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Embassy program with The United States of Ibica



 [nation]The United States of Ibica[/nation][/align]

[b]Location of Embassy:[/b] Clarkestown Avenue, Ralston 

[b]Description of Chancellery Building[/b] The office building is a monolithic building of dressed stone with a specially-clad curtain wall set into its west facade. The windows within the stone veneer are “punched” into the walls, emphasizing the visual weight of the building. The south facade is asymmetrically composed at ground level with the main entrance shifted left from the building’s centerline. Above the main entry a vertical recess cuts into the wall plane, revealing an inner building skin distinctly different from the outer stone surface.

The west facade receives formal attention as the building’s face on the city of Willmington. The sweeping, curved curtain wall inserted into the stone-sheathed facade, opens onto the outlying panorama. The curtain wall is a glass window wall which creates shimmering, dynamic images that shift with the natural light and the weather conditions. The primary building mass is notched, forming the illusion of a roof terrace where the curved window wall slides into the main form of the building.

[b]Year of Establishment of Embassy:[/b] April 11 , 2019
[b]Name of Ambassador[/b]  Eustorgios Eutychius 
[b]Number of Diplomatic Staff:[/b] 7
[b]Number of Service Staff:[/b] 32 
[b]Number of Security Staff:[/b] 20 
[b]Number and Type of Weapons:[/b] 20 Glock-17's Gen 3 / 20  T-baton Steel Extend 
[b]Number and Type of Vehicles[/b] 1 Audi A8 Platinum gray color for the ambassador / 4 Hyundai Nexo 

[b]Would you like to begin trade negotiations with Ibica?[/b] Yes 
[b]Would you like for Ibica to establish a reciprocal embassy?[/b] Yes in future with the establishment of the Embassy program
[b]Any Special Requests?[/b] Currently there are no special requests


[box][b]Location of Consulate:[/b] Elizabeth City
[b]State/Territory Accredited:[/b] Angola
[b]Name of Consul[/b] Hesiodos Aristoteles
[b]Number of Diplomatic Staff:[/b] 1 Consul General , 1 Deputy Consul General , 1 Consul, 1 Deputy Consul .
[b]Number of Service Staff:[/b]1 Chancellor, 1 Vice Chancellor, 1 Chief of negociation, 3 Administrative assistant secretaries , 1 Local contracted staff
[b]Number of Security Staff:[/b] 12 
[b]Number and Type of Weapons:[/b] 12 Glock-17's Gen 3 / 12 T-baton Steel Extend
[b]Number and Type of Vehicles[/b] 4 Hyundai Nexo ,  [/box]

[box][align=center][b]Embassy of The Federation of The United States of Ibica[/b]



[b]Population:[/b] 124,000,000
[b]Capital City:[/b] Willmington
[b]Languages:[/b] English, Spanish, French
[b]Religions:[/b] Christianity (majority), Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoism, Jainism, Sikhism, probably others 
[b]Ethnicitities:[/b] Caucasian (majority)

[b]Political System:[/b] Constitutional Republic
[b]Economic System:[/b] Mixed Market Capitalist 
[b]Judiciary System:[/b] Independent Judiciary 
[b]Head of State:[/b] President Evaline Buckley 
[b]Head of Government:[/b] President Evaline Buckley
[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs or equivalent:[/b] Secretary of State Serina Fry

[b]Embassy Location :[/b] 25 President Photine Road
[b]Describe the Building/Image:[/b] 


[b]Diplomatic Staff:[/b] 400
[b]Security Staff :[/b] 100
[b]Service Staff:[/b] 125
[b]Weaponry: [/b] 100 Glock-17's, 100 Tasers
[b]Embassy Land Vehicles :[/b] 20 Ford Explores, 20 Ford Tauruses, 3 Lincoln Towncar Limos
[b]Embassy Air Vehicles :[/b]  1 Bell 525 Helicopter, 1 Gulfstream g600

[b]Name, Age and Sex of Ambassador:[/b] Zachary Samuel ( male)
[b]Family Status:[/b] " Wife" Rachael