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Voltarium Constitution


The Regional Government







Councillor of Foreign Affairs


Councillor of Internal Affairs


Head Senator


Head Councillor of Roleplay


Section I: Preamble

We the people, of Voltarium, do hereby enshrine this constitution for the protection of the rights, liberties, and domestic tranquillity afforded to the citizens of the Imperial Republic of Voltarium, to ensure the common defence and to protect the individual rights as listed.

Article I (Citizens)

Any nation who so wishes to be annexed into the Imperial Republic of Voltarium is free to do as such, as long as the requirements are met.

Clause I: Citizenship May only be attained if the applicant has a resident nation within Voltarium, an account and application thread on the Voltarium forums, and the will to maintain the resident nation to protect against it ceasing to exist.

Clause II: Citizenship may be revoked at the discretion of the Emperor, Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, or by a consensus of the Ministry. A breach in the residency of one’s citizen nation is grounds for revokement, alongside any actions that may be deemed detrimental or treasonous to the Imperial Republic. Such actions include, but are not limited to: leaking vital intelligence to foreign operatives, promising one’s endorsement to another organisation without prior approval of a Voltarium Minister or the Emperor unless a special exemption is given, or by seeking admittance into the citizen body of any organisation that is currently at war with Voltarium and her allies, or supporting Fascism of any kind. Voltarium, by principle, is an Anti-Fascist entity and is aligned with NS Antifa.

Clause III: Citizens have the right to move for the recall of any member of the Ministry by issuing a vote of no confidence, and with two public secondings for a referendum. At this point, a vote will then be held to determine the enrollment of the Minister in question and their capacity to fill their role, with an election to follow to find a suitable replacement in the event they are ejected from the Ministry. All citizens have the right to run for office if they so choose at every election term unless restrictions are put in place as punishment for any given action against Voltarium.

Article II (The Government)

The Emperor possesses supreme power over the Imperial Republic of Voltarium, and the Chancellor and the Ministry are there to enforce their will.

Clause I: The Emperor possesses the power to veto any such proposal as they see fit, but the Ministry can override the veto with a ⅔ supermajority vote in favour of veto recall. The Citizenry May call into question the merit of any verdict passed by the Emperor or his Ministry with 2 public secondings and a ⅔ supermajority vote in favour of recall.

Clause II:
The Chancellor shall inherit a term maximum of two terms per year, with three months per term, allowing for a Chancellor to serve for a maximum of six months per year. After the term is completed, elections will soon follow, allowing for a new Chancellor to be allocated by the general vote of the public, or allowing the residing Chancellor to be re-elected by the citizenry; should the residing Chancellor be in their second term, they are barred from running for re-election until the following year.

Clause II, Section I:
The Chancellor of the Imperial Republic shall act as the Emperor in times of vacancy, upon request or should the Emperor cease to exist. They will hold all Imperial authority during the said period.

Clause II, Section II: World Assembly Delegacy
The Chancellor shall act as World Assembly delegate for Voltarium, failure to be within the World Assembly for 1/10th of their term, not necessarily acting as a delegate, will result in their position being revoked and an election initiated.

Clause II, Section III: The Vice Chancellor
At the Beginning of a Chancellor's term, they are required to appoint a deputy, or Vice Chancellor, to assume the position in their absence. A Chancellor's absence is defined by their nation ceasing to exist, or an unexplained period of inactivity. Upon resignation from the position, their appointed Vice-Chancellor shall assume the position of Chancellor and serve the rest of their term.

Article III (The Ministry)

Clause I: The Ministry of Internal Affairs
The Ministry of Internal Affairs is to be overseen by the Emperor's Councillor, who is appointed by the Emperor, and its respective Ministers. The Ministry is comprised of Roleplay/Culture, Recruitment, Internal Affairs & Defence.

Clause I, Section I: The Minister of Roleplay/Culture
The Minister of Roleplay/Culture has been delegated the duty to oversee events, activities, and affairs within the Imperial Republic, stoking activity and being the game master for the aforementioned events. They are in charge of drafting the ruleset for roleplay and enforcing these rules.

Clause I, Section II: The Minister of Internal Affairs
The Minister of Internal Affairs has been delegated the duty of keeping the peace within the region and the server and levying punishment on any who would threaten the cohesiveness of the public discourse.

Clause I, Section III: The Minister of Defence
The Minister of Defence has been delegated the duty of overseeing the military of Voltarium, second only to the Emperor and his Chancellor, and has the duty to safeguard the region and the server from outside threats. The Defence Minister also oversees and is partially responsible for any World Assembly related activity within Voltarium, notably during a time of Crisis.

Clause II: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to be overseen by the Emperor's Councillor, who is appointed by the Emperor, and its respective Ministers. The Ministry is comprised of Foreign Affairs & The Military.

Clause II, Section I: The Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Minister of Foreign Affairs has been delegated the duty of spearheading the Voltarium outreach services, being the face of Voltarium on the world stage, creating and safeguarding alliances, and handling Public a Relations on behalf of Voltarium.

Clause II, Section II: The Military:
The Centurions of the Sovereign Voltarium Legion are in the possession of certain responsibilities afforded to them based on their position in the R/D spectrum. Military operations are designated and approved by either the Emperor or the Minister of Defence, and the Defence Minister(s) answer to the word of the Emperor. The Voltarium military has the right to be afforded aid from her allies, and the responsibility to lend aid when applicable unless exemptions are otherwise stated. Voltarium Legionnaires are free to join other military organisations as they see fit but must be readily available when called upon by the Ministry.


Amendment One
The Tribunary

Section 1: The Tribunary will act as the Legislature of the Region. It will be tasked with the following duties:

a) The Tribune will be tasked with enacting legislation; these laws will be enforced by the Chancellor and the Emperor. Members may write legislation and submit legislation via the Proposals channel in discord, to be pinned and placed in queue for meeting sessions.

b) The Tribune may only have five members, including a Head Senator, who will be tasked with managing and speaking for the Tribune, and shall be delegated Appearance, Communication, Embassy, and Polling powers in the region.

c) The Chancellor must report to the Tribune on the condition of the region and the recruitment status.

d) The Tribune will have sole powers to remove any official in power for treason and high crimes, excluding the Emperor, ban any ambassador, and officially terminate diplomatic relations to any region.

This Constitutional document is hereby approved and signed by:

-Ballpit, Ex. Minister of Defence
-Kemonomica, Minister of Roleplay
-Toerana, Ex. Emperor's Councillor of Internal Affairs