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National News Network (NNN) is a collection of Creslonian news and media outlets compiled into one television channel, newspaper, and website for ease of access. Originally formed in 1964 as a collective of independent media companies, the NNN grew into a consortium of news outlets. In 2001, the then-Department of Broadcasting and Telecommunications begun overseeing the NNN, to make sure that a news monopoly would not have any negative consequences. Currently, the Ministry of Media and Communications supervises the National News Network in an effot to ensure impartiality.



Creslonian Herald - The Creslonian Herald is the oldest continous Creslonian newspaper. First published in 1784, the Creslonian Herald has grown into a major national media outlet, covering topics from politics to finances. The Herald has no overt political leaning.

The Journal - The Journal is a newspaper first published in the early 19th century. The Journal prides itself on providing world-class independent journalism on contreversial legal and military issues. The Journal has no political affiliations although it does tend to lean towards the right wing.

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TVC One News - One News is a news program aired on free-to-air TV Channel 1, owned by TVC, the government-owned Creslonian television network. It broadcasts domestic and international news. TVC One News leans to whichever political affiliation the current government is. Currently, it is left-leaning because Liberal is in power.

Channel 7 News - Channel 7 is a news program aired on free-to-air TV Channel 7, a television channel independent of TVC. Channel 7 News broadcasts domestic news. Channel 7 News does not have a political leaning as it is simply a half-hour local news bulletin each evening.

ECTV - ECTV (Entertainment and Commerce Television) is a premium TV channel independent of TVC. It broadcats informercials and tabloid-style entertainment news. ECTV is not politically alligned.

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The National Compass - The National Compass was a newspaper first published in the mid-20th century, before it moved exclusively to the internet. The National Compass has gained global recognition for 'leading the news in a new direction' by reporting on a wide range of opinionated topics. Because The National Compass is an opinion news site, it leans to whichever political affiliation the author of each article has.

Sports & Rural News - Sports & Rural News is an online news website that reports on sports news as well as news that affects rural communities. Sports & Rural News has no political leaning.

Latest News

Tuesday 3 December, 2019 | Crisis at Westport Psychiatric Hospital
Twenty-five killed in tragic Stockholm syndrome hostage crisis

Westport Psychiatric Hospital Administration Block

TVC One News, posted at 09:00

Yesterday afternoon, Westport Psychiatric Hospital's Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Centre was supposedly seized by its own doctors, lead by head doctor, Dr James DeGroot. The hospital's director, Brooklyn Dwyer, was kidnapped and taken to the CBT Centre. She shouted about 'the truth', and how it had set her and everyone else in the building 'free'. The 'hostages' (being patients) ran out of the building, and were fired upon by Commander Samantha Lonsdale and her officers all the hostages were killed.

When the Special Operations Unit, led by Sergeant Jachin Asher, finally stormed the building and found DeGroot and the other doctors dead. They had been killed before the incident begun, meaning that the 'hostages' were actually there own captors. To make the situation even more mysterious, a command truck overturned en route to the crisis, the Police Minister's helicopter crashed en route (although no one was killed) and a pileup on the H1 significantly delayed the arrival of Police psychologists. Also, Westport Superintendent Jeferries was AWOL, leaving his deputy, Jackson Callaghan, to manage the situation. However, Callaghan performed commendebly, and will be awarded the Examplary Conduct Cross.

Police Commissioner Haylee Richardson, Police Minister Julia Morisson, and Mental Health Director Jo Rental gave a press conference today, and explained that the crisis was caused by mass schizophrenia, which spread through a shared vehicle the truth. Also, the accidents mentioned in the above paragraph are being treated as just that accidents.

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ECTV - Millions of Creslonians disapointed as winter fashion collections revealed "overwhelmingly underwhelming".
Channel 7 News - Westport Muncipal Council begins southward suburban expansion, local National MPs to lobby for Central Government funding.
Creslonian Herald - Right to Death petition accepted by Parliamentary Standing Committee for Health and Medical Care; bill to be written.

Saturday 2 November, 2019 | Creslonian Wintersport Competition Training Begins

Student from Quinton High School practicing cricket

Sports & Rural News, posted at 09:00

Wintersport is one of Creslonia's most important secondary school national sporting competitions. Along with Summersport, Creslonia's youth have great opportunities to develop and display their physical and teamwork skills.

Wintersport will begin on the 1st of December, when the Prime Minister formally welcomes all participating schools, and watches the opening soccer game at Westport Stadium. Intensive training has begun across the country, with participating students allowed to finish classes thirty minutes early.

