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RP Policies

These are the things to consider when roleplaying with me:

1. Like any other non-puppet, non-alternate nation, this nation does represent my views, at least to an extent. 
2.  Every factbook on NS is (supposed to be) OOC. Please keep that in mind when using factbook info IC-ly. Knowing Cheonsa is not human is okay. Knowing he grew up in a tropical nation, had two cats named after food when he was in high school, and loves cheese sticks is metagaming. When in doubt, ask.
3. IC year is RL year +28.
4. Every RP you do with me is canon unless you tell me it's not. You matter.
5. My factbooks are best viewed in mobile with dark mode, thanks to NS seemingly having something against the third tone (see the pinyin of some names and terms to see what I mean).

The Empire of A m e n r i a