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the Greater Iran NWI Application


Name of Nation: the United States of the Greater Iran

Native Name of Nation: Iran

Location (your desired map claim): Iran, Kurdistan (Except Iraqi Kurdistan), Balochistan and Afghanistan.

Capital: Tehran

Leader(s): President: Xelat Walid Sharro

Demographies (ethnicities/religions):
Population: 330,000,000+


Persians (38%)
Pashtuns (23%)
Kurds (17%)
Baluchis (10%)
Gilakis/Mazanderanis (5%)
Lurs (3%)
Other (4%)


Islam (55%)
Zoroastrianism (27%)
Secular (10%)
Christianity (4%)
Yazdanism (2%)
Other (2%)

GDP and GDP per capita: 42,5 Trillion Darics (128933 Darics per capita)

Ideology: The nation is democratic, there are many parties with different ideologies to vote for.

History: After uprisings against the Islamic Regime, pan-Iranism grew rapidly, more and more Iranians converted to their ancestral religion, Zoroastrianism and took up arms against the Regime, the Revolution lasted over a decade, the newly established nation slowly started expanding into more territories known as Greater Iran.

Do you have any other nations? (If so, name ALL of them): Ezidistan, my first nation, but it failed so likely i will never play on it again and Pugnatorene.

Which region were you in prior to this one?(Give full name): Voltarium

Are you in trouble with any other region? (Y/N): Don't think so

Do you owe your previous region any commitments? (Y/N): No.

What can you offer the New West Indies?: Loyalty, help with whatever the this region needs and banter.

What do you expect?: Some fun, new friends and help.

I, the Greater Iran, hereby pledge my allegiance to the region of the New West Indies, its members, the regional government, and the Constitution. I understand that I will be subject to disciplinary action if I am found to have falsified any information in this application, violated regional laws, or committed treason against the New West Indies and its members. Furthermore, I understand that this oath goes into effect immediately and has no expiration. Glory to the New West Indies!