This year's Wintersport will consist of the following sports:









Horseriding (jumping and dressage)



Long-distance running

High jump

Long jump



Hammer throw

Javelin throw



Bicycle racing



Ultimate Frisbee



Table Tennis

Note that all sports are open to all genders.

The winning team in each sport will win $10,000 for their school, and $1,000 for each player. The school that wins the most types of sport will have a plaque commissioned. Prizes are provided by Sporting Creslonia, with the help of sponsors, advertsing, and the government.

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TVC One News - Thousands sign Right to Death petition, plan to present to Parliament next week.
The Journal - Creslonian National Navy commences exercises with Canada in the Arctic.
ECTV - Top fashion designers prepare to realase winter collections.

Tuesday 1 October, 2019 | Free School Lunch Bill Passes Parliament

Workers of the Directorate of Student Welfare
cheer in the streets of Creslon City

Creslonian Herald, morning edition

The Free School Lunch Bill passed Parliament yesterday afternoon. The Free School Lunch Act 2019 provides free lunches to all primary (Years 1 through 6) and intermediate (Years 7 through 10) school students. The Act does not extend to secondary (Years 11 through 12) school students, as 'they have greater independence and know how to report neglect', according to the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Education and Training.

The Act is supported by the Ministry of Education, the majority of both political parties, student leaders, and school staff. Detractors of the bill include religious conservative organisation FamVal and National Party leader William Davis. FamVal believes that Creslonia is focusing too much on child rights, and taking power away from parents. Davis argues that Creslonia has become a welfare state. However, his earlier argument during last month's Committee of the Whole House that the bill would be a waste of taxpayer money, has been rendered void due to the recent tax cuts (see below story).

The lunches will be handed out once daily between twelve and one o'clock (schools are required to have lunch breaks at some point during these times). The lunches will consist of:
- a sandwich,
- fruit (apple, pear, etc.),
- and a water bottle.

There have been arguments that plastic water bottles will add to the 'plastic crisis', and that students won't bother eating the fruit. There are also concerns around allergies, although the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Education and Training has promised that it will work with schools on that issue.

There are rumours that following Prime Minister Jack Wyodi's recent reforms, that National leader William Davis will attempt to steal the spotlight from him. There are already rumours circulating that Davis is coordinating with Westport National MPs to propose crime-fighting, anti-littering, and infrastructure improvement bills.

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Sports & Rural News - Farmers expect to hire an extra 20,000 workers at next year's Creslonian Farming Expo, in order to cope with Free School Lunch Act demands.
The National Compass - William Davis is jealous of PM Wyodi's popularity and success, and you know it.
TVC One News - Protests over tertiary education funding cuts cancelled, organiser states: "the Free School Lunch Act is a good thing to spend the money on, and the tax cuts help too, I suppose".

Wednesday 18 September, 2019 | Prime Minister Proposes Tertiary Education Funding Cuts

Logo of the Ministry of Education

TVC One News, broadcast at 18:30

According to The Box Press Office, Prime Minister Jack Wyodi has proposed tertiary education funding cuts. In the weekly cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister asked how much money was currently being spent on providing Creslonia's famous free tertiary education. When answered, the Prime Minister suggested slashing that funding, instead putting it towards the Free School Lunch Bill and tax cuts. Both the Minister of Education and the Minister of Finance admitted that the cuts could work.

Free tertiary education has always been a polarising topic in Creslonia. Since its introduction in 2009, free universities and polytechnics have been both praised and criticised by the population. Some groups say that the funding allows for greater educational opportunities, whilst opponents state that it is a waste of money, because up to 40% of the population doesn't attend tertiary education. With about half of the funding saved to go to the Free School Lunch Bill and the rest to tax cuts, the proposal has the support of both the economically-conservative National Party, and those within Liberal. The first year of tertiary education will still be free, however, which has prevented supporters of the funding from completely lambasting the Central Government. It is believed that the tax cuts could also improve voter support for the Liberal Party in next year's general election.

With the Free School Lunch Bill due for its second reading tomorrow, and a proposal to form a Ministry of the Treasury, it seems that Creslonia is experiencing great economic reform.

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Creslonian Herald - Free School Lunch Bill passes Select Committee, with any hopes of a free breakfast extension shattered.
Channel 7 News - Westport Municipal Council considers southward expansion, possibly incorporating middle-class suburbs.
The Journal - Three submariners accused of sexual assault during a naval operation, two convicted.

