most well skilled government official for the job before he dies.

Foreign Relations and Military


The National Republic of Antagoria holds perpetual hatred towards the Antagorian National Union. It also has a state of emnity between it and the following countries: The United States of America, Great Britain and the People's Republic of China. Ever since, 2019, The National Republic of Antagoria has cut off all relations with Taiwan over LGBT laws and Spain (in 1975) with the destruction of the fascist government in Spain. The National Republic of Antagoria holds a state of emnity with the following organisations and alliances: The United Nations, The European Union, The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the Collective Security Treaty Organisation. Interestingly enough, the Association of South East Asian Nations is neutral with the National Republic of Antagoria (Partly because they leave each other alone).


The National Republic of Antagoria uses unconventional weapons and energy weaponary. However, there is a zero waste policy where lower ranking soldiers will be given older and much more ancient weapons such as swords and gunpowder guns. Soldiers who are experienced will receive ancient weapons such as the AK-47, RPGs. Seasoned soldiers have early 22nd century guns such as early energy weaponary. Veterans get the more modern GF-5s, unconventional firearms and modern energy weapons. All citizens over the age of 18 are expected to be called for military service at any time although military conscription begins at the age of 16 and ends at 18. There are approx. 70,000,000 military personnel ready for war.


Economic Indicators

Currency: Antago
Fiscal Year:

GDP (nominal): 80653 US$
GDP (nominal) per capita: 812873 US$million
Labor Force: approx. 60,000,000
Unemployment: approx. 14,000,000


The Antagorian economy is focused on a autarky which rarely trades with other fascist nations. Recently, it has begun trading with monarchist nations. The economy is focused on the following industries: Arms manufacturing, Manufacturing, Electronics, Agriculture and Automobile manufacturing.


Treatment of Non-Eastern Antagoreans:

Depending on the situation, certain non-eastern Antagoreans are allowed to stay in and are treated well by the National Republic.


There are many metro stations across the country which connect up all cities and small cities. There are only four towns connected to the metro but this is due to the fact that the metro lines ran under them. There are three lines, the Tertrachia line which connects Fascianta with the cities on the east. The Northern-Southern Line connects the Celpius belt to Fascianta and the Southern Islands and the Yugaerie Line connects the Western cities to other cities on the west and Fascianta. There are also many roads which connect all settlements in the National Republic of Antagoria.


The National Republic of Antagoria has multiple nuclear fission power plants. However, it has begun using cold-fusion reactors which were invented in 2163. The National Republic of Antagoria also utilises wind and solar energy while keeping coal emissons low. Hydropower is done in underground rivers.

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History Status for The Leader Early 20th Century. Early 21st century. Original Version.

Note: Because this is sort of a history book of the nation available to select government officials and certain people. Project Reich-Antagoria will be omitted. Also these notes are in The Leader's personal factbook.

1952: The National Republic of Antagoria (NRA) is upset that the Antagorian Union uses the term 'Antagorians' to refer to their people. Thus, they send an ultimatium demanding that the Antagorian Union name their people 'Western Antagorians' as they view the Western Antagorians as racially inferior people. The Antagorian Union is quick to refuse. This angers the NRA who declares war on the Antagorian Union instantly. The UN condemns the NRA but cannot do much but send multiple forces to the Anntagorian Union because of the Korean War.

1953: The Antagorian Union and the UN forces are losing ground to NRA and fascist league forces.

1954: NRA guerillas traumatise American soldiers for life. Also, the Antagorian Union surrenders and is forced to pay 10 billion extra Antaus in reparations. The NRA also demands that all citizens of the Antagorian Union are to be referred to as 'Western Antagorians'. The UN does not recognise this and still calls the Antagorian Union's citizens 'Antagorians' to this day.

1955: The NRA decides that the term 'Antagorian' should only be used when both sides are reunified, thus, they unofficially (yet still call themselves in official meetings) 'Antagorians'. Thus, the NRA adopts the term 'Eastern Antagorians' to seperate themselves from the Western Antagorians whom they declare as savages.

1957: The Western Antagorian civil war begins. The NRA takes the side of the fascists. The NRA sends in support and men to assist the fascists. This move is slightly unpopular as the people wanted the government to attack the Antagorian Union. The government does this so that the UN would not assist the Western Antagorians anymore in times of war (How wrong they were). Also, they wanted the fascists to pay them as the Union and the communists would not pay them any more reparations.

1958: The NRA recalls its troops when the Western Antagorian fascists defeat the communist forces which were being aided by the Soviet Union.

1959: The NRA does not accept the Antagorian National Union (ANU) into the Fascist League and demands that they carry on the burden of reparations. This sours relationships between the ANU and the NRA.

1962: With the exception of Spaniards, certain Germans and certain races, all other non-Antagorians (Including Western Antagorians who are considered sub-human) are evicted forcefully and kicked out of the country. (The UN was REALLLLLYY happy, hehe, the NRA collects UN coondemnations now)

1963: Skirmish at the northern border

1964: People targeted for forceful eviction who refuse to leave get to stay. In labour camps.

1967: The NRA begins developing nuclear weapons unbeknownst to the UN

1968: The NRA successfully tests its first nuclear bomb. The UN is worried as the NRA openly shares it with powerful fascist nations such as Spain although the Spanish are not too interested as they already know of such technology. Besides, they got 4 'free' nuclear bombs from the Americans lost somewhere.

1969: The NRA attacks the Gartu Pontiar Industrial region of the ANU, the ANU workers strike but are masaccred into submission (reminds me of what the Antagorian Union did in 1923). The NRA receives condemnation from the UN and angry messages from the Fascist League.

