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Andrealphus: The Desert God

The Desert God, a once feared beast of the raging deserts is now know as Yassine Kabbals strongest weapon. He is the most feared beast in the history of Kumari Kandam, except for the Desert-toothed Giant, of course. And Yassine, he tamed the Desert god. He wasn't always loved, and the emperor and empress sent waves of soldiers to kill him, and all perished under the might of the Desert God...

The Desert god, or should I say... Andrealphus were once a benevolent beast only made to kill and destroy, but Yassine... Made him a part of the royal family. Since the beginning of time....

It is unknown what species of dragon Andrealphus is. He had no father, mother or as it seems... anybody. The tale of Andrealphus is an unknown epic, as anybody ever gotten close to him has been added to the sands of time... During a battle between Kumari Kandam and a waring tibe, Andrealphus emerged from the raging sands, a colossal 90 foot long beast came out of the sand, lifting soldiers several yards into the sky. The Battle immediately stopped. Except for Yassine... He walked up to the Desert God. Andrealphus started to look down at Yassine. Yassine, being brave, placed his hand on the tip of Andrealphus' snout. Andrealphus and Yassine closed their eyes, and after some minutes, Andrealphus started attacking the evil tribe soldiers, and sent them back to their frozen wasteland.

This is an artists rendition of Andrealphus, before being killed...

Kumari kandum