Sunday 1 September, 2019 | Free School Lunch Bill Proposed to Parliament

One proposed school lunch composition

Creslonian Herald, morning edition

In an effort to combat Creslonia's notorious child neglection rates, Minister of Children Daniel Andelane has proposed free school lunches for all children.

Director of Student Welfare Trenton Cook released a statement regarding the idea on Saturday:

"Free school lunches are an excellent idea. It has been proven time and again that children and adolescents cannot learn on an empty stomach. Although the Ministry of Welfare and Ministry of Children provide food assistance to low-income families, there is no telling how many children go unfed all the time because their parents do not bother to seek help. In this regard, we cannot allow the children to be punished for the sins of the parents.

"I also suggest that this can be expanded to include breakfasts, provided at school upon arriving. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and children cannot focus on their studies without it. If irresponsible parents are going to spend their limited money on alcohol, despite the steep excise, then the children shouldn't also suffer."

However, there has been backlash to this proposal. Conservative groups and the National Party believe that Creslonia is 'quickly becoming a welfare state'. Traditional family organisation FamVal believes that the half-yearly child and yearly adolecent home inspections are more than enough to deter negligent parents.

Prime Minister Jack Wyodi gave a press conference yesterday afternoon on the subject of free school lunches. He said, among other things, that both the Minister of Education and the Minister of Social Welfare support the bill. The Free School Lunch Bill has been officially added to the ballot and will likely go to its first reading this coming week.

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Sports & Rural News - Farmers excited about new opportunities that proposed Free School Lunch Bill could provide, ranging from surplus reduction to government subsidies.
Channel 7 News - Inaugural national knitting competition kicks off in Elmsworth.
ECTV - New Creslonia-Europe travel company 'Continental Connection' formed, Toursim Board Chairperson Bobbie Connie publicly endorses.

Tuesday 9 July, 2019 | Government to Improve West Island River Dam

The West Island River Dam, in the centre of the Creslonian National Park

TVC One News, broadcast at 18:00 - transcript

Beverly Dawson, Minister of Energy, announced in a press conference this afternoon that the West Island River Dam will be rennovated.

She said that Ken Cummings, the Director of Power Plants, has reported that the dam is in deteriorating condition. Dawson released papers to the Cabinet detailing how she plans to improve the hydroelectric dam, which provides 30% of Creslonia's electricity. The Clean Energy Advisory Board has conducted research, and believes that the rennovations could boost the dam's power output to 40%. This would relieve stress on wind turbines and Magma Peninsula's geothermal power plants, as well as reducing the need for coal plants. Currently, coal plants provide 20% of the nation's energy.

Spencer Lopez, CEO of the Energy Saftey Authority, believes that the rennovations will heighten workplace safety. In order to pay for the rennovations, Prime Minister Jack Wyodi has announced that funding will be diverted from free tertiary education. Instead, only last year tertiary education will be funded. This move has been praised by both Liberal and National. National tends to be against clean energy as it 'doesn't create enough jobs', but deputy leader Alice Ward has stated that the funding diversions 'are desirable as it rewards tertiary students who choose to continue their studies'.

The West Island River Hydroelectric Dam rennovations are estimated to be finished sometime in September.

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Channel 7 News - Naked men arrested for 'running around' streets of Allerton.
ECTV - Creslonian traveller teams up with Europeans to begin new travel company - may work with Tourism Board.
The National Compass - When are Westport's MPs going to demand greater state housing funding?

Tuesday 9 July, 2019 | Military Exercises Draw to a Close

The emblem of the CNDF

The Journal, evening edition

The annual Tri-Branch Creslonian National Defence Force Excersises concluded today. The excersises commenced on the seventh of June.

The Creslonian National Army wargamed with its newly-updated Tactical Electronic Training System (TETS), the laser-strike style system that can detect when an individual is hit by a weapon equipped with TETS. The Army trained in the Creslonian National Park to practice woodland fighting and in the Northern Isles to practice small-scale coastal and islands engagments.

The Creslonian National Navy participated in manouvers all over the North Atlantic and even headed to the Bay of Biscay to train with the French Navy. The Navy primarily focuses on submarine-on-submarine warfare, submarine detection, and naval aviation.

The Creslonian National Air Force wargamed with both the other branches and even particpated in operations with Canadian and US air elements. The CNAF practiced the use of countermeasures (AKA flares) and close air support.

Matthew Ronson, Minister of Defence, stated in a press conference this afternoon that combined arms was a major doctrinal focus that the CNDF has adopted, and that the excercises also served to improve the aspects of combat that the CNDF is 'perhaps not as good' at. Whilst the Directorate of the Army, Directorate of the Navy, and Directorate of the Air Force all played major parts, the Directorate of Special Operations was nowhere to be seen during the exercises.

