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Comprehensive list of all major and mediocre 22nd century weapons

22nd Century weaponary:
Sub-Aqua Vehicles (SAVs):

SATC: This sub-Aqua troop carrier (SATC) can carry up to 800 men at once. It's streamlined body allows it to propel through water quickly and it's propellers allow it to move at a max speed of 100km/h under high pressure. The SATC has two spotlights which can light up a large range of 180 degrees in total. The SATC has three turrets, one on it's roof and two on each side. The SATC has ten pods on it's underside that can launch LST (Light Speed Torpidoes) and is heavily armored to withstand at most four blasts from enemy torpidoes.

SAML: The Sub-Aqua Missile Launcher (SAML) can launch up to 60 Intercontinental Balistic Missiles (ICBM) and has 100 anti-air missiles at it's rear. The SAML can move at a maximum speed of 84 km/h. The SAML is a heavily armored vehicle and is treasured in the Underwater corps. The SAML is usually used to devastate enemy cities and can level a large portion of a city, especially if the ICBMs are nuclear-tipped.

UML-II to IX: The Underground Missile Launchers 2 to 9 were developed to create underground methods of launching missiles from under the ground. The missiles were specially shaped to penetrate the ground and discard their covers upon reaching the top. The payload would be triggered (originally thaumaturgic until 2175) electrically and prepared to explode. In 2192, the missiles were nuclear-tipped. The UML-II can reach a max speed of 71 km/h and the UML-IX can reach a max speed of 112 km/h.

GF-2 to 4: The GF (Gazio Falangist) is a gun model which is designed to fire a beam of concentrated energy. The GF-2 is able to launch a beam for approx. 1.6 seconds while the GF-4 can fire a beam for approx. 54 seconds. The GF model has a Integrated Thaumo-nuclear Fission Generator (ITFG) which is a nuclear generator which utilises thaumaturgic methods to create a spatial anomaly. The thaumaturgically enriched uranium helps to produce more energy. Thus, these gun models are perfect for assault missions.

Credi model: This pistol can fire a short plasma blast which can cause severe burns with the Credi-2 causing first degree burns and the Credi-13 causing sixth degree burns. The ammunition for this gun was slightly heavy until 2197 and thus, this gun was not originally popular with soldiers until the recent Credi-14. The gun uses both science and thaumaturgy to function.

SAI: The Suba-Aqua Interceptor (SAI) is a vehicle which is designed to sink enemy ships on the surface and underground. It is outfitted with 50 Sub-Aqua to surface missiles and 100 torpedoes to launch at enemy forces underwater. The SAI can move at a max speed of 136 km/h and is the 7th fastest Sub-Aqua vehicle in the world just behind the American "Maine" class submarine which moves at a max speed of 149 km/h.

The A-189: The A-189 is a gun which fires a bullet at a high speed of 2000 m/s and a force of 16000 J. The gun is highly used by the land forces although it is also standard issue to tank units. It should be noted that this gun is FAR from silent.

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