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Etiquette of The LCAL

With the objective of maintaining order & Christian traditional ideas, The LCAL has an etiquette which orders the following rules to be complied:

1-All member nations of The LCAL shall embrace traditional conservative Christian ideas, meaning that no alternative ideas shall be catched, as it risks The LCAL from being infested of politically correct immoralities, including liberalism, progressivism, secularism, rationalism, pacifism, marxism, feminism, queerism, atheism, anarchism, nihilism, etc.

Punishment: Banjection

2-As said, The LCAL stands for Christian traditional ideas. This means no other religions shall be accepted, including atheism, agnosticism & deism, but Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Neo-Paganism, folk religions & any non-Christian religion is also counted.

Punishment: Banjection

3-No terms or words directly against The LCAL, including "fascists", "zealots", "ignorants", & anything of that nature. It contributes to the split of The LCAL & the hippio-secular infestation.

Punishment: Warning at first time, banjection at second time

4-Use The Board correctly; no spam, no trolling, no insulting, no troubling, no blasphemy, etc. ALWAYS be loyal to The LCAL, it exists for something.

Punishment: Warning at first time, banjection at second time (banned acts not attacking Christianity)

Punishment: Strong & direct banjection (banned acts attacking Christianity)

Exemption: Attacking other religions is authorized because they are completely false & wrong

5-NO PUPPET ATTACKS!!! Repeated attacks of hordes of puppet nations may result in password-lock the region, or the puppetmaster being reported to Moderators.

Punishment: Direct ban for any suspected puppet, and more serious actions against the puppetmaster if repeated.

6-Absolutely NO ANIME!!! That's a creation of the devil intended to enslave us on immorality, sin & lust. F**K ANIME!!!

Punishment: Banjection, you shall get rid of anime!!!

7-No illegal embassy requestings. That means, no requestings coming from regions with a rhetoric against The LCAL. Embassy requestings coming from a bunch of fake Christians, liberals, progressivists, laicists, anarchists, globalists, & people with positions attacking the ideals of The LCAL shall be rejected & imminently and the requester shall be banned!

Punishment: Embassy reject & ban

8-As said, embassy regions suddenly betraying The LCAL shall be demolished without blinking!

Punishment: Embassy demolishment & ban

9-WORLD ASSEMBLY IS BANNED HERE!!! Any nation of The LCAL applying to join or belonging to World Assembly shall be banjected upon sight! World Assembly is a globalist, anti Christian organization of the devil intended to spy and control the entire NationStates!!! The LCAL shall therefore openly proclaim against World Assembly!!!

Punishment: Banjection

Comply all them!!!

The Republic of Khojogek