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A carbon copy of Christian Confederation's dispatch

Christian Confederation

My life has been affected by Nation states. I joined on Saturday September 29, 2018 and enstantly loved it. It has greatly helped me with my IRL social life and has given me a place to discuss my political views without being called a racist , sexist, Homofob, etc.
If it wasn't for my IRL Friend Ahneewin I wouldn't know about this great place.

Other nation's/ regions that have been friends/ Taught me a lesson.
Abydos- my first region, the people were nice but me, and American Louisiana-Alabama secseded setting up the FSCN.

Federated States of Conservative Nations- my second home, I always consider my homeland. I have many good memories from the FSCN. My favorite is how I'd always screw something up but Alabama would forgive me.

Gay Equality- o the times I've screwed up there, did I say terrible things I regret? Yes. Did I apologise? Yes. Did they accept it? Yes all 3 times, [nation]Ahneewin,[/nation] American Louisiana-Alabama, and Lesbian Piraters would always jump into the hole I dug myself (mostly because I can't censor myself) and help me out.

Lesbian Piraters- a good friend and person, I have had several late night telegrams with her. (We should have another one soon)

The nation's of all the embassy of The moderate alliance, and Federated States of Conservative Nations[/nation]- your all great people.

Captain Lard- Cap you and your Muppet Cercus of Lardyland make me smile, never change.

USS Monitor- your the one mod I know and are great help, you deserve a commendation.

The Newspaper Boy- you are a great writer and friend keep up the good work.

Vault Tec- the funniest region I've interacted with and home to my book.

Vippertooth33- I enjoy our love hate relationship, and good work with your antifa stuff.

Lightford- my friend, enemy, great guy.

And everyone else who I have interacted with, thanks.

Since Hindu Mahasabha gave me the idea to do this,

My Review of NationStates till Now....
by The Samrajya of Hindu Mahasabha

Bar on the corner of every region:A great place for casual RP and expensive drinks.

The Embassy:Holds the record for largest number of embassies!

Union of Democrats:I mainly go to their region to discuss RL politics,as their region is inhabited many Indians.

Novus Lucidum:I always appreciate their regional RP which is going on their RMB.The Founder Odinburgh is a very good friend of mine.We are also members of G 20.

The Wolf Clan:Founder Alpha Wolf is good friend of mine and advises our region on military defence.His nation's baseball league also attracts me.Though I don't know much about baseball, but still their dispatches and arrangement of regional sports can attract any sports enthusiast.

Nasunia:This region's mystery gameplay has always seemed interesting to me.If ambody haven't seen it yet, I'd recommend you to go through it at once,you will love it.I came to know about their mystery game when NASUANIA gave me a clue to hold and provide to anyone,if they came hunting for it.

The Independent Newspaper:A Great job being done by The Newspaper Boy.

The Moderate Alliance:When I received an embassy request from Christian Confederation,I reviewed and accepted it.Thrn I hadn't given much thought to it.But now,I realise it was a good decision of mine,a good region to visit and discuss different political ideologies.

My Message:

To the above mentioned nations,I don't know you in RL,I haven't seen you In RL,but still you people made me feel like home in my/your region and have helped me gain an excellent experience of NationStates.
Thank you very much for that!!

I am glad I came across you on NS!

All these people have a positive impact on me.

Thank You Everyone!

Read dispatch

I pass it along to American Louisiana-Alabama, and Ahneewin.