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by The Hindu Rashtra of Hindu Mahasabha. . 162 reads.

The Tale of an Angel

P.S.: The title of the story is chosen so that it doesn't gets scrapped.

So, let's begin!

Grab a popcorn and book your seat!

So it all began when the minute..the nation of psychotic dictatorship of Ragnaria decided to send an embassy request to our region,India for the 5th time.
Yes,sometimes people don't remember what were they told last time,so again we said he doesn't satisfies our embassy policy and rejected it.

But this time he took a wrong turn....yes a wrong turn....and started backdoor recruitment from our region,though not only ours.

So as it is stated on our WFE (I don't know if Ragnaria knows how to read) Recruiters and Trollers will be banned on sight,we straightaway banned him.

To this he felt bad and said that India is a dictatorship!

So,we gave him and everyone our links of previous elections on how our officers were elected.
But still he didn't agreed,so we asked him to provide any evidence which made him feel that we are dictators,to which he said:

He didn't had any proof!, so our officers including Awell Islands asked him to take back his dispatch or provide atleast one evidence to support his claims.
Then boom!....he claimed that Prime Minister Awell Islands is a puppet of we decided to ignore him....few days later he made some new baseless claims like WAD Hindu puri and Founder Nirupama is my puppet!
They too asked for evidences for his claims,but sadly Ragnaria's reaction was:

We decided to ignore his baseless claims and let him satisfy his ego.

But then, this morning he twisted a RMB post of mine and and claimed that I called Antifa as Fascist and Nazis as Anti-Fascist....firstly I would like to applaud his intellectual level and his understanding of English.
Everyone please clap!

So,as everyone has read the above green link of RMB post, I said,on the behalf of my ministry, that we stand with Antifa and should close embassies with Teutonic Empire,as Teutonic Empire is identified as a Fascist Region by Antifa,which this great nation didn't understood (was it a hard English to understand?) and started spreading rumors and lies that we all are puppets and are Fascists and regard Nazis as Anti-Facsist, whereas the truth was entirely something different.

I hope the truth is now out before public and we exposed and exploded his palace of lies.

So thanks for taking your time reading this dispatch!

*show ends*

The Hindu Rashtra of Hindu Mahasabha