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Yeunen's glorious athletes

Mr Chen Lei, Honourable Citizen (gymnastics)
Chen is a 22-year-old gymnast from the capital, Longshan. The son of famous gymnast Chen Leng, he started training at the age of 4 and won his first championship (Longshan Junior Championship) at the age of 9. He has won many medals since. He still lives in the capital with his wife and newborn son.

At the 2019 Oatland Summer Games, Chen brought honour and glory to the Empire by securing the Bronze medal in the Gymnastics event. For this accomplishment, he has been awarded the title of Honourable Citizen.

Miss Ruan Yaling (gymnastics)
Ruan, who turns 20 this autumn, started training at 6 and surprisingly won the 2016 Nationals, aged just 17. She is engaged to celebrated weightlifter Guo Xinyi.

Mr Wen Jianhong (swimming)
Wen, aged 26, claims he could swim before he could walk. While these claims could not be verified by officials, the fact remains he is one of the nation's top performers in the pool.

Miss Pan Yawen (swimming - diving)
Pan paticipated in two events during the 2019 Oatland summer Games. She is 21 years old and has revealed in interviews that she finds great strength in her family's support.

Mr Guo Xinyi (weightlifting)
Five-time national weightlifting champion Guo represented our glorious nation alone in the weightlifting event in the 2019 Summer Games. At 28 he is one of the older athletes Yeunen sent this year, but he is confident his experience had a positive effect on the delegation as a whole. He is engaged to gymnast Ruan Yaling.

Mr Lin Kai, Pride of the Nation (equestrian sports - archery)
Lin grew up on Yeunen's plains and trained in the ancient sports of horseriding and archery from the age of 3. He stands the youngest archery national champion in the country's history, having won the title at just 15 years of age. Since then, he has won the title a further seven times. For his contributions to the sport and his humanitarian efforts he was awarded the prestigious title of Pride of the Nation in 2018. Now 27 years old, he aims to keep doing his people proud for many more years to come.

At the 2019 Oatland Summer Games, Lin brought honour and glory to the Empire by securing the Bronze medal in the Archery event.

Miss Du Guiying (archery)
Du is one of the youngest delegates to represent Yeunen at the Summer Games, having turned 16 just earlier this year. While not taking home any medals, you held herself well against the international competition.

Mr Man Guo, Glory of the Nation (archery)
Man trained with Lin Kai for a number of years before moving to the capital at 18. While never quite measuring up to the Pride of the Nation, he is nevertheless popular with fans of the sport. He is 26 years old, married, and the father of two young daughters.

At the 2019 Oatland Summer Games, Man brought honour and glory to the Empire by securing the Gold medal in the Archery event, thereby surpassing, for the first time, his longtime friend and rival Lin Kai, who won the Bronze medal at the same event. For this accomplishment, he has been awarded the title of Glory of the Nation.

Miss Han Lengyue (archery)
After suffering an elbow injury at the Nationals in 2016, Han did not compete again beyond the local level until early last year. She appears to have made a full recovery. She has announced her retirement from competitive archery and hoped to end her career on a golden note before retiring in December, but had to accept it was not to be. Han is 25 years old.

Mr Chou Zhong (fencing)
Chou didn't start fencing professionally until he was 16, but has since then impressed both friends and rivals with his dedication and agility. while not winning any medals in the 2019 Summer Games, he made his Emperor proud with his performance. He is 24 years old and enjoys meditating and gardening in his limited spare time.

Miss Fan Huahua (diving)
Fan, the elder of two sisters at 22, discovered her love of water at age 5. She has told reporters that rather than seeing her younger sister Fan Yinyin as a rival, she considers her sister's successes a strong motivator. While the sisters have competed in the same tournament on many occassions in the past, the 2019 Summer Games were their first international competition.

Miss Fan Yinyin (diving)
The younger Fan sister, aged 20, says she came to love her sport from watching her older sister. She admitted in an interview earlier this year to feeling the pressure to do well at the Summer Games, but also felt honoured to represent our glorious nation. Regrettably, neither sister manager to secure a medal.