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Welter Simmons News Agency: #001

Welter Simmons News Agency
The Official News Agency of the Welter simmons Government

The United Kingdom of Welter simmons together with the power vested on the king, Sir Amadeus Hamilton, hereby establish the official news agency with regards to the affairs of the Welter Simmons Government. This is done to further establish a stable and reliable source of news for the people of Welter Simmons.

The WSNA will provide the latest updates with substantive coverage of the king and premier's activities such as summit conferences, state visits, royal ceremonies, and many more. This agency will also be the primary provider of updates with regards to non-working, working, and special holidays.

This agency is protected under the Welter Simmons constitution, and all contents must be used properly by any private broadcasting media. However, information acquired from this agency must be provided with proper citing to comply with the No Copyrights Law.

Welter simmons