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[OOC] Yegla Islands in Civilization 6

For Your Attention

The following documents encompass a series of miscellaneous data points, and files that could not be placed into any other category. More documentation will be added as it is written, declassified or discovered.

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Yegla Islands

Special Ability: Ocean's Hammer

Siege units are capable of deploying and firing while embarked. Naval units gain +10% combat strength within 10 tiles of a friendly city.

Unique Unit: Zagreus

Replaces the Missile Cruiser. +1 attack range, +5 ranged strength. Cannot be seen except by adjacent units. +30% production cost.

Unique Building: Ministry of the Interior

Empire-specific wonder, unlocked with Computers. +10% Production in the city where it is built, unlocks the purchasing of Commissars.

Unique Unit: Commissar

May be purchased after building the Ministry of the Interior. Can remove religious presence in cities (2 charges) and initiate Theological Combat. Can also be consumed to construct an Administrative Bureau, providing a boost to Production.

Leader: Dmitri Rasputin

Leader Policy: Igni Ferroque

+5% total Science output for every city not following a religion.

Leader Agenda: Iron Swathe

Hates when wars are started against nations in an Alliance with him, or City-States on the same continent as Yegla Islands. Does not apply to religious City-States. Dislikes nations that spread religion to his cities.