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Problems with VALSORA RMB RP

| Please note that MOST of these issues/problems aren't really problems at all, just things that the community could do better on. |

1. Bullying of chronic godmodders.

Now, bullying may be quite a bit of a strong word. But no one can deny that Valsora RP has recently taken a strong, hard stance against godmodding: in the wrong way. While not that common, one can just look back in Angel's roleplay server and see the mocking of two godmodders by various RMB figures. I have also participated in this somewhat, albeit on a lesser scale.

These godmodders, no matter how many times they refuse to learn, are still human. When we joke and mock behind their backs, we strip them of their dignity and make them into a living joke. The work they may have done in the past or will do in the future is often ignored and thought lesser of.

If there's an issue with a godmodder, politely approach said roleplayer and ask them to stop. If they persist, simply block the person and move on with your life. By doing this, you ensure your sanity and fun, without harming the godmodder's feelings or dignity.

Honestly, what has been going on around this community has been going on for far too long in regards to this. I'm not sure why it's okay to say it when they aren't able to hear/look at what people are saying about them. If you feel that what you are saying would be considered bullying or emotionally harmful to someone directly, then please avoid saying it when that person isn't anywhere near.

2. Lack of cultural development in roleplay nations.
I understand that culture is a very difficult thing to roleplay. I have a very big issue with it as well. Hell, the main people who mostly are ok at roleplaying culture are OU, Nova, and Angel. Talitoa is also pretty good, but he doesn't roleplay his nonmaterial culture, just his material culture.

Culture is what gives nations a sense of who they are. If anyone has lived anywhere foreign for some time, you can probably tell if someone from that foreign area one day popped into your neighborhood, because each place on Earth has a unique cultural attitude. The very way people act can single them out from others. Did you know that Europeans stand on both legs, while Americans often put more weight on one? Small attributes like that build up the general culture of a people.

Besides making your nation unique, a culture also gives you a general stereotype to build characters off. It's really difficult to make characters (I should know, all of mine are shallow.). Especially when you begin using different stereotypes (or archetypes), your nation's values seem disunited. While it's fine for a diverse nation, most Valsoran nations have one dominant culture. So try to build up your nation's culture! Make it unique!

The Goose of Zukchiva