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The Average Port Emberian

OOC: This factbook can be used as a resource to aid with RolePlay story arcs - whether you are playing with me when I am using a Port Emberian character, or if you wish to use a Port Emberian character.

Besides being a RP resource, this factbook helps to colour in and flesh out the finer details of my nation and its people.

This guide focuses on broad stereotypes of my nation and its people. With a nation with almost 2 billion citizens - there's bound to be exceptions to the rules.

Lastly, please feel free to use a Port Emberian character in a RP! (That would be so cool!). I only ask that you send me a TG, so that I can follow the story (just for pure entertainment value - no judgement).

Era Stereotypes

A Port Emberian character works best during a Modern setting. Basically all my develomental work went into fleshing out a modern Port Emberian.

However it would not be a massive leap for a Port Emberian to appear in a Future setting, if one is creative.

Past era's is possible, as long as it is not set before the 1500's ad.

Fantasy settings will be difficult. My world does not have magic, and I have no idea how a Port Emberian would be in such a world.

Racial Stereotypes


The stereotypical Port Emberian native is caucasian. They have descended from european pioneers, mostly British, Irish, French, Gerrman, Spanish, Portugese, Dutch and Japanese. The continious breeding between these races is what eventually formed the new native Port Emberian race.

Typical Names:

Any generic British, Irish, French, Gerrman, Spanish, Portugese, Dutch and to a lesser degree - Japanese name is common names. The most common however is english and irish names.

Physical Appearance:

Physical Build:

The stereotypical Port Emberian man is rather large sturdy of build. They average at 1.8 meters in length and 100kg in weight. Normally they are quite muscular, due to strong genes in their forefathers.

The females, ironically is much smaller. They average at 1.5 meters in length and 50kg in weight. They are normally slim and perky. Port Emberian women is well known for their beauty.

Port Emberians commonly have eye colour ranging from brown and green - and most commonly blue.

Port Emberians have commonly brown, blonde, red and black hair, with no dominant colour.

Port Emberian men enjoys sporting impressive yet neat full beards. Moustaches only is rare. The females generally dispises all body hair and is always clean shaven from beneath the eyebrows.


The men generally wear quite informal wear - Neat shorts or long jeans, with loose fitting tropical themed shirts (think Hawai dress). The businessmen enjoys sporting tailored suits.

The females enjoys wearing informal yet sensual clothing, including floral dresses and skirts with loose fitting tops.

There is no specific traditional dress or style, so each individual is free to dress however they wish.

Craziest of all - Port Ember has no public decency laws, therefore its common for Port Emberians to walk in public nude! This does not cause the normal chaos it normally would.

Important of note is that a Port Emberian's clothes normally reflects cool summer wear due to Port Ember being a tropical island - always hot and humid with no winters.


Port Emberiams comes from a very long line of pirates. The islands were a pirate kingdom for many years. Therefore the average Port Emberian is very stuborn and ill tempered.

Cultural Stereotypes

Typical social class

Although a massive nation as Port Ember encompasses a large variety of class cultures, the following is the most prominent:

Docks Class

This social class is found mostly in the Waterstad Borough of Port Ember Megalopolis, living near the gigantic port. They are generally blue collar workers or sailors, known for their hard working ethics. They can be seen as a bit wild - they work hard and play even harder. Known for continious drinking, crazy tavern dancing, bar fights etc. A very passionate folk. (Think down the lines of first generation irish when they arrived in New York.)

Sailor Class

This class is almost exactly the same as the docks folk, just a bit wilder! These folks makes their entire living on the ocean,and is obsessed with it. They can even be heard speaking old pirate slang during normal conversation at times!

Country Class

This folk consists mostly of the citizens of south island, who lives and works on farms. They are attuned to nature and the wild, and are known to be more spiritual than the rest of the nation. They are also very serious about maintaining strong family ties.

Trader Class

This class is found all over the islands, and is generally the middle class, white collar or small business owners of the islands. These folks is still passionate and wild, yet not as much as the docks folk. They are generally very successfull with suburban homes and small families. Most are specialised in their respective work fields. They are also frequent world travelers generally.

Purple Bloods

This class consists mainly out of the academics/scientists of the islands. They are extremely smart and very driven to master their respective fields. They are very different from other Port Emberians, as they are very quite and calm generally.

Blue Bloods

This class is seen as the royalty of the islands (not true nobles though, as no such thing exists in PE!). They are the extremely wealthy persons, and probaly moguls in their fields. They enjoy rock star celebrity fame from the local media amd populace.