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Creslonian Herald - Documents leaked to the Creslonian Herald reveal that the Central Government is planning on reforming the Ministry of Finance, Minister Page Fisher declines to comment.
TVC One News - Police in the Northern Isles' town of Morley finally catch 'crowbar-killer' who murdered local primary school teachers - turns out to be principal.
Sports & Rural News - Near-West Island crop farmer dies after combine accident, 'farming sector having a terrible year', Director of Agriculture Morgan Knapp says.

Tuesday 2 July, 2019 | Provincial Esports Teams Compete in National Competition

Leage of Legends is one of the games that will be played

ECTV, posted 22:58

The inaugural Creslonian National Esports Competition kicked off yesterday. The week-long event features the top esports team from each of the four provinces. Teams will go head-to-head, with the winning team recieving $100,000 to split between its members.

This is the first esports competition in the nation to be officially held by Sporting Creslonia. Whilst the Creslonian Esports Federation has organised informal, provincial Esports competitions for years, the Central Government has only now recognised Esports as a proper sport. Stanly Wilkie, Chief Executive of Sporting Creslonia, has said, "I hope that this will draw international attention to the prowess of Creslonia's esports teams. My agency, and even the Prime Minister, intend to continue this competition anually. I believe that esports will become an olympic sport in the near future, and Creslonia must begin preparing now".

Yesterday, the Northern Isles team beat the Near-West Island team. Experts and commentators believe that the tiny province of the Northern Isles has a 'real chance' of winning the competition. East Island and then Far-West Island were the experts' second and third picks, respectively.

Also in the News

Creslonian Herald - Students lose anti-private school uniform case at Supreme Court, "Private Schools can dictate their own dress code", Chief Justice Eli Collins ruled.
TVC One News - National MP proposes bill that would make it easier for victims of sexual abuse to give evidence, cross-party support expected.
The Journal - Military Police seize meth at East Island Joint Force Base, multiple junior Army officers to appear before civilian courts.

Friday 28 June, 2019 | Students Take Anti-Private School Uniform Case to Supreme Court

The Creslonian Supreme Court, located near Creslon Square and Parliament

Creslonian Herald, morning edition

A group of Creslon City Girl's High students are taking their school to the Supreme Court.

The students posted on social media at the beginning of this month about how they believed their school uniform was in violation of the Creslonian Constitution. Whilst public schools do not use school uniforms, private schools can.

Creslon City Girl's High has defended itself, saying that, "If students do not wish to wear uniforms, then they should go to another school". This response was officially printed in last fortnight's Creslonian Herald, and has continued to come under fire. Pundits and regular citizens have labelled the response 'dismissive' and 'confrontational'.

The girls are arguing that the uniform is 'conformative', 'heteronormative', and 'reinforces gender stereotypes'. According to a survey carried out by the Creslonian Herald, the population is evenly split on this. Patsy Simeo, the Human Rights Commissioner, has said, "It is great to see young people fighting against what they know is wrong". However, the President of the Organisation for the Preservation of Family Values (commonly referred to as FamVal) and Deputy National Leader Alice Ward have called the girls 'over-entitled children spurred on by liberal parents. Ward has argued that uniforms increase school pride and help with identification. This was brought up during the 2006 School Uniform Abolishment Referendum, and it was decided (for the most part) that individual student well-being surpassed the results that Ward has argued.

Because this is a case that concerns the Constitution, the Supreme Court will hear it. A hearing will take place sometime next week regarding the Constitutional merits of private school uniforms. Creslon City Girls High will be tried at the Supreme Court if uniforms are found unconstitutional and it refuses to abolish its uniforms.

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The Journal - CNDF reasurred by Human Rights Commissioner Patsy Simeo and Defence Minister Matthew Ronson that military uniforms are not in breach of the Constitution and will not be affected by the private school uniform row.
Channel 7 News - Housing prices rise slightly as more and more Creslonians chose to rent.
ECTV - Creslonian Esports teams prepare to go head-to-head in national competition.

Monday 24 June, 2019 | Farmers' Crops Stolen, Burnt

A wheat field in Near-West Island

Sports & Rural News, posted 14:30

Fire & Rescue was called to a massive blaze in a rural Near-West Island farm at noon today. Firefighters found the wheat field on fire. This comes just one month after another farmer in the area reported stolen crops.

