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Gravonist Union for Technology, Liturgy, and Ethics (GAUNTLET)

Gravonist Union for Technology, Liturgy, and Ethics

- Established 1906 -

"Oficium, Familia, Deus"


The Gravonist Union for Technology, Liturgy, and Ethics (GAUNTLET) is a intergovernmental and intercontinental strategic alliance between three nations. GAUNTLET serves to establish a mutual acknowledgement of unyielding military commitment by member states to defend other member states in the case of an attack from an exterior force. GAUNTLET is also an ideological alliance in the sense that its other goal is to maintain the protection of Gravonism worldwide.

Nations who join GAUNTLET must adhere to the Gravonist ideology by having a recognizably Gravonist government.

The official seal of GAUNTLET features an actual gauntlet, which represents the alliances firm grip on military defense of one another. The sword represents the actual military might of the organization. The most important image of the seal is two Polish falangas at the sides of the Gauntlet. The Polish falanga is the most common symbol of Gravonism. The only common symbol not represented in the seal is the color gold, which is the official color of Gravonism.


GAUNTLET was formed as a result of the signing of the Treaty of Turku on 24 April 1906, just four days after the signing of the Treaty of Murmansk, which ended the Great War. Its first signatories were Rubert Mannerhoff, the Hallita of Finland, and Alexander Gandhi, the Lord Commander of New Makedon. The treaty was expressed as one of Gravonist preservation. After the signing of the documents, a joint-statement was released by Gandhi and Mannerhoff, announcing the formation of GAUNTLET as a new military defensive alliance between Finland and New Makedon.

On 9 November, 1906, the Greater Kingdom of Hungary was admitted into GAUNTLET after László Sárvar, the Palatine of Hungary, asserted Hungary's position in Europe as a Gravonist nation that follows Sárvar's own strand of Gravonist ideology known as Sarvarism.

Other Functions

In addition to mutual military defense, the members of GAUNTLET, in accordance to its name, agree to share technology and technological research with one another. This sharing of technology is ensured to guarantee that all member states will receive the most advanced military technology possible within their own ranks.

GAUNTLET has not yet engaged in any notable military operations but is is perpetually prepared to take action should any conflicts arise that could threaten any of its member states. If a nation joins GAUNTLET, their sovereignty as a Gravonist state is guaranteed by all fellow member states.

GAUNTLET is headquartered in Turku, Finland. The headquarters building of GAUNTLET is Steel Hall.

GAUNTLET uses a specialized process for strategic decision-making. The Union makes major decisions by convening as a council, where each member state votes on major decisions that are made. Representatives of each member state gather at Steel Hall at least once every year.

Members include...
- The Gravonist State of Finland (Arrstotzka)
- The Empire of New Makedon (Baeron)
- The Greater Kingdom of Hungary (Commonwealth States of Britania)
- The Republic of Yemen (NPC)
- The Lowlands Confederation (NPC)