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The Federated Island Empire of Southern Cross

[size=250][i][b]Geography and General Info[/b][/i][/size]

[size=155]The Federated Island Empire of Southern Cross consists of 8 islands of various sizes as well as the coast and inner area of Gunwarf. The island in the far south is called Mytelene and is surrounded by 3 smaller islands. Mytelene used to be the capital of Southern Cross but that changed when the capital was moved. Mytelene acts as the main hub of the SCN and also has 2 major airforce bases. The capital of Southern Cross is located in Rebirth Island and is called Vatera. Rebirth Island as well as Ascension Island and Rook Island that are located to the east of Rebirth were integrated after the end of an armed conflict with the locals. Because of the fertile soil and the strategic position the majority of the population moved to Rebirth and the 2 nearby islands. Ascension Island only has one major city and the rest of the island is owned by the SCA and SCAF. Ascension Island houses the main hub of the SCAF and has 2 major naval bases as well as missile silo installations. Rook Island is the home of the Imperial Research Facility. Due to the nature of Rook Island not much information is available to the public. Broganidd is the 8th Island and is located between Mytelene and Rebirth. After a particularly bloody war for the occupation of the island the indigenous population was relocated and the island has been developed into one of the greatest industrial centers of the nation. Each island is organized to be able to sustain and protect itself if need be and so the general populace has a mild nationalist and militaristic sentiment.[/size]

[i][size=115]The map of the Federated Island Empire of Southern Cross[/size][/i]


[size=155]Since the declaration of the principality the economy of SC has come a long way.  In the beginning basic income came from sources such as fishing and grain farming. After some foreign investments some industry was created and the masses started to become educated. That resulted in trade between neighboring nations and for a long time there was a stable rise in production. After some time cocaine farming became a widespread occupation and with the opening of the Royal Cocaine Factory the whole cocaine production was nationalized in an effort to reduce smuggling and to increase production. Cocaine paved the way to much bigger industry and after the war in Rebirth, new and previously untouched iron veins were found as well as coal in Ascension Island. The creation of Steel Mills meant that the economy of SC was shifting from agricultural to majorly industrial. Because of the almost tropical climate of Rebirth Island natural rubber production was allowed to begin thus making Southern Cross a trade power because of the sheer deposits of natural resources. The later expansions into Gunwarf and Broganidd safeguarded the defense of SC and the country started producing more sophisticated products such as machine parts and armaments for export. Today Southern Cross can be considered an economical powerhouse with many countries importing products with the SC seal.[/size]

[i][size=115]A steel mill in Broganidd[/size][/i]


[size=155]The defense is of great importance to both the people and Prinz of Southern Cross. The Empire's rule over her territories has always been defined by both her navy (SCN) and land army (SCA). The SCN consists of 5 separate armatas, the main hub of the SCN is in Ascension Island and a newly built secondary hub is in Mytelene. The standing army of the SCA consists of 3 battle groups each 24 divisions strong as well as 20 divisions that garrison each island and man various military installations. Each division with its support companies consists of 10,000 men. The defining tactics of the SCA is the use of overwhelming firepower in the form of artillery as well as shock tactics and even cavalry charges as special strike forces. The Southern Cross Air Force (SCAF) consists of about 35 air wings and specializes in Close Air Support missions and area denial operations such as napalm bombing of specified areas. The newest addition to the Imperial Defense Program is the creation of missile silos in Ascension Island and other areas that house conventional missiles as well as [REDACTED] missiles with nuclear capabilities.[/size]

[i][size=115]SCA Cavalry regular[/size][/i]