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The RMA Sensha-Do Team

The RMA Sensha-Do Team, commonly referred to as the Li'l Snails (Schneckje in the Rhenish dialect of German, the term may also refer to a popular pet name for 'Darling' in some dialects), is the LinkSensha-Do Team of the Roisweiler Military Academy, located in the City of Roisweiler. Founded in 2017, it has quickly developed as the one representing the Federation on an international level at this kind of sports. The team usually consists of trainees aspiring for Officer ranks of the Federal Armed Forces or the State Militias.

The founders were Jana Hagedorn (still part of the team and leader), Laura Stahl (today a Navy Commander), and Merle Kahlewitt (today active in the Löper Militia).

The team is specialized on armored vehicles from the 1940s and 1950s, some of which were used during the 1970s Civil War:

  • "Skildpadde" ('turtle') Armored Personnel Carrier, built from 1946 to 1959, used by the Lillorainian Federal Republic.

  • "Seckom" ('ant') Battletank, built from 1942 to 1953, used by the Rathenian Republic.

  • "Varulven" ('the werewolf') Armored Personnel Carrier, built from 1941 to 1957, used by the Republic of Rigesöer.

The current roster

Jana Hagedorn, founder and leader of the team.

II. Squadron, Vehicle 2.
From left to right:
Mira Engholm,
Luisa vom Bruche,
Lottie Kessler.

The six commanders of the I. Squadron. From left to right:
Ladina Andreou,
Brunhilde Stolte,
Annette Hestrup,
Milena Duysdonk,
Ayda Fassea,
Bente Papenholm.

Senior Commanders Jan Rostrup and Thorhild Weiss,
along with the commanders of the III. Squadron:
Julia Belz,
Carolin Fröhlich,
Sira Oldenholm,
Annika Preuss,
Maren Breitscheid,
Vanessa Stolberg,
as well as RMA Instructor Lisa Granved.

    Team Leader: Jana Hagedorn.
    Head Mechanic: Alena Lindholm.
    Accountant: Clarissa Burscheid.

I. Squadron - "Skildpadde"

Vehicle 1:

    Commander: Annette Hestrup.
    Driver: Marisa van Hengelen.
    Gunner: Leonie Wunderlich.

Vehicle 2:

    Commander: Ladina Andreou.
    Driver: Sarah Bordesholm.
    Gunner: Sophia Osterath.

Vehicle 3:

    Commander: Bente Papenholm.
    Driver: Milica Kadrić.
    Gunner: Ida Hermeling.

Vehicle 4:

    Commander: Ayda Fassea.
    Driver: Mette Perstrup.
    Gunner: Janike Worringer.

Vehicle 5:

    Commander: Milena Duysdonk.
    Driver: Greta Merzenich.
    Gunner: Linda Keller.

Vehicle 6:

    Commander: Brunhilde Stolte.
    Driver: Layla Abdaliha Finkweiler.
    Gunner: Hannah Estrup.

II. Squadron - "Seckom"

Vehicle 1:

    Commander: Isabel Frings.
    Driver: Sarah Endenich.
    Gunner: Lina Petersen.

Vehicle 2:

    Commander: Luisa vom Bruche.
    Driver: Mira Engholm.
    Gunner: Lottie Kessler.

Vehicle 3:

    Commander: Sophie Kronberg.
    Driver: Miriam Dorstweiler.
    Gunner: Kira Yunusi Brenner.

Vehicle 4:

    Commander: Nina Willert.
    Driver: Theresa Siependonk.
    Gunner: Irene Eschweiler.

Vehicle 5:

    Commander: Britta Köhler.
    Driver: Carolin Sieverding.
    Gunner: Merle Dorn.

Vehicle 6:

    Commander: Sabrina Richrath.
    Driver: Patricia Neufeld.
    Gunner: Gesine Hinz.

III. Squadron - "Varulven"

Vehicle 1:

    Commander: Julia Belz.
    Driver: Lena Hedderich.
    Gunner: Hannah Frings.

Vehicle 2:

    Commander: Vanessa Stolberg.
    Driver: Maren Jung.
    Gunner: Sandra Klingebiel.

Vehicle 3:

    Commander: Annika Preuss.
    Driver: Marina Neurath.
    Gunner: Elke Andersson.

Vehicle 4:

    Commander: Maren Breitscheid.
    Driver: Pia von Thule-Gössning.
    Gunner: Lesley Tarnup.

Vehicle 5:

    Commander: Sira Oldenholm.
    Driver: Mette Klinger.
    Gunner: Lena Nörvenich.

Vehicle 6:

    Commander: Carolin Fröhlich.
    Driver: Liliane Roskilde.
    Gunner: Dana Wanlo.

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