The Creslonian National Police are questioning people currently, but would like to reassure the public that they have no reason to believe other provinces are affected. No livestock has been reported stolen, and the majority of livestock incidents have been covered by this year's budget.

The thefts and burnings have puzzled farmers and police, with no clear motive for the culprit(s). In an effort to better prosecute the perpetrators once they are caught, and to deter others from following in their footsteps, Director of Agriculture Morgan Knapp has entered talks with the Primary Industries and Justice ministers. Director Knapp wishes to establish a new criminal charge under the Crimes Act, which would see a unique penalty for agriculture-related theft.

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Creslonian Herald - Northern Isles measles outbreak worsens, Health Minister under fire.
Channel 7 News - East Island grandfather commended for saving life of suicidal son, "I look after my family," he told reporters.
TVC One News - Ministry of Commerce reports low mid-year trade profits, US-China relations to blame?

Wednesday 19 June, 2019 | Just Resign Already!

Rallies against William Davis will become more frequent as the 2020 elections draw closer

The National Compass, posted 17:30


William Davis; leader of the National Party and most disliked Creslonian politician since former (unconstitutional) PM Jackson Edwards from the turn of the century.

So, why is William Davis so unpopular with the masses and elites of the Republic alike? Well, for starters he is the leader of a centre-right party in one of the world's most liberal countries. Even though the National Party as a whole has adopted more liberal policies, with a focus on economic and military conservativism, Davis continues to preach a dying brand of social and community conservativism.

Secondly, Davis has made multiple controversial comments recently. From blaming the poor for being unemployed, to criticizing the Central Governemnt's successful (and much-needed) welfare sector reform, Davis just cannot be pleased. Also, his silence regarding sexuality and gender discrimination has certainly done nothing but alienate huge, vulnerable demographics.

The National leader's recent statement regarding the high levels suicide and self-harm amongst the LGBTQIA+ community has, without a doubt, sealed his fate for the 2020 election. For those who don't remember, here's what he said yesterday:

"If the gays and bis and trans and whover the hell is are killing themselves left, right, and centre, then so be it. If they are too weak to deal with a little push back from the far more honourable and commonsensical religious groups, then boo f***king hoo. Just because the queers are offing themselves, religious groups that promote family values should not be targeted. These groups are doing good work in the community, unlike those pretentious, entitled queers."

Many celebrities and high-profile politicians slammed Davis for this, including the Director of Mental Health, the Deputy Prime Minister, and the President of QUEERpride. Their are calls for Davis to be prosecuted for this, although freedom of expression is protected by the Bill of Rights. Interestingly, the National leader has called for a hate speech supression bill, although he seems to have stopped campaigning for this. Coincidence?

No matter which side of the political spectrum you're on, everyone can agree that William Davis is well on his way to a very public humiliation.

Also in the News

Channel 7 News - Westport Municipal Council goes ahead with construction of new stadium, with 67% of residents in favour.
The Journal - School students to take private school uniforms to court as 'breach of freedom of expression', private schools claim they have a right to use uniforms because '[private schools] are not publicly-funded'.
Creslonian Herald - Health Minister Clarrissa Russel calls Northern Isles measles outbreak 'minor . . . nothing of concern'.

Monday 17 June, 2019 | Gun Scare at Pride Parade

The logo of QUEERpride

TVC One News, broadcast at 16:00 - transcript

There was a terror scare earlier this afternoon during the pride parade in Creslon City. The Creslon City pride parade has historically been the largest of its kind in the nation. Following the discovery that White Legacy members posses many weapons (following the 13 June raid on a White Legacy house), security for the parade and similar parades across the Republic was heightened.

An individual reportedly brandished a cap gun, fired a shot, and waved the weapon around for several seconds before being tackled by the Municipal Sheriffs providing security. The parade was temporarily shut down for half an hour whilst Police and the Special Operations Unit cleared the streets. Although White Legacy is the largest terror organisation, many do not believe that they are responsible. This is because White Legacy generally focuses on race and religion issues.

QUEERpride is the national semi-charity responsible for organising pride parades and representing Creslonia's LGBTQIA+ community. QUEERpride is split into four branches, QUEERyouth for teenage assistance, QUEERrights for legal assistance, QUEEReducation for school affairs relating to the LGBTQIA+ community, and QUEERwork; which helps LGBTQIA+ individuals find equal and safe employment.

A spokesperson for QUEERpride said that the organisation's president is 'focused on ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all queers and allies', and that 'this would not scare them'.

