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Embassy program with Greater Miami Shores

01 Your nation Name - The Free Land of Pheonisland

02 Number, name and gender of our ambassador : Marcus Pomponius ( male)

03 - According the constitution in our country : we are not enemies of anybody and yes brothers of all peoples, that we seek fraternity and respect, The government respectfully declines to grant this request .

04 We understand your strong feelings on this issue.

06 - Land Area: 34,795 km²

07 - 5,411,500 (2018).

08 - Phoenician 95% - Ancient Greek 2.5% - Ancient Roman 2.5%

09 - Phoenician English and latin for the nation
Phoenician English for Government

10 - Nevertheless 66% of the current Phoenician population belong to the Christianity (63% to Phoenician Patriarchal Church, 2% to Latin Patriarchal Church and 1% to other denominations), the second larger religion is Islam which is followed by 3% of the population (2% belonging to Sunnism and 1% to Chiism and other denominations), while 27% declare themselves as irreligious, most part Atheist.

11 - President: Zephyros Acacius
- First Adviser: Agatha Cassianus
- Parliament President : Heroides Hadriana
- Chief Justice: Nikias Gaiana

12 - Democratic Parliamentary Constitutional

13 - Multi Political Party nation

14 - Capitalist Now Party (CNP)

15 Name and Title of your Minister of Foreign Relations - Agrippa Vitus

18 Main exports and other exports of your nation -
Book Publishing , Crop and animal production, hunting, fishing and aquaculture , Mining, extraction and refined petroleum products, Food products and beverages , Textiles, manufacture of wearing apparel, leather and footwear, Chemical Industries , Basic metals and metals products, Machinery and equipments n.e.c . Office, precise and optical equipment , Electrical and electronically equipment, Motor vehicles and other transport .


02 Bal Harbour middle upper class -

06 Carol City partially depopulated since independence and future area of immigration growth with new immigrants and nice homes of houses -

09 Coconut Grove rich middle upper class, Coconut Grove Marina and Country Club, highly recommended -

10 Coral Gables Wealthy Beautiful Business District with Restaurants, Shops and offices, golf courses and country clubs, highly recommended -

15 Florida City - a major agricultural area -

22 La Pequeña Habana Municipio, The Heart, Pride and Soul of the ethnic Cuban community, with the world famous Calle ocho 8 Street, and other Hispanic groups as defined, the government is Re Cubanizing the area with recent ethnic Cuban immigrants, highly recommended.

35 Palmetto Bay middle upper class -

The Democratic Republic of
Greater Miami Shores

I - General

Name of Nation: The Democratic Capitalist Republic of Greater Miami Shores
Population: Dec 31 2017 Population - 2 522 882 - Dec 31 2018 to be posted during 2019.
Capital City: Miami
Languages: Spanish and Espanglish, speaking 3 or 4 words of Spanish and English back and forth, adding Spanish endings to English verbs and creating new words with Spanish sounds.
Religions: Roman Catholics 55.45 % - Charismatic Catholics 18.60 %, 74.05 % strong,
74.89 % and 25.11 % respectively.
Euro Jews 5.15 % - Mormons 5.00 % - Jehovah's Witnesses 3.50 % - Baptists 3.00 % - Espicopalians 2.50 % - Pentecostals 2.00 % - Lutherans 1.50 % - Methodists 1.15 % - Islamic Muslims 1.00 % - Presbyterians 0.95 % and Greek Orthodox Christians 0.20 %