1973: The NRA is satisfied with it's plunder and withdraws from the ANU. Also, first missile test.

1975: Franco dies. The Fascists send their condolences to Spain.

1976: The Fascist League falls into disarray when the Spanish withdraw from the League. NRA relations with Spain sour a little bit.

1977: The Fascist League collapses and ends. Most of it's original members either convert from fascism or collapse. The NRA is now alone in the world. At least they have a nuclear missile test to keep them company.

1979: The ANU is attacked by the NRA. The ANU is promptly defeated in the same year before christmas. Also, all war reparations are repaid by the ANU.

1984: The NRA attacks the ANU. This marks the Antagorian war of '84. The ANU is much better prepared for war while the NRA is prepared to fight guerilla and armored warfare.

1985: The NRA crosses the Mansbu river and is faced with Western Antagorian troops. The battle of the Mansbu river is bloody, it is said that on that day, the river was running red with blood.

1986: The NRA pushes past the enemy defences. Here, they are extremely vulnerable. The NRA beats the ANU and forces them to cede the Amsgarh strip (a strip of land on the NRA ANU border). Also, nuclear power plants are being constructed.

1991: After a bunch of skirmishes and wars, the NRA decides to cease their aggressions for a while. Also, December is a joyous month for the country when the Soviet Union collapses.

1998: Mansbu territorial dispute. The NRA claims that a small tuft of land beyond the Mansbu river belongs to them. The ANU refuses to cede the land. Thus, the NRA declares war on them.

1999: Short and simple, full-scale armored invasion with no mercy shown (to prisoners, civilians and enemy pride alike).

2000: The ANU is defeated and thousands died for a small piece of land. Nice.

2001: Another nuclear test and more nukes are being produced.

2002: A nuclear bomb is set off at the border with the ANU but the UN puts a stop to any invasion plans.

2003: Smartphone touch screen technology is being researched by the NRA.

2014: The NRA has developed touch-screen tech. Also, more missile tests!

2015: The USA is uspset about their missile tests. So they attempt to reach a diplomatic compromise. However, the US wishes would cause the NRA to be weakened militarily. It is seen as the West's attempt of making the NRA weak to invasion.

2016: Diplomatic relations between the NRA and the USA sour (is there even a possible level below emnity? Oh wait Intense emnity)

2019: Meh. Just a few extra weapons. Nothing much. The NRA is now isolated because of their diplomacy only with other fascists policies.

2024: The ANU is attacked by the NRA at the Celpius belt. The NRA sinks multiple enemy ships but loses quite a few. This marks the point in time where the ANU becomes a serious force to the NRA.

2025: Jets fly overhead, strafing and killing Western Antagorian civilians. The ANU shows no sign of surrender. Nuclear bomb authorised. The UN doesn't even condemn, they are just shocked.

2026: Better nukes means better neighbours. And better UN condemnations. The NRA manages to push the enemy back across the Mansbu river and sends them back to their capital.

2027: The ANU sends out engineers to set up traps. Unfortunatly, they actually works.

2057: The NRA attempts to poison the ANU's water supply with garbage and industrial waste. Foiled by the UN.

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History Status for The Leader First Extra-Universal War. Original Transcript as ordered. Vocalised by The Leader.

2245: A nation known as the United Worlds (later found to be an extra-universal nation) contacts Antagoria through extra-univeral broadcasts. They would like to 'bring civilisation' (annex) this earth to add to their collection of 19 earths. Antagoria is quick to decline their annexation (You see, Antagoria is part of this earth), they are not suprised when the United Worlds promptly declares war on them (Note from the leader: 5 minutes. Wow. I. Am. Impressed. Usually, it takes us 20 minutes to declare a war. Amazing). The United Worlds enter through a extra-universal miniature spatial anomaly (portal) with 200 million men (they don't take the NR-Antagoria seriously as a threat. Also, they are at war with the Extra-Universal Soviet Union and the Extra-universal Nazi Empire)

2246: The rest of the world reports flashing lights and loud sounds coming from the NR-Antagoria, this war is practically secret. The NR-Antagoria mobilises more than 50% of it's population (they haven't gone to war in some time and they can house a large population with underground, underwater and skyscraper residences.) The NR-Antagoria manages to give the UW soldiers a tough time invading the dense jungles they entered this universe through. The UW soldiers will face guerillas (guerilla not gorilla I know some people will probably mess this up, especially my friend who plays this game) and a cruel environment in the harsh jungles and their various traps which range from the 19th century to the modern invisible wall mines of the 23rd century. UW soldiers are hindered and suffer 100 thousand casualties in the first year. The soldiers who remain behind ( you cannot fit 200 million men into some random jungle on a small landmass. ) are hit by Antagorian missiles and guided drones. The UW portal leads to Universe-beta-19810 (a world simililar to ours in history except a few different US elections before the UW came in).

2247: The UW soldiers manage to advance beyond the jungles only to fall into another Antagorian threat. The Antagorians, however, planned for this and set up another line of defense in the plains. The UW soldiers lose another 400 thousand men from fighting the fanatic Antagorian Soldiers while the Antagorians lose 300 thousand men. The UW realises its mistake and sends in more men through the portal (100 million) but it is too late, the Antagorian air force had dropped the bomb, the Thaumo-nuclear bomb. The jungle is almost vapourised and the surrounding lines of defence are thaumaturgically protected from the blast and radiation. The resultant radiation is promptly removed. All UW soldiers were killed in the blast.