Also in the News

Creslonian Herald - Ministry of Children performing well, according to first report.
ECTV - Major Creslonian toy manufacturers introduce products that represent the LGBTQIA+ community this Pride Month.
Channel 7 News - One Creslonian and one Canadian die in tourism helicopter crash.

Thursday 13 June, 2019 | Police Raid White Legacy House

Members of the Special Operations Unit check
their carbines outside the house

TVC One News, BREAKING at 12:13 - transcript

At 12:13 this afternoon, thirty members of the Special Operations Unit stormed a house in Far-West Island. The house was owned by White Legacy, Creslonia's most prominent white supremacy organisation. One officer died and three others were wounded, with nine members of White Legacy dead and another in custody.

The Creslonian National Police Commissioner, Haley Richardson, gave a press conference two hours later:

"The Counter-Terrorism Unit of the Central Security Administration has been searching for these White Legacy members for some time now. We had recieved much information from overseas intelligence services, along with domestic tips, that White Legacy was planning a terrorist attack. Following the 15 March massacre in New Zealand, the Ministry of Police has been on high alert.

My officers shot nine hostiles inside the two-story farmhouse, and arrested one other man. The Central Security Administration believes that this man is a high-ranking member of White Legacy. During the attack, three members of the Special Operation Unit were critically wounded. Unfortunately, one other was fataly shot at close range with a machine pistol. By the time the armed officers made their way to the second floor, Police snipers had already killed two shooters who were attempting to fire through the windows on that floor. However, a White Legacy member fired an RPG through the window of the second-storey bathroom, which destroyed one of the Special Operations Unit's armoured cars. This armoured vehicle was parked just outside the house and was being used as a shield for Police snipers. Thankfully, the snipers were clear of the explosion.

We siezed dozens of weapons, including machine pistols, sub machine guns, assault rifles, light machine guns, and rocket launchers. Members of the Bomb Disposal Unit were also able to locate a three-quarters complete explosive device. The Ministry of Police will be launching an investigation into how White Legacy obtained the weapons."

The Creslonian National Police has been praised for the raid, with the Police Minister saying that, 'If it weren't for the heroric actions of our brave officers, these terrorists could have killed so many innocent people'.

More on this as it develops.

Also in the News

The National Compass - The Church has once again proven why it cannot be trusted around children.
ECTV - Prominent Creslonian singer losers thousands of followers because of transphobic comments made on her Twitter.
Channel 7 News - 'Not my problem' mother says after baby almost dies of heatstroke in car.

Tuesday 11 June, 2019 | Ministry of Commerce Formed

Creslonian Herald, evening edition

At its third and final reading this afternoon, the Ministry of Commerce Bill was passed 62 votes to 2. The Central Government has been considering forming a commerce ministry for some time now and the bill was proposed to Parliament on the fourth of this month.

The Ministry of Commerce will be responsible for, in short, international and domestic trade. It will be made up of four directorates: Consumer and Retailer Affairs, Domestic Trade, Export Credit, and International Trade. Previously, part of the Ministry of Finance managed domestic trade and export credit, the Commerce Commission was responsible for consumer protection, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Directorate of Trade managed international trade.

Nicole Morten is to become the Minister of Commerce. Morten has been director of the National Business Bureau for the past three years and was formerly the commerce commissioner. Note that the Commerce Commission and Directorate of Trade will be dissolved.

This is one of very few government bills to revieve overwhelming support from the opposition party. National Leader William Davis stated before Parliament's session today that, "The Ministry of Commerce Bill will strengthen Creslonia's economy, the rights of consumers, and will benefit individuals througha focus on export credit". Some political commentators believe that Davis' positive remarks towards the Bill might be an attempt to 'make up for' recent public backlash. Last month, the National Leader criticised the Welfare Sector Reform Act (which passed Parliament) and the Directorate of Public Transport's plan for making public transport cheaper for those with low incomes.

Also in the News

Sports & Rural News - Near-West Island farmer's wheat crops stolen, Police asking for local cooperation in locating culprit.
Channel 7 News - Westport Municipal Council considers building new stadium, requests local input.
The Journal - Soldier injured on Army exercises, poor conduct to blame - Personnel Undersecretary says.

For more information on types of Parliamentary bills and the process that they go through, click here. For more information on government agencies, click here.

This appendix provided as part of the Your Government Initiative

Friday 7 June, 2019 | Central Government Launches 'Your Government' Initiative

TVC One News, broadcast at 18:00 - transcript

The Central Government has launched a new initiative. The 'Your Government Initiative' aims to increase public engagement with government services, organisations, and officials.

