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National News Network (NNN) is a collection of Creslonian news and media outlets compiled into one television channel, newspaper, and website for ease of access. Originally formed in 1964 as a collective of independent media companies, the NNN grew into a consortium of news outlets. In 2001, the then-Department of Broadcasting and Telecommunications begun overseeing the NNN, to make sure that a news monopoly would not have any negative consequences. Currently, the Ministry of Media and Communications supervises the National News Network in an effot to ensure impartiality.



Creslonian Herald - The Creslonian Herald is the oldest continous Creslonian newspaper. First published in 1784, the Creslonian Herald has grown into a major national media outlet, covering topics from politics to finances to sports.

The Journal - The Journal is a newspaper first published in the early 19th century. The Journal prides itself on providing world-class independent journalism on contreversial legal and military issues.

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TVC One News - One News is a news program aired on free-to-air TV Channel 1, owned by TVC, the government-owned Creslonian television network. It broadcasts domestic, international, and sports news.

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ECTV - ECTV (Entertainment and Commerce Television) is a premium TV channel independent of TVC. It broadcats informercials and tabloid-style entertainment news.

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The National Compass - The National Compass was a newspaper first published in the mid-20th century, before it moved exclusively to the internet. The National Compass has gained global recognition for 'leading the news in a new direction' by reporting on a wide range of opinionated topics.

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Saturday 25 May, 2019 | The State of Christian Conservativism

A hall in Westport Cathedral

The National Compass, posted 11:25

I am sure that we have all heard of the abortion rights fiasco in the United States. The argument is between pro-choice activists who claim that it is a woman's right to abort her birth, and pro-life campaigners who claim that abortion is murder. Although support for abortion is growing, religious groups continue to fight it on grounds of 'basic morality'. Many non-religious pro-life activists prefere the 'inalienable right to life', which is a much more sensible yet less popular point.

This coincides with the rise of two new political parties in the remote island nation of New Zealand. New Zealand has made waves internationally recently following the March 15 mosque shootings and its Prime Minister's much-liked response. First was NZ National party member Alfred Ngaro's rumoured Christian Party, which was supported by NZ National Party leader Simon Bridges. Second was the Coalition Party, started by controversial Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki and his wife Hannah. Hannah will be leading the party and has hinted at allying with Ngaro. These two conservative parties would be able to support National and gain it more seats. However, the Coalition Party has already come under heavy fire. Pranksters purchased the website domain name and have made the link lead to pro-abortion and pro-LGBT+ content. Many political and social commentators both in New Zealand and abroad believe that both parties will implode before the 2020 NZ elections as there is simply no market for Christian political parties and 'conservativism in on the way out'.

Less than 50% of New Zealander's are religious, down from over 70% in the 80s. Clearly, youth are becoming more and more liberal with each generation and religion simply does not accomadate for the speed at which society is adapting to the LGBT+ community and adopting sex-positive stances. The rise of science and less and less proof for any 'god' also has an effect, although that is an article for another day.

Thursday 23 May, 2019 | Welfare Sector to be Reformed

Creslonian Herald, morning edition

Following a rise in domestic violence rates, the Liberal member of parliament for Westport's Second Ward (one of the areas in the country most affected by family violence) has proposed a new bill to parliament.

The bill would completely reform Creslonia's welfare sector. The 'Welfare Sector Reform Act 2019' will replace the Ministry of Welfare with the Ministry of Social Welfare, made up of three directorates: Financial Assistance, Senior Welfare, and Disabled Welfare. The Ministry of Welfare's Directorate of Child Welfare will have its own government department, the Ministry of Children. This will be made up of two directorates: Care and Adoption, Youth Justice, and Protection from Child Abuse. Note that the Directorate of Youth Justice would work with the Ministry of Justice.

Interestingly, current Director of Child Welfare, Vera Thomas, will become Director of Care and Adoption if this bill is passed. Daniel Andelane, the deputy minister of welfare, would become the Minister of Children. There is great support for the Welfare Sector Reform Act and many believe that the government is finally acting to better the nation's children. Prime Minister Jack Wyodi himself has called the bill a "step in the right direction".

Tuesday 21 May, 2019 | Suicide Rate Down, Dometic Violence Rate Up

Channel 7 News, broadcast at 17:30 - transcript

Creslonia's suicide rate has hit an all-time low. However, domestic violence is still a major problem for the nation. Creslonia has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the world. Minister of Welfare Shauntay Rose has released statistics collected by her Ministry last month. These statistics show that two in three unmarried women are victims of domestic violence, with one in three married women being victims. Male victim rates are dramatically lower.

This partner-on-partner violence also negatively affects children. Children and Minorities Commissioner Linda Olijar says that more must be done to protect children from physical and emotional abuse. Several members of parliament from both Liberal and National has toyed with the idea of forming a dedicated 'Ministry of Children' or something similar since the year began. Director of Child Welfare Vera Thomas supports the idea saying that, "A ministry dedicated to improving child wellbeing is much needed in this country". Director of Adult Welfare Tad Frost has called for more broad reform of the Ministry of Welfare itself.

As for now, Creslonian National Police and the Ministry of Welfare continue to work together to fight domestic and family violence.

Sunday 19 May, 2019 | Abortion Rights Remain Protected in Creslonia

Creslonian Herald, morning edition

The US states of Alabama and Missorui recently passed the most restrictive abortion laws in the North American country. Alabama's law is essentially a total ban on abortion, regardless of the circumstances sorrounding the pregnancy. Missouri has followed suit, although not to the same extent.

Minister of Health Clarrisa Russel has stated that abortion will remain on-demand in Creslonia. Prime Minister Jack Wyodi has rieterated this, saying that "Abortion is available to anyone who can afford it". In Creslonia, minors do not require a parent or guardian's permission to have an abortion and do not need someone else to take them home. Abortion has been subsidised by charities such as Family Planning and is thus quite cheap in Creslonia.

The majority of the public supports abortion, with a minority objecting to it on religious grounds.

Friday 17 May, 2019 | Serious Financial Crime Administration Formed

Creslonian Herald, morning edition

The Renaming of Departments to Ministries Act 2019, which came into effect yesterday, also contained sections regarding the formation of a new government administration. Administrators are directly appointed by the Prime Minister, avoiding the party vote necessary for appointing ministers.

The Serious Financial Crime Administration (SFCA) will be taking over the responsibilities previously carried out by the Financial Crimes Unit of the Creslonian National Police. It is hoped that the SFCA will be able to reduce the rising level of fraud, embezzlement, and racketeering in the Republic of Creslonia. The SFCA will work with the Anti-Corruption Commission to fight bribery and corruption, as well.

Thursday 16 May, 2019 | Cabinet Renames Departments to Ministries

The Cabinet Room in the Parliament, Creslon City

TVC One News, broadcast at 18:00 - transcript

The primary administrative organs of the Executive Branch of the Central Government of Creslonia are called 'departments'. There are sixteen departments charged with implementing a wide variety of government policies, from Business and Employment to Welfare.

Renaming the departments to 'ministries' has been considered before. However, never as seriously as it has this week. Jack Wyodi first proposed the idea to his cabinet on Monday. All of whom agreed that having the departments be called ministries would make the title of 'Prime Minister' more sense. The Parliamentary Counsel Office drafted the legislation later that day and the 'Renaming of Departments to Ministries Act 2019' spent the next three days being discussed by Parliament. This afternoon, a supermajority of representatives voted in favour of the act.

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