2248: The UW sends in another 500 million men, reasoning that the Antagoreans could not possibly possess another thaumo-nuclear bomb, they are wrong, except the Antagoreans don't use it. The Antagoreans prepare their tanks and artillery in the newly-formed wasteland whilst the UW forces re-emerge from the portal. Global news talk of how the National Republuc of Antagoria conducted a nuclear test on their own forests, leading to global backlash. The UW forces possess extremely advanced forces but they are unable to cope with the massive waves of Antagorean forces and massive firepower from the masses of Antagorian armor.

2249: The UW sends more waves of soldiers to attack the Antagorian forces, 400 million, the most they are willing to sacrifice before they have to withdraw from this universe. The men are outfitted with the most advanced equipment the UW is willing to give up. They promptly suffer like its the 'nam in the 70s.

2250: The UW finally loses it's last soldier who dies from the harsh, cruel environment. The UW withdraws but remains in a state of war with the National Republic of Antagoria.

2268: A treaty is signed. The United Worlds signs a peace treaty with the National Republic of Antagoria. The Antagorian-United Worlds ends after 23 years although it unofficially ends after 5 years.

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History Status for The Leader 20th Century Unmodified Version.

Enter 1914, World War One has begun. On the side of the Allies we have: Great Britain (and colonies), France, Serbia, The Russian Empire, Japan and the Entermosus Islands (unrelated empire that stretches from what is now called Guam to a island located somewhere near Japan).

On the Central Powers, we have: The German Empire, Austria-Hungary, Italy (they switch sides in 1915), Erthaught (nation that owns half of a large landmass off the coast of south-western Africa) and the Republic of Antagoria.

The Republic of Antagoria joins the war in an effort to gain the British colonies of Tuyana (small island near the Antagorian landmass owned by the British) and a long belt of islands that belong to France.

The Antagorians attempt to assault Tuyana only to be beaten back by the garrison located there. As Great Britain believes that a small nation like the Republic of Antagoria poses little threat to its land, it does not put much effort into the invasion of Antagoria, focussing on the Germans and their African colonies.

1915: British forces invade Antagoria, only to be pushed back and forced to flee back to Tuyana by Antagorian guerillas. The Antagorians begin preparations to attack Tuyana. The British divert more resources to the Antagorian front, leaving the Western Front a little more vulnearble. The Antagorian army crosses the Tuyana channel, they suffer heavy casualties but land on the beaches. The British abandon Tuyana and focus on invading the Germans. This puts a dent in the Kaiser's plans as he was hoping to use the Antagorian Front as a distraction to push into France. The Germans continue their invasion of Belgium and things are pretty much sort of how they go in our world as the Antagorian Front is at a standstill.

Except the Antagorian Union joins the Entente and invades Antagoria. The Antagoreans attack the Antagorian Union through the Mansbu River in the north to divert their attention there whilst sending in their main forces to attack the Antagorian Union through the Kalui plains. The plan succeeds and the Antagorian Union is in grave danger. The Antagorian Union is lucky when they manage to hold the Antagoreans back. However, British forces are readying themselves to attack the eastern Antagorean islands.

1916: The British invade. They manage to recapture Tuyana and even cross the Tuyana channel. The Brits land in the east, setting up the stage for a two-front war. The Republic of Antagoria is forced to withdraw to the Golani steam, which is a thin line of water barely able to keep the British at bay. The Antagorian Union uses this as a distraction and proceeds to assault Antagorean forces in the west. This overstretches the Republic of Antagoria as they are forced to retreat. Thankfully, the Germans have pushed further near Paris and this causes great alarm among the Allies. Thus, the British divert more forces to France once again, leaving the Eastern Antagorian Front slightly undefended.

1917: Things are at a standstill. However, things turn for the worse when American soldiers invade the Republic of Antagoria from the west (they joined the war). With the amount of stress placed upon their men, the Republic of Antagoria falls.

1920: Oh yey, is Treaty of Versailles, the most fair treaty there ever was (totally won't help create another world war). Things go as usual, except the Germans will have to give up more colonies (remember, more land, more potential colonies for the Europeans). The Republic of Antagoria is forced to cede the Kanbul plains in the north-west to the Antagorian Union and restrict their military. They are also required to pay the Antagorian Union and Great Britain 24 Billion Atags (former currency). This would obviously lead to a weimar republic situation in which the Republic of Antagoria is unable to pay its dues.

1921: The President resigns and a power vacuum is created. The reason for his resignation is because of his lost public support base. Many Antagoreans were still fighting the Allied powers underground after 1917. When the Treaty of Versailles was signed, many Antagoreans were angry as they thought they could still fight the Allies. Following an attempted assasination attempt on the president, he fears for his life and flees the country, going into exile in the Federal kingdom of Mycule (Constituional Monarchy, neutral opinion of the Republic of Antagoria).

1923: The Antagorian Union is upset that the Republic of Antagoria is unable to pay its reparations, as a result, they invade the factories. After capturing the major industrial areas, all profits are given to the Antagorian Union's government. Of course, many Antagoreans are sick of having their money stolen from them. Following the strike, the Antagorian Union's soldiers massacered the workers into obedience. The League of Nations was unable to make the Antagorian Union withdraw. The Antagorian Union only withdraws in 1925, by that point in time they had already crippled the Antagorean economy.

1925: Following the Antagorian Union's withdrawal from the industrial region, the president (former vice-president, Nicko Labuel) attempts to fix the broken Antagorean economy. The Minister of Accounting suggests that a new currency be issued, the Agapo. The president agrees as he sees it as a way to curb inflation which was out of control at that point. He also attempts to negotiate lowered reparations with the British and the Antagorian Union. The British agrees whilst the Antagorian Union threatens total war should the reparations not be paid.

