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A Dreyko dancer, rather prized by the club for the exotic nature of the new species and their immense rarity.


The Dreyko are a newly introduced species to Iammelon of artificial origin. The combination of Dragons, Watrike, and Shokouan Ryuko, Dreyko appear as basically humanoid Dragons. They are tall creatures, often standing at around 8 feet in height, thanks to their Watrike ancestry. They are covered in scales, courtesy of their Dragon heritage, and from the Ryuko Dreyko obtained their functional wings. The species has cold blood, a tail, and rather good night vision as well. They have even retained their ability to breathe fire from their two draconic parent races. So they are a rather powerful race, which is of course fitting of a species born of three very powerful races. It is safe to say that Dreyko may be young on the galactic stage, but they are far from powerless. They are quite smart as well, adopting Dragon intelligence. They do not have the signature unbreakable loyalty bond that Watrike have, and so are independent individuals, but they are still by instinct a rather loyal people, less willing to break bonds of trust, as well as being a bit conformist.

Excave, and later the Union Government, was deeply involved with the creation of the Dreyko, but while they oversaw and occasionally helped fund the project they were not the ones who initiated it. Rather, that was done by a group of Iammelonian-born scientists from Proscore and Cerulane. These scientists learned of how Azdrey was created, that being the Gradrix Experiment which combined Dragon and Watrike DNA and miraculously succeeding. This rather fascinated these intellectuals, and they ended up gathering on Proscore after getting in contact with one another with interest in attempting to repeat that experiment, or at least at first that is what they wanted. But one of them had more ambitious ideas in mind. This member, who would end up becoming the leader of the group, was actually a Meloshokouan named Rina Umeji, and she was a Ryuko. She wanted to try and see if her own species' DNA could be used to take out all the uncertainties that had come up in experiment done by Gradrix. She was also rather interested in Azdrey. According to her, it was because she was fascinated at his unique nature and being such a fascinating specimen. Though if other eyewitness reports from the other project members are to be believed, her interest in studying Azdrey closely may have also been for more... passionate reasons.

Regardless, they did manage to get approval from the government, provided they got oversight and they get Azdrey to personally volunteer for anything they needed of him. Rina's group accepted, and managed to convince Azdrey to contribute some of his DNA, much to the joy of Rina. It took a long time, and a lot of work and samples, but they made breakthroughs. Using Azdrey's DNA, and some of Rina's own, they created a stable embryo, and it managed to grow without trouble. The scientists celebrated, but next up was the issue of names. Proposed names included Skytrike, Bigons, Ryutrike, and finally Ryudrey. The last one was almost chosen, until one member of the group finally offered "Dreyko" because they really didn't like how Ryudrey sounded. Everyone rejoiced at this name, and so Dreyko was official. From there, they went out gathering volunteers from various Meloshokouan Ryuko in order to get more DNA, and thus create a larger gene pool from which Dreyko to draw from, and thus become a proper species to spread out and integrate into Iammelon. Though of course there was one condition imposed by the project's patrons, and that was the homeworld of the Dreyko. It was to be Heord.

Dreyko have since become an object of wonder to Iammelonians. The majority of them are on Heord still, with homes for them being established and allowing them to create new Dreyko families, and thus allow the species to continue to grow. A couple have since moved off Heord for various reasons. Some moved to Trikorn in order to get in touch more with their Watrike roots, and others went to populous cityscapes like Proscore or Avalantus to see society at large. The rest of Iammelon is very interested in their progression, to see what they become. To see if they become another arm of the Dragons of Heord, like the Watrike, or bloom into something of their own.