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Socialist Economic Union - 1st 5-Month Plan

The Board of Executives has recently voted on a bill to set targets for the economies, civil rights and political freedoms of all member states. Following a verdict, the Board of Executives of the Socialist Economic Union hereby declares the launch of a 5 - Month Plan:
All member states must conform to the following by midnight of the 21st October 2019 -

Civil Rights ranked at, or exceeding the rank 'Good'
Economy ranked at, or exceeding the rank 'Good'
Political Freedoms ranked at, or exceeding the rank 'Average'

Member states who do not conform to these objectives by the given deadline may apply for an extension which can be granted if an acceptable explanation for being unable to meet the deadline is provided, however they risk being stripped of any authorities they hold. If a member state does not reach the targets within an extension to the deadline, the board holds the right to expell them from the union.