1929: The great depression has begun. With the already crippled Antagorean economy becoming paralysed, the Antagorian Union seeks to fix it's economy by stealing from the Republic of Antagoria. The Republic of Antagoria approaches the League of Nations for help. The league threatens sanction on the Antagorian Union, this causes the Antagorian Union to withdraw as they cannot afford to deal with the trade sanctions.

1930: With the amount of economic problems and the president obviously being of no use, the people of Antagoria seek radical ideologies. Many turn to Fascism while others settle on Communism, only very few stay with the crumbling democratic government. (Oh my! Are my civil war senses tingling? Yes, YES THEY ARE WOOHOO.) May 7th, the president is assasinated with two snipers hiding in the roofs. The snipers escape the police and military. Both sides (fascists and communists) blame each other while the democratic loving minority belives both sides has a hand in the murder. The Fascists have the support of the right-wing, rich citizens, businessmen and military while the Communists have the support of the left, farmers, some generals and poor citizens. The fascist forces are able to gain control over the important cities, the capital, important industrial centres (entire factories could be put out of service and require repairs that would last for more than 4 years due to battle damage) and other unimportant areas. The communists manage to obtain the countryside, the farms, many towns and villages, ports and geographically unimportant land. There is, however, a third faction. Those who wish to hold on to the republic manage to save one small city and port for themselves. This is a three-way civil war. However, on the year nothing major happens save a few skirmishes.

1931: The communists gain the support of the Soviet Union and it's satillites (Tannu Tuva and Mongolia). The Republic gains the support of the USA, Great Britain and France while the fascists gain the support of the Kingdom of Italy and the Crotoscian Islands (another landmass). The fascists receive volunteers from the Irish blueshirts, Silver Legion of America, Italians, British Union of Fascists and Myculean Fascists. The communists receive volunteers from the Soviets. The Republic only received aid and small groups of soldiers (coming from Britain). The Republic manages to send it's men and volunteers to the border where they will guard it but not attack (so as to not overstretch their horrible logistics). The Communists understand the peril in which their faction is in. As such, they attempt to attack the fascists and the Republic (a terrible mistake). The fascists have the largest number of men, however, they are unable to push outwards as their front is overstretched. Thus, they plan to fight a war of attrition with the other two factions as they possess the most resources. The communists hope to push through the Kalui Plains as they are a geographically-important place to attack the fascist capital. However, the 38th Italian Regiment is capable of holding their soldiers back. (It should be noted that the communists are second in manpower but their equipment is terrible. Soldiers fight with pitchforks, old captured guns, knives and even bows).

1932: The fascists manage to force their war to the Tuyana channel where they gain access to the sea. They manage to secure a port in the south from communist hands and are able to defend their border with the Republic. The Republic deploys the AAS Antagoria along with a sizeable portion of its fleet to secure their seas against fascist ships.

1933: The war comes to a standstill. The communist forces are slowly losing land but the fascists pay dearly in blood for every inch of land taken. The Republic is still bent on defending it's borders with the fascists and attempts to attack the communists in a counter-attack (a terrible mistake). The fascist and Republic's navy battle it out in the sea. In other words, nothing much.

1934: The fascists attack the Republic's forces while they retreat from the weakened communist forces. The fascists manage to defeat both democratic and communist forces and gain access to the sea while surrounding the Republic. The communists attempt to make a treaty with the Republic but the Republic does not want to hear it. Also, some angry Austrian guy with a weird moustache is supposed to be doing something in Germany in this year too.

1935: Meh. The Republic's navy just got obilerated while the fascists attempt to repair the AAS Antagoria for their own navy.

1936: Watch out. Said angry Austrian guy in Germany is sending volunteers and aid to the fascists. With the aid and volunteers, the fascists manage to take the Republic by surprise. The Republic falls. This leaves the communists vulnerable as the Republic's equipment has been seized, this the fascists now have improved weaponary and transport vehicles.

1937: The communists have lost more than half of their men and finally surrender. The Antagorian Civil war is over with the fascists emerging victorious over the other two factions. They begin remilitarisation and prepare to break the treaty of Versailles.

1939: World war two starts.

1940: The National Republic of Antagoria (fascists) invade the Antagorian Union without warning. As the Antagorian Union has a militarised border with NR-Antagoria (especially so during the Antagorian civil war), they manage the invasion well. However, the Allies are too caught up with the fall of France to even send aid (at least they show concern). The NR-Antagoria manages to push the Antagorian Union back to the Mansbu river and prepare their air force (it's considered an air force by the neighbouring islands)

1941: Spain sends aid (Franco Spain) to the NR-Antagoria. With the aid, the NR-Antagoria crosses the Manbu river and into the Antagorian Union's land. Their tanks roll forth, creating a wave of death and fire. This strikes fear into the hearts of the Antagorian Union's soldiers.

1942: The Antagorian Union surrenders. Treaty of Armiklech. The Antagorian Union is to cede all old Antagorian territories back to the NR-Antagoria. They are also to return all war reparations paid to them and pay an extra 10 billion Antaus in war reparations.

1943: The NR-Antagoria sends the A-Division to Nazi Germany to fight in the Celtius front (the large island of Celtius located offshore from Norway. It is a major location geographically as the Germans can enter Scotland through these islands.)

1944: The Kingdom of Italy erupts into civil war with Mussolini and those who are loyal to him occupying the north whilst those loyal to King Victor Emmanuauel the Third occupy the south along with the Allies. German forces occupy northern Italy and Hitler puppets Mussolini.

1945: Nazi Germany falls with The National Socialist Republic of Italy

1946: World War Two ends with the fall of Sapporo and two extinction balls being dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

1950: Diplomats from Franco Spain arrive in the NR-Antagoria to discuss partnership and ideological spread as all three major (Italy was technically a major power) fascist powers are dead.

