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Prime Minister's Term Limits Regulations Act, and the Circumstances within the Terms, 2019


Prime Minister: Hiram Land
Prime Minister Delegate: His Excellency, Jakobus van Slooten (SOCLAB) (D)
94183 Milhouse Avenue, Greenfield, HL GJ3 H8F

Esteemed Parliamentary Delegates,

As Hiramia's leadership is approaching the summer, it is (or if the bill passed, was) time for elections, and it is time for a fourth (or third) term. However, there may be growing concerns that Hiramia has had enough time in the Prime Ministership and therefore should not run.

This law is for future Prime Minister delegates, and is a safeguard for any delegates who want to keep up power, but has had worn out their needs.

ARTICLE I - Term Limits

This article contains how many terms a Prime Minister should run in the UNoE, and any circumstances within.

  • Each nation is allowed to run for Prime Minister as long as they have had 3 months of residency in the UNoE and citizenship for 2 weeks.

  • They are only allowed to run for 4 terms. Terms, in this case, mean election seasons. For example, a Prime Minister of the UNoE can't run for Prime Ministership past June if they served from July. (July-October-January-June)

  • They are allowed to run for other offices that are not the Prime Ministership past the 4 term limit.

ARTICLE II - Circumstances regarding Term Limits

  • Each Prime Minister is allowed to stop running before the 4 term limit.

  • If a emergency arises (NOTE that the Prime Minister must not create a emergency by the nation's self, it must be declared by the Security Council in a joint statement with Parliament), the Prime Minister will remain in power. Their powers will remain limited and the Founder is allowed to refuse the decision of the Prime Minister if it endangers regional security.

  • If the Prime Minister ceases to exist, moves to another region, or dies in real life, before the term ends and without informing the region of such (only accounts for moving to another region), or without information about their death or CTE'ing, the Deputy PM will take power as interim PM until a snap election is called.

  • If the Prime Minister cannot do their job in a effective manner, the Deputy Prime Minister will take over.

  • The UNoE Parliament, with the suggestion of the Security Council, is allowed to declare a current PM unable to rule via a motion of no confidence. If that happens, a snap election will be called.

ARTICLE III - Enactment

This law will go into effect the moment the bill passes.

Written at the Office of the UNOE Prime Ministry Representative, 9392 Mark's Avenue, Ramvarkistan, Oostwaards, HL G5G JG3, on this day, the Twentieth of the Fifth Month of the Nineteenth Year of the Second Millenium.

The Republic of Hiram Land