Ethnicitities: In our nation you are something, you are not an other, an other what? does not exist.
Citizens Population:
Hispanics can be and are from all ethnic and racial groups, Euros, Black Africans, Mulatos, Mestizos, Native American Indians, Brazilians, Filipino Filis, Vietnamese, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Arabs, Hawaiian Pacific Islanders and others as defined.
Citizen Population: Ethnic Hispanic Cubans 55.18 % - other Hispanics 44.82 % as defined.
National Population:
Citizens and Foreign Nationals: 44.67 % Hispanic Cubans - 36.27 % other Hispanic citizens as defined and 5.38 % Foreign Nationals, 80.94 % and 86.32 strong, other Hispanic citizens and Foreign Nationals 41.65 strong as defined.
Euro immigrants 6.21 % and Euro Foreign Nationals 6.42 % - 12.63 % strong as defined.
Oriental immigrant Chinos 0.73 % and Foreign Nationals 0.07 % - 0.80 % strong as defined.
Ethnic Cubans of Chinese and mixed Chinese descent 1 % and 0.44 % of the national population.
Immigrant Arabes 0.14 % and 0.01 % Foreign Nationals 0.01 % - 0.15 % strong as defined.
Immigrant Roma Gypsies 0.05 % and 0.04 % Foreign Nationals - 0.09 % strong.
Immigrant non Hispanic Hawaiian Pacific Islanders 0.01 % and Foreign Nationals - 0.01 strong.
Legal Immigrants 7.43 % - Legal Foreign Nationals 11.92 % - 19.35 % strong.
Immigrant Euro Jews and Foreign Nationals - 05.15 % strong.
Immigrant Islamic Muslims and Foreign Nationals 1 % strong.
Illegal Immigrants 0 - 0 %

In our nation Filipino Filis, Vietnamese, Koreans, Japanese and Chinese are affectionately called Chinos, it is a Hispanic cultural thing, even certain family and friends of non Chinese descent are affectionately called Chinos, oocc, at least 1 % of ethnic Cubans are of Chinese and Cuban descent, the Poster, has a Lady cousin of Chinese Cuban Spaniard descent, she is a beautiful Lady, in the family we affectionately call her La China.

II - Politics

Political System: Multi Political Party Democracy.
Economic System: Capitalist
Judiciary System: The President names and appoints the 9 member Supreme Court for life or retirement approved by a majority of the 100 member parliament, the Vice President casts the deciding vote on behalf of the president in case of a tie vote, the Current Ministra of Justice and the Supreme Court is Ana Maria Polo, He dicho caso cerrado, I said case closed.
Head of State: President Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

Head of Government: President Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Vice President Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Minister of Foreign Affairs or equivalent: Cuban Miami Shores Minister of Foreign Diplomatic Relations Otto Reich. Colombian Italian, Vice Minister of Foreign Diplomatic Relations, Giovanni Corrado.

III - Infrastructure

Describe the Building/Image:old Spanish colonial style.

Diplomatic Staff: 5
Security Staff : 10
Service Staff: 10
Number of locals hired: None
Weaponry: 1 hand gun per security guard.
Embassy Land Vehicles : I diplomatic Limo, 1 Diplomatic Bus and 2 security vehicles.
Embassy Air Vehicles (max. 1) : 1 diplomatic Helicopter
Embassy Naval Vehicles (max. 1): 1 diplomatic Yacht

IV - Ambassador's Information

Name, Age and Sex of Ambassador: Nicole Malliotakis
only her Private doctor knows, who will accompany her as the Embassy doctor.

Family Status:
Short Bio, Previous Positions: Greek Father, Cuban Mom, a member of The World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association, Greek Orthodox Christian by religion, B.A in communications and a Masters degree in Business administration, works at the building of Foreign Diplomatic Relations as a diplomatic manager.

Criminal Profile: None, she is an honorable Christian Lady.

V - Diplomatic Agreement(s)

What kind of agreements do you want to make with Pheonisland?:
Fair Free Trade Agreement and an online business man and business women visa registry system, to make it easier for both nation's business man and business women to enter and leave our nations when their business interests require it, with updated police security reports as needed from both nations, in case a business man or business women from either nation gets harassed, compromised, blackmailed or commits a crime of passion while in our nations.

  • [X] Trade Subsidisation

  • [X] Inter-Tourism Campaign

  • [X] Scientific Cooperation Pact

  • [X] Non-Aggression Pact

  • [ ] Defense Pact : - The hated neutrality law in our constitution as a condition of our independence from the USA, prohibits us from military action unless attacked or threatened, but we can support revolutionary groups in other nations, so far our efforts to overthrow The Communist Socialist Republic dictatorship military mafia regime elite of the eternal revolution of La Habana Cuba, for obvious reasons, have been unsuccessful, we need a negotiated agreement with The USA of America to end the hated neutrality law in our democratic constitution.

  • [ ] Open Borders

  • [ ] Others: (International Student Exchanges & Culture Exchanges )

Do you have anything to declare?: None