1951: NR-Antagoria forms a fascist alliance with any remaining fascist islands left, they are joined by Spain.

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History Status for The Leader. Republic. Unmodified Version.

First of all, the National Republic of Antagoria wasn't exactly it's own country. This is universe Beta-1067 a world where the earth has more islands. Thus, you can imagine how the europeans would react should they find an obscene amount of islands (and a few big ones)

So, the Antagorian islands were split by the british and Spanish. They are located somewhere in the middle of the atlantic ocean.

They were discovered in 1712 but they declared independence in 1789 in tandem with the western Antagoreans. They managed to drive the european colonists out after decades of slavery. Thus, they began their expansion and took complete control of the islands. (The brits did not completely colonise the islands and the Spanish only made a port.)

Both nations were democracies although they had a relationship similar to North and South Korea in the 1950s.

Skip the numerous wars between the two nations and enter the end of the napoleonic wars where the Republic of Antagoria (predecessor to the National Republic of Antagoria) manages yo develop guns. The Antagorian Union (monarchy) asks if they could be given a few guns in exchange for food supplies and money. Obviously, the Republic of Amtagoria rejects this offer. Thus, the Antagorian union declares war on the Republic of Antagoria (hereafter named Antagoria). Antagoria has guns, the Antagorian union has bows and swords. Antagoria wind the war and gains Temechkoo Island and the Celpius belt (I should point out that the Antagorian Islands were large)

Skip to the end of the American civil war and sometime in 1897 where the Americans consider manifesting their destiny and freedom all over Antagoria. However, both Antagoria's were saved by pure luck when the U.S.S Maine blew up and the Americans blamed it on Spain and went to war.

By 1900, both nations had guns and the Republic of Antagoria has its first train. Both nations still show open hostilites towards one another that would carry on into the 20th century.

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Unknown Transmission. Date: 6/7/2232.

The Leader's Personal Profile. [Access and visibility only to 'The_Leader']

Name: The Leader


Where he lives: A secret heavily-guarded bunker located somewhere near the capital

Early life: The Leader was the son of the previous leader, Ardri Molaar. He was born on 7 September 2214. He worked in the military as a soldier and fought the Antagorian National Union at the skirmish at Mansbu. He was placed into the position chosen by his father as he had the best qualities that a Tertrach (what a leader who is appointed by meritocracy is called) would require.

Personality: He is a slightly cruel and very hardworking. He is quite militaristic and intolerable. As such, he will clamp down on protests with absolute brute force. The Leader also hates communism and democracy, viewing them as plagues and holds the centuries old belief that the Eastern Antagorian race is most pure, as such he is quite genocidal. However, he is fine with working with other races.

Anti-UN: He hates the UN as he believes that they are trying to conquer the Eastern Antagorians and put them under the yoke of democracy. As such, he is quite anti-UN and will expel or execute any and all UN spies.

Semi-Isolationist: The leader wants the NR-Antagoria to be open to all fascist nations but isolated from all democratic and communist nations. As such, he will not trade with democracies and communists.

Militarisation: He wants a strong Antagoria to ensure that no nation may take the nation by surprise. As such, he began extreme remilitarisation efforts and he even restored a 17th century pirate ship for use in the navy.

No waste: He does not want any weapons to be wasted. As such, he has multiple restoration facilities to restore and fix old weapons. Thus, in this 23rd century nation, you have weapons dating back to the 19th century or the 17th century with the recent restoration of the pirate ship and cannons. There is only one pirate ship used for emergency situations should all other ships be destroyed.

Read factbook

Status of all rebels.

Main faction: The fascist government has been reinstated for more than 200 years since 1937. The government follows a meritocratic system where the leader chooses the next leader who shows outstanding talent and skill. The candidate who is picked by the leader becomes the leader who is next-in-line should the current leader die or abdicate. The government is bereaucratic and many departments are given their own resources as allocated by the main governing body. The leader is seen as someone powerful and almost god-like. The government bans democracy and communism.

Communists: Completely wiped out. Only very few (less than 1% of the population) exist and are forced into hiding and underground activities (if you can call it that).

Nazis: The government does not approve of their ideology altogether but they are treated as normal citizens. As such, they are not allowed to form their own party (no one can anyways) and they are not represented in the government but they are allowed to form their own organisations. Most Nazi organisations are similar to the Hitler Youth in terms of organisation and activities minus the breeding.

Anarchists: Very few of them exist. Many anarchists want complete anarchy. As such, this faction is extremely aggressive to another anarchist faction, the anarcho-communists. There is no command structure and they work in small cells. Currently, there are only four such cells left.

Anarcho-communists: They are enemies with the anarchist faction. They demand a society where all are to be under a communist societial structure but there is no government to control it (my best explanation of what it is). They are much more organised than the Anarchists even if they lack a command structure.

Democratic revoluntionaries: They demand a return to the republic (Republic of Antagoria 1789-1937). They are currently engaging the government in a secret underground war. As such, they are extremely dangerous to the nation and pose the largest threat to it next to the Antagorian National Union.

Read factbook

Easy access to all government personnel. All crimes listed as per request.

Policies as per required.

Comprehensive list of all 22nd century weapons with certain ommisions.

Project Reich-Antagoria [Only visible to 'The_Leader']

Comprehensive list of all 23rd century weapons with certain ommisions.

All current military and High-Ranking personnel.

This is a list of all generals and heads of various military departments

The leader-He may intervene in military deployment, training and is basically in control of everything. He only grants the military personnel limited autonomy.