The Initiative is directed by Thomas McGregor, the former Minister of Internal Affairs. McGregor gave a press conference from The Box Press Room this morning:

"Good morning all. I am Thomas McGregor, the Director of the Your Government Initiative. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has been collaborating with the Office of the Prime Minister for about a week now. Together, we have decided to introduce the Your Government Initiative. This initiative is aimed at increasing public interest in and engagement with the Central Government. As part of the Your Government Initiative, government websites will be updated in order to improve accessability and user-friendlyness. The Director of Government Digital Services Tracey Salesa has authorised the construction of a new all-in-one government website. This would replace the current one that acts more or less as a directory. Local councils will also have information about regarding contacting the government posted on the premises soon, as well. Local governments have also been granted extra funding to establish clearly-marked offices filled with forms and trained personnel to facilitate greater public engagement with the Central Government."

TVC One News has conducted a quick survey of a small percentage of the population and found that many of the respondants liked the premise of the Your Government Initiative. However, Alice Ward, Deputy Leader of the National Party, has called the Initiative a 'desperate grasp for voter sympathy', with the 2020 elections on the horizon.

Also in the News

Creslonian Herald - During its second reading at Parliament, the Ministry of Commerce Bill has been amended to explicitly cover the management of export credit.
The Journal - Tri-branch Creslonian National Defence Force excercises commence as Minister of Defence Matthew Ronson anounces more intensive combined-arms training.
Sports & Rural News - Farmer from Near-West Island horrific septic tank breakage.

Wednesday 5 June, 2019 | State Services Administrator Presents to Parliament

Creslonian Herald, morning edition

State Services Administrator Amanda Ward presented to the Select Committee responsible for examining public submissions about the Ministry of Commerce Bill. The aforementioned bill was first read to Parliament during yesterday's session. It seeks to establish a government ministry dedicated to trade oversight and consumer and retail affairs. The National Party supported the bill, believing that it would lead to greater economic growth. Liberal also supports the bill, arguing that greater regulation of retailers would promote consumer rights. The State Services Administration is working with the Parliamentary Counsel Office and the Ministry of Business and Employment to develop and pass this bill.

Administrator Ward also announced that the Serious Financial Crime Administration would be renamed to the Serious Fraud Administration. SFCA Administrator Paula Hanford released a statement in the early hours of the morning claiming that the name change is to reflect the widening scope of the Administration. White collar crime (such as fraud and embezzlement) has been rising steadily in the past decade.

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Channel 7 News - Cannabis gummy bears outlawed due to appeal to children. The President of the Creslonian Drug Users Association praises the move.
Sports & Rural News -Sporting Creslonia considers introducing injury investigation division following rise in sports-related injuries.
ECTV - Several Creslonian actresses consider collaborating to form new perfume line.

Monday 3 June, 2019 | Government Considers Forming Commerce Ministry

Channel 7 News, broadcast at 17:30 - transcript

A spokesperson for the State Services Administration (the organ responsible for government organisations) told reporters earlier this afternoon that the Central Government is thinking of forming a new ministry.

This new ministry would be responsible for international trade and trade within Creslonia's four provinces. It would also oversee consumer affairs and retailer standards. Currently, the former two are managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Directorate of Trade, and Maratime Creslonia, whilst the latter two are managed by the Ministry of Finance's Directorate of Consumer Affairs.

The Department of Commerce existed from Creslonia's founding until the administration change after World War 2. The Department of Commerce managed transshipment (which was, and still is, a major use for Creslonian ports), tariffs, and trade. Although a "long way off", an act establishing the Ministry of Commerce could be proposed to Parliament by the end of the month, the spokesperson said.

A list of Creslonian government agencies can be found here.

Friday 31 May, 2019 | Welfare Sector Reform Act Becomes Law

Creslonian Herald, morning edition

The Welfare Sector Reform Act 2019 passed its third and final reading yesterday and was signed into law by the Prime Minister last night.

The Act dissolves the Ministry of Welfare and creates two new ministries: Children and Social Welfare. The intention of this is to enabled Creslonia's welfare sector to work more effeciently and delegate responsibility more effectively. The Ministry of Child Welfare will ostensibly be focused on child welfare, youth justice, and youth affairs. The Ministry of Social Welfare will be responsible for the nationwide welfare system, including administering the benefit and providing social services. More information on directorates will be provided tomorrow when the State Services Administration updates its Agencies website.

