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The Land of Nyika: RP Rules & Regulations

In The Land of Nyika, we have a unique, diverse role-playing experience, but before you get typing, please take a moment to read over these regulations:

1. No swearing, inappropriate topics, links, images, etc.

• The Land of Nyika is a region that welcomes nations, whatever their age, culture or beliefs are. This means that some people may not agree with inappropriate/adult subjects. Thanks for understanding!

2. No Godmodding.

Godmodding is where a nation decides on someone else’s actions, or takes control of someone else’s character, e.g Autuno: Tijatta did not like Autuno’s decision.

Then go ahead! (Although, please state you have permission, to avoid confusion).

3. Create a factbook about your country before role-playing, so we know who you are!

4. If you want, you can create your own citizen in your nation!

In The Land of Nyika, we encourage you to create a character in your nation, so we can see/hear from a different point of view!

5. Past-tense, third person, only, please.

6. Title your role-play, to avoid confusion.

7. Normal role-play rules apply to Nyika, so please, use common sense!

Contact Autuno or Tijatta if you have any inquiries - don’t be afraid! We’ll answer your most stupid questions! ;)