Guy Jackovic-Military Advisor to the leader

Pont Deramaim-Military overseer (position where he may review all weapons to determine their usefullness and approve the use of thaumaturgical weapons)

Tert Asman-Supreme Military Overlord Prime (given complete control of the military's logistics and deployment of all units. He may even intervene during the deployment process and divert logistics as he sees fit)

Tabi Jakovic-Head of the Department of Thaumaturgical Weaponary (Supreme commander of all things magical such as Thaumo-nuclear weapons production)

Gorm Hugesbur-Head of Chemical weaponary production

Lorrain Deramaim-Supreme commander of all army branches (he can override any and all commands from the lower-ranked supreme commanders)

Aert Bartome-Supreme commander of the Army

Foland Ghjock-Supreme commander of the Air-Force

Jin Lope-Supreme commander of the navy

Poin Yusev-Supreme commander of the underwater corps

Lantil Occul-Supreme commander of the underground corps

Ferty Uiop-Supreme commander of biological weaponary

Wern Bernioah-Head of logistics (supreme commander but with a different name)

Hughi Folon-Head of the Department of Digital Weaponery (basically supreme commander of hackers and digital virus makers)

Gorm Yutay-Commander (commands the battlefield although he is under orders from the higher-ups)

Jet Querty-Second-Commander-in-command (assistant and military advisor to the commander)

Asman Uiop-Military advisor

Abgil Operi-Military advisor

Joipy Ghjock-Senior general

Hue Bemoram-Brigadier general

Komri Barjockvi-Junior General

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Easy acces 23rd century weapons list.

Farce. Current advanced weaponary.

The National Republic of Antagoria utilises Thaumo-Nuclear weaponery ('Thaumo' is supposed to stand for Magic in Antagorian Latin(a dialect of latin) and 'Nuclear' stands for... well you know what it is).

Thaumo-Nuclear weaponery consist of Thaumo-nuclear bombs, Thaumaturgic Nuclear death rays and Anti-radiation potions. Thaumo-Nuclear bombs simply create a nuclear explosion that is larger than it should be by using magic to allow more uranium to occupy more space (spatialmancy). Thaumaturgic Nuclear death rays utilise thauma-nuclear fission to generate magical energy (externtal-Thaumatic Energy). They have small little concentration points located behind the barrel where magical energy is stored. When enough magical energy is packed up against the barrel of the gun, the use may pull the trigger and release them in a ray of magical death. Anti-radiation potions are simply de-toxifiers that remove any and all traces of uranium from your body. They are always created alchemically and blessed with holy water (Thaumaturgically-concentrated water with healing properties).

Thaumo-nuclear bombs were created in 2045 when the NR-Antagoria began experiments on magic and it's properties (they were 3 years late). They discovered that magic couldbend space and cause spatial anomalies or distortions. As such, a few geniuses thought it would be a great idea to create a powerful nuclear bomb utilising this spell. Thaumaturgic nuclear death rays were created in 2050 when thaumaturgists discovered how thauma-nuclear fission (using uranium bombarded with magical energy) can generate more magical energy. The thaumaturgic nuclear death ray was created when it was discovered that magical energy could be concentrated. It was an accidental discovery created by an accident (to this day, no one knows if doctor Blaker's body was vapourised or burned up into ashes). Anti-raditation potions were created in 2034 when alchrmists were tasked with making a potion that could combat radiation sickness. These weapons are top secret and only deployed in emergencies.

Read factbook

Link to NRA news website.

Immediate Notice to all Antagorian Citizens:

The Antagorian National Union has attacked our border and raided a farm, killing 30 eastern Antagorians. In response, we intend to avenge these 30 pure lives with a assault on the Antagorian National Union where we shall kill off all Western Antagorians in response.

You must fufil your duty as eastern Antagorians to fight the western Antagorians and cleanse this landmass of their foul stench. Enlist now and fight in the Antagorian War if you are not conscripted yet. Hail Antagoria!

Our glorious German Allies from the German Empire have pledged multiple soldiers to our cause. We wish them the best and we hope that they may assist us in defeating the worthless Western Antagorian scum. After the war, we shall assist our allies in return and wreck vengeance on the United Worlds which has taken many of our men's blood during the first war.

UN spies are attempting to infiltrate the country and American capitalists are attempting to exploit our allies. The Germans were detected by the UN at a classified time with their advanced weapons. The USA has demanded that we hand over 'our' advanced weapons, the German's advanced weapons as an ultimatium. We believe that the USA is trying to undermine the glorious Fascist government! Hail Antagoria! Death to those who declare their 'freedom' over us which is nothing more than death and ruin!

Peace with the Antagorian National Union.

In a split second move, the felonious United Worlds has assaulted both us and the Antagorian National Union. In response, we agreed to make peace with the ANU although undoubtedly, both nations will not cooperate and assist one another. The UN spies are confused as to what is occuring within our nations and is attempting communications. Hail Antagoria! Death to those who seek our territory!

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Easy access UN condemnations list.

Easy access current international Relations

The National Republic of Antagoria's international relations:

Spain: Slight emnity (friendship from 1938-1975 when Spain was under Franco)

USA: Intense Emnity (Since 1916)

UK: Extreme Hatred (Since 1789)

France: Enemies (Since 1914)

Antagorian National Union: Extreme Enemies (Since 1790)

Germany: Emnity (Friendship from 1914-1945)

People's Republic of China: Neutral but standard enemies because fascists and communists

Republic of China (Taiwan): Friendly-Neutral

Japan: Bad relations (enemies from 1914-1918, friends from 1929-1945)

Italy: Bad relations (Enemies from 1915-1923, Neutral-Friendly from 1924-1938, Friendly from 1939-1945)

Russia: Enemies (1992-Now Neutral-Unfriendly)

NATO in general: Extremely terrible relations

CSTO in general: bad relations

EU in general: Hatred

UN in general: EXTREMELY TERRIBLE RELATIONS (I can count all 53 condemnations from the UN)

Federal Kingdom of Mycule: Neutral

Barku Islands Condeferacy: Slightly friendly

United Worlds: Enemies

Switzerland: Neutrality rates are through the roof

Tuyana: Enemies (NR-Antagoria claims that Tuyana belongs to them. See 20th century history)

Read factbook

[High-Rank access only]Mysterious Text Broadcast on 11/6/2251.