The average Port Emberian is smart (according to NS Stats, PE is in the Top 4% of smartest citizens). This is due to an excellent education system. Even the "less than smart" Port Emberians has a functioning knowledge of how the world works in theory.


The average Port Emberian is extremely Technologicaly aware (according to NS Stats, PE is in the Top 2% of most technologicaly advanced citizens). This is due to an excellent education system. Even the "less than smart" and old Port Emberians has a functioning knowledge of technology, programming etc.


Port Ember is an extremely wealthy nation, with even its poor citizens living easily and more comfortable than most other nation's middle class. This has lead the popuace to be culturally aware, and "strive for the nicer things in life" (thats also an cultural qoute). Thus the average Port Emberian is known to collect various art pieces. GOOD!!

For the average Port Emberian, making tons of money is the most important thing in life. Therefore very rich business people are revered in Port Ember as if they were rock stars for other nations.

Trade and more trade!

The average Port Emberian sees the basic trade of goods as the reason for life, and thus has immense respect for any businessman/women.


The averge Port Emberian enjoys alcohol frequently. The most popular drinks is beer and rum. Port Ember as a nation is famous for their quality brewed beer and rum.


Port Ember has zero anti drug laws, so the average Port Emberian uses a variety of hard drugs frequently. Society does not frown upon drug use. Also cigarettes are common, yet cigars is the favourite for smokers.


Port Emberians loves music immensely, especially the local flavoured Folk Rock music.


Port Emberians are known for their love of sea food and meat. They also have a large love for fresh tropical fruit.

Social Values Stereotypes

Family is blood

Port Emberians in general takes family ties very seriously. They generally have small families and a small circle of close friends. Those friends are also seen as kin.

Mistrusting of strangers

The average Port Emberian is quite rude to strangers. They have an inherint distrust in people whom they don't know - and are not afraid to display their feelings.

Outspoken and confrontational

The average Port Emberian lacks a thought filter. They say what they think, without considering people's feelings. They are not afraid to defend what they believe in, whatever it might be.

Forms of address

The following forms of address is common in Port Ember:

- Mister / Mrs. Standard title for citizens of all ages above 18.

- Sir / Mam. Title for rich/important citizens.

- Lad / Lass. Variant standard address form for any person above age 30.

- Laddie / Lassie. Variant standard address form for any person below age 30.

Not Shy to bare it all

The average Port Emberian is not shy to be seen in the nude, and does not overreact when seeing people in the nude.

Guns for all

As Port Ember allows all citizens to own any imaginable weapon (even including tanks!), (except WMD's offcourse), the average citizen owns a firearm or two and holds this right dear.

What crime?

Port Ember is a nation with almost no restrictive laws, and a easy nation to live in (more jobs than people, good salaries, cheap cost of living, abundance of food and housing, good and cheap healthcare), the average Port Emberian feels no need to turn to crime of any sort.

Smuggling is awesome

Ironically, smuggling is not seen as crime. As Port Ember has no inport/export laws, any type of goods may be inported/exported from the nation. However, selling goods to a nation where its illigal - is seen as a win for the free market and Port Emberian brilliance.


The average Port Emberian loves his nation. This is not forced upon the citizens, but stems from the good living conditions of the islands.

World Traveler

The average Port Emberian enjoys traveling to other nations for holiday and business.


The average Port Emberian has no problem with foreigners moving to their nation.


Majority of Port Emberians is atheist. Those who are religious, is followers of Waukeen. The average Port Emberian is very tolerant to different races.


The average Port Emberian has no problem with gay marriage. In fact, it was never a problem since the birth of the nation.

Political Values Stereotypes


Personal/political/relegious/general freedom is held sacred by the average Port Emberian. Anything less than total freedom is a problem- and they are not afraid to tell the world that they have a problem..


The average Port Emberiam is a stuanch supporter of free market democracy.

Damm Commies!

The average Port Emberian sees communism/socialism as pure evil and despises the system with their entire being.

Typical Profession Stereotypes

With a massive and self sustaining nation as Port Ember, obviously all imaginable types of jobs are available in Port Ember. However the most famous ones include (in no order):

- Sailor
- Fisherman
- Boat Builder
- Engineer (all types)
- Trader
- Factory Worker

As a foreigner Stereotypes

As a foreigner, Port Emberians generally struggle to adapt in their new homes, mainly due to:

- Weather. A Port Emberian struggles to adapt to extreme draught and cold.

- Laws. Basically any restrictive law pisses them off.

The Republic of Port Ember