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The Chatter System

ChatterNet is a high-speed communications network operated by the company Vyrant Telecom that acts much like social media. Although centralized in the Procyon system, the service can be applied to every celestial location. It is considered very secure, even being compared to military communications networks. If you know where to look, however, it can also be used to discreetly communicate without being seen by the Chatter Protocol Authority or any law enforcement. This side of the network is generally used for business transactions and "other things". Though, going offline restricts access to most features, as they are covered and policed by the Surveillance Grid found in most UN member states.

As well, no matter how secure your connection is, it is not completely impenetrable; This is the price of freedom. Highly-experienced hackers have broken in through the ChatterWall firewall system in the past through a process called ghosting. They can spy on conversations and steal identities and currency. This issue and breach of privacy, which is against Chatter protocol, is in the process of being fixed.

On the physical side rather than the cyber side, a Chatter is a wrist-worn computer that connects directly to the network it is named after. It acts like a mobile phone, being able to contact other users, keep calendars, and store different types of files. Many stores sell disposable Chatters for colonial refugees and poverty-stricken citizens that cannot afford a service.