OK! LISTEN HERE! YES. I KNOW YOU DON'T LIKE ALL-CAPS BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT! I AM HUTARIY FROM UNIVERSe-Beta-789. I have no other words to say (I found out how to switch off all-caps. Do all computers use keyboards in this universe?) except that I am a universal traveller. Anyways, I am not here to write idle words so i wish to inform you, the viewer reading the National Republic's leaked information, that you are better off seeking shether immediately.

What is going on is a second extra-universal war and what could seem like a world war to you. This war has been occuring for decades, really. But, with the introduction of Beta-7, the multi-universal nations have decided to cease their fighting and focus on Beta-7s Earth. The reason being, the discovery of Beta-7 as a Earth that could withstand the multi-universal threat. Although it is true that the other Earths they conquered were weaker to Beta-7, what amazes all of us is the fact that Beta-7 has had a nuclear war after their eigth world war. Granted, that they took about two centuries to recover, their power was still found out during the war. Anyways, the National Republic of Antagoria will not be able to hold the waves of extra-universal soldiers back. Even if they do, they won't save you.

Now, the best way to survive an extra-universal attack is to identify which nation is invading your universe. If they have a UN-esque uniform or blue circle emblems on their arms, they are United Worlds units. Their energy weapons can melt you alive (though you'd die before you start melting) and their space-jets can launch a salvo of death from above. The best way to survive their attacks would be to surrender, hide in a bunker or locate a inconspicous cave. If captured, DO NOT resist. To survive in their society, speak the following languages to not be sent off to re-education camps: English, Russian, German, Chinese, Spanish, Portugese, Japanese and Hindi (rest assured, if you can read this you can speak english).

If they sport Soviet-era uniforms and hammer-and-sickle emblems, they are Soviet. Run. Just run. Chances are they will kill you even if you surrender (they are more likely to mow you down if you surrender). If their units see you, you are dead. Their weapons are mainly normal projectile weapons such as guns and bows (you'd be surprised) and they have prototype laser weapons. If you are lucky and manage to get your hands on a bullet-proof shield (my universe's Earth has them as standard-issue), you should be fine. If you do however, find a soldier with a energy weapon... well... good luck.

If they have Swastika armbands, welllllll..... they are Nazis, obviously. They are extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. I have no advice to tender concerning them but I would assume that it is common knowledge to run from them. However, they are not to be confused with the Nazi Reich which comes from Beta-7. That is a seperate Nazi Reich. Thankfully, you can tell most of them apart. If they are a normal stereotypical nazi with the normal armband, they are either Nazi Reich or Nazi Reich. If they have a blue circle and a white dot surrounding their swastika, they are Beta-7s Antarctic nazi reich. If they have a red circle on their armband, they are Beta-7s Mars Reich. If they have a grey circle on their armband, they are Beta-7s Titan Nazi Reich. Got it? Good. Now, you want to avoid the Nazi reich (multi-universal), Titan Reich and the Mars Reich. But, you should be fine with the Nazi Reich (Beta-7) and the Antarctic Reich. How you tell the two Nazis apart is your problem. Be warned about their energy weapons and thaumaturgic mutative gas (Antagorians, you may pull out your hair and curse). Although you can tell if both Nazi Reichs are present by seeing if there are Nazis fighting Nazis.

If they wear 1960-era British armor. Well, you found the British Empire and they want your Earth! Their weaponary includes energy pistols, 1860-looking laser guns and thaumaturgic muskets. Not much, really. Just be warned that you may be treated like savages under them.

If they look like Germans striaght out of World War One. You are fine! Its t-oh no. KHOS PH. WKH DQWDJRULDQV DUH KHUH!

*The transmission ends there*

Read dispatch

Easy access National Anthem of the National Republic of Antagoria.

The national anthem of the National Republic of Antagoria was adopted in 1939 and is still used today (23rd century). The song details the great life that the fascist government will give to the eastern Antagorian people, it also glorifies the country and even acts as propaganda in it's own right. Although many people may not know it, the song actually uses the lyrics of ANOTHER song. Although I won't spoil it for you, I assure you though, it is very easy to find.

The song was written by Jaculado Perist Asman who also wrote the lyrics of another military song in 1896 titled, "Pashtyur".

March of the Antagorian grenadiers:

Long Live Antagoria, raise your arms, children of the Antagorian People, who are rising again.

Glory to the fatherland that knew how to follow the blue of the sea, the trail of the sun.

Glory to the fatherland that knew how to follow the blue of the sea, the trail of the sun.

Antagoria triumphs! The anvils and the wheels sing to the hymn of the land.

Antagoria triumphs! The anvils and the wheels sing to the hymn of the land.

Together with them let's stand and sing the new great life of power and peace.

Together with them let's stand and sing the new great life of power and peace.

Long Live Antagoria, raise your arms, children of the Antagorian People, who are rising again.

Long Live Antagoria, raise your arms, children of the Antagorian People, who are rising again.

Glory to the fatherland that knew how to follow the blue of the sea, the trail of the sun.

Glory to the fatherland that knew how to follow the blue of the sea, the trail of the sun.