National Party leader William Davis and some National MPs opposed the bill, claiming that Creslonia does not need another ministry and that the Ministry of Welfare is performing adequatly. Davis also made a comment during Wednesday's Committee of the Whole House: "The Creslonian welfare sector is doing just fine. We do not have a child abuse problem, we do not have a domestic violence problem. If anything, welfare should be reduced". An anti-welfare stance is nothing new for the centre-right political party, but this statement drew significant public and political criticism and saw Davis' approval ratings drop almost eight percent. Even some members of his own party denounced his comment, instead opting for harsher punishments for abusers.

The Act has been praised in Creslonia and around the world.

Wednesday 29 May, 2019 | Welfare Sector Reform Act Passes Second Reading

Creslonian Herald, morning edition

The Welfare Sector Reform Act 2019, proposed to Parliament on the 23rd of this month, has passed its second reading. The bill stood virtually unopposed during its first reading to Parliament. A Select Committee made up of relevant members of parliament and special interest groups, considered advise submitted by the general public. The bill passed its second reading today with only limited resistance from National leaders claiming that it 'Overstretches Government resources and personnel'.

A Committee of the Whole House will take place tomorrow and will give members of parliament from both parties hours upon hours to debate the bill. Members can also question the MP for Westport's Second Ward directly as he proposed it. Political commentators expect that National will argue against the bill on the grounds of taxpayer strains and percieved lack of necessity. However, the Creslonian population has made it very clear that it supports its fellow citizen. This has been proven by the strong public support for the Low-Income public transport card introduced in this year's budget and the backlash at National leader William Davis for saying that it 'rewards those who contribute nothing to society'.

The Creslonian Herald will be following this bill as it goes through the Parliamentary process.

Monday 27 May, 2019 | Public Transport Cheaper for the Poor

Channel 7 News, broadcast at 17:30 - transcript

As part of the budget released on the 1st of April this year, the Central Government gave the Ministry of Transport a 60 million dollar funding boost. Whilst the majority of this money has gone to upgrading existing infrastructure, a small amount is going to be dedicated to public transit.

Creslonia already has one of the cheapest and most effecient public transport systems in the world. However, Public Transport Director Lander Moriss has said that more could be done to make transit lines accessible for those on low-incomes. Director Moriss proposed a Low-Income Card to Transport Minister Dominic Nelson this afternoon and Nelson approved the idea. This Low-Income Card would cut public transport prices in half for its holders.

Currently, the Directorate of Public Transport has five other cards:

Senior Card - Half price for those over 65 years old
Student Card - Half price for students of schools, universities, and polytechnics
Disabled Card - Half price for those with a physical disability
Veterans Card - Half price for veterans
Frequent User Card - Cheaper per ride, maximum cap of $50

Though this has strong support, the Low-Income Card has drawn considerable criticism from the National Party. National leader William Davis has stated that it 'rewards those who refuse to contribute to society'. Davis has been an outspoken opponent of the Government funds spent on public transport and wishes to see the card rewards reduced.

Saturday 25 May, 2019 | The State of Christian Conservativism

A hall in Westport Cathedral

The National Compass, posted 11:25

I am sure that we have all heard of the abortion rights fiasco in the United States. The argument is between pro-choice activists who claim that it is a woman's right to abort her birth, and pro-life campaigners who claim that abortion is murder. Although support for abortion is growing, religious groups continue to fight it on grounds of 'basic morality'. Many non-religious pro-life activists prefere the 'inalienable right to life', which is a much more sensible yet less popular point.

This coincides with the rise of two new political parties in the remote island nation of New Zealand. New Zealand has made waves internationally recently following the March 15 mosque shootings and its Prime Minister's much-liked response. First was NZ National party member Alfred Ngaro's rumoured Christian Party, which was supported by NZ National Party leader Simon Bridges. Second was the Coalition Party, started by controversial Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki and his wife Hannah. Hannah will be leading the party and has hinted at allying with Ngaro. These two conservative parties would be able to support National and gain it more seats. However, the Coalition Party has already come under heavy fire. Pranksters purchased the website domain name and have made the link lead to pro-abortion and pro-LGBT+ content. Many political and social commentators both in New Zealand and abroad believe that both parties will implode before the 2020 NZ elections as there is simply no market for Christian political parties and 'conservativism in on the way out'.

Less than 50% of New Zealander's are religious, down from over 70% in the 80s. Clearly, youth are becoming more and more liberal with each generation and religion simply does not accomadate for the speed at which society is adapting to the LGBT+ community and adopting sex-positive stances. The rise of science and less and less proof for any 'god' also has an effect, although that is an article for another day.

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