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    Peerage Bill Re-Enters Folketing, Proposes Royal Foundations

      Once again after being left out during the last parliament due to the general elections, the Peerage Bill makes its re-debut to the Folketing. And this time, different proposals were made.

      Under the same name and principal author, now the Prime Minister Dahl, the Peerage Bill was yesterday supprorted with 20 other representatives

        "I still look forward to know the real reason behind the withdrawal but as ordered by Copenhagen, we're finally going home." [Brigadegeneral Obersgaard]

      Operation Flywings was an "unarmed" medical "expeditionary" operation formed by the request of the Foreign Ministry which consists of 250+ medical personnel and engineers and a variety of military and hospital equipment that were tasked to bring medical aid to Sri Lankan civilians who were in the middle of a gruesome civil war between MOSL and the legitimate government backed by the LTTE and several countries, including Denmark, that displaced millions of civilians and still counting. It began in early June and raw audits released figures that the whole operation costs $30 Million in maintenance and logistics but despite the hefty price, almost 4 000 individuals were recorded to have been treated or have their medical check up in one of the four medical stations set up in Colombo, and 200 more who were confined in the small hospital in the Danish Chancery. An observer from the Danish Medicines Agency gave an "A+" to the personnel in terms of medicine and medical apparatus handling.

      Back home, the Folketing passed a resolution that formally mandates the withdrawal of Danish peronnel in Sri Lanka despite the order from the Ministry of Defense came first and is technically all that was needed. The resolution was proposed by a DPP representative and was backed by Prime Minister Dahl himself. The background of the withdrawal stated in the resolution was "...considering the current political situation in Sri Lanka that may cause further implications on the government's stance on the conflict...". Still vague but was still accepted. The resolution received a 178 (Yes) - 1 (Absent).

      The future of Denmark's involvement in the conflict is still yet to be disclosed to the public, as well as the assessment on the intervention and its implications on Denmark's "interventionist/active participative" foreign policy but one thing is sure, they are finally coming home.

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