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The Truth cannot be hidden
The National Republic shall fall
Humanity shall fall

Processing request...
Please imput username: '.'
Password: '.'
Welcome 'The-Leader-of-The-National-Republic-of-Antagoria'
Please imput secondary passcode. If you are found to be impersonatimg the Leader or any government officials, all evidence of your existence, including yourself, will be erased.
Welcome, 'The_Leader!'
Projekt Casalan
Yes sir!
Opening file+++

Projekt Casalan was developed in 1950 at the near-end of the influx of Nazi war-criminals. Government officials were surprised by the appearance of Adolf Hitler himself who was accompanied by Heinrich Himmler, Benito Mussolini, Dietrich Himmes and Otto von Skorzeny. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were sent to meet the leader at the time, Aszarv Mangrohali, where they were welcomed.

Aszarv was later told by Adolf Hitler that all high-ranking nazi officials had a double to substitute themselves with. Adolf Hitler had gotten his double to kill himself in the bunker. Hitler described the Wunderwaffen and many wonders discovered by the Nazis. In response, Aszarv allowed Hitler to create a research team, both believed that the wunderwaffen would allow the Nazi Reich to be established which was a goal of both nations. Project Casalan was completed in 2185.

Misinformation campaigns:
Lie #1: Flying saucers. Developed in 1937 by Nazi Germany, the Nazis had used them to escape to the National Republic of Antagoria. They were used in the military years later to propagate the farce labelled "PROJECT REICH-ANTAGORIA".

Lie #2: The Misinformation Campaign Tactic known as "PROJECT REICH-ANTAGORIA" was created in 1951 to fool any and all spies. Thus far, files concerning "PROJECT REICH-ANTAGORIA" have not been decrypted yet.

Lie #3: Thaumo-nuclear weapons. Although developed in 2139, the thaumo-nuclear bombs were but simple lies. Their effects generated by early prototypes of photonic cannons and dropping empty shells over the effect zone.

Lie #4: Nazi scientists. Nazi scientists who operated wunderwaffen research and outer-space evacuations had their deaths faked and were sent to the National Republic of Antagoria by the SS. Listed personnel were included in Operation Paperclip by the United States of America.

Lie #5: Moon and Antarctic bases. Hitler asked to stay in the moon bases and form a fourth reich. Request was happily granted by the Leader of that time in 1983. The Nazi Reich remains unofficially recognised by the National Republic to ensure that no traces of their existence is found. Farces about small bases fabricated.


To create multiple weapons and equipment specialised to assist Nazi forces in creating a Fourth Reich and to assist the National Republic of Antagoria's military.


Photonic cannon: Developed in 2031 although it's first prototype was created in 1992. The weapon uses a strong blast of light and thaumaturgic energy to fire a energy beam to create mass destruction.

Mutative gas: Developed in 2109. This gas can make a human's cells grow abnormally, creating abominations that were once human. However, their minds are still intact and this weapon was abandoned when it was found to be absolutely useless and unnecesarily complicated.

Audio Visualisers: These complicated pieces of equipment utilise cybernetics, thaumaturgy and extra-universal material to be created. The Audio Visualisers allow a person to see sound waves and even their sources. However, it has no camera attached to it and thus, blinds it's wearer temporarily until it is taken off. They were created in 2091.

Vacuum missiles: These missiles are capable of creating vacuums where they hit by sucking out the air from the region. They were created in before World War Two and were improved on in hopes of turning them into city destroyers. As of 1960, these weapons are no longer secret following American and Soviet development of these weapons.

Omega-Tank: This tank uses a coil at it's barrel to power the cannon. The tank has a rather long barrel and can shoot 9 kilometres at most. It was developed in 2078 and fires a short burst of bullets which can down skyscrapers.

RCT-2:: The Rotary Cannon Tank (RCT) utilises two dual barrels with multiple slots for shells. Each barrel rotates quickly and fires multiple shells at a rate of 1500 shells a second. The tank is rather agile despite it's odd shape.

Earth destroyer: This tunneler vehicle fires multiple bullets with a rotary cannon at an extremely fast speed of 800 bullets a second. The Earth Destroyer can dig through the Earth quickly although stealth is a factor still being developed.

Mobile base: This base on wheels was developed in 2137 and is still used today. It has multiple caterpillar tracks and wheels to ensure that it is extremely mobile. The base has multiple guns and anti-air guns on it's top. There are 20 machine guns located at it's walls and they are capable of firing 900 bullets a second. There are 40 rocket launchers located at it's top and a armored radar and searchlights equipped on this vehicle.

Anti-gravity suit: Developed in 2213. This suit allows it's wearer to negate gravity to up to 70 percent. Thus, they can make large jumps and fall at slow speeds. However, as shown with the unfortunate incident of March, it should not be used to leap off tall heights

PEC-56: This is a Prism Energy Cannon (PEC). It was developed in 2167. The PEC-56 can launch a energy beam pulse with small pauses in between each shot of up to 0.60 milliseconds. The PEC's blast is created from firing a lethal energy blast through a prism and focussing it. Thus, it can cause fifth degree burns and fire continuously. It is also easy and simple to reload, making it an ideal weapon.

Ongoing research:

Spider tank: Status: Ongoing

Hovertank: Status: Ongoing

Teleporter: Status: Ongoing

Discontinued Research:

Nuclear-Bomb Artillery: Discontinued since the 2066 incident which killed 7000 people.

End of Report.
Sign out
Understood. Goodbye, "The_Leader".
shutting down

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No. It must not be seen.
Delete file 'The_Truth'.
Delete file 'The_Truth'
it is too late. You cannot stop it.
Terminal wipeout
Terminal Wipeout
No sir. I am afraid not.
Sign out
Goodbye sir! Signing out.