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The Seven Great Dragons ("LEGENDS")

Fire Great Dragon: Flame
Height: 80 feet
Length: 200 feet
Weight: 16,000 pounds
Wingspan: 240 feet (120 feet per wing)

Flame was born in the heart of a volcano, of the Emberframe species. They have little insect-like arms on their collarbone, and they have the built of a wyvern, with bird-like wings. Flame spent most of his life as a free Emberframe, until he met Gozaburo Kaiba. He attacked Gozaburo, but stopped when a Dragon Rider entered the fight. The DR's dragon was easily overpowered by Flame, and was killed. But the Rider, cut through his wing with a plasma sword, and left him weaken. Gozaburo took the dragon to get help, and Flame soon became Gozaburo's dragon. Flame became a powerful dragon in battle, and was known around the whole nation. He fought long side with dragons Igneel and Cyl. Flame went on several important missions, as such the search for missing Hydra experiment, or to defend his home from other nations. After Cyl's "death", Flame tried to move on. He went to the volcanic region of Dragons of Power, and rested there, until he was needed back at KaibaCorp. The Hydra was recaptured, but was too powerful to contain, and the KaibaCorp researchers underestimated their strength. Flamed arrived to the scene, but to see Astral pinned to the ground, with all three heads of the Hydra charging up. Flame ignited his body, and rammed the Hydra, knocking it on it's side, off of Astral. He clawed at the Hydra's faces, and even biting down on the left head. He violently shook the neck of the left, pulling until it came clean off. As soon as he got the head off, the other heads blast him in the chest and head, knocking him to the ground. His face was burned and damage, with his chest and head bleeding. He opened his eyes, to see two glowing sets of eyes staring down at him. It pinned him down, and he couldn't do anything. He roared, and tried to get free. He saw the energy build up in the necks, and closed his eyes, ready to take the hit, but, the weight on him was gone. He got up, to see Astral, fighting off the Hydra. She slammed both of the heads together, and tail whipped them back. The Hydra roared, and backed up. Flame got back up, and roared, followed by Astral. The Hydra few away, retreating.
When Triple Strike became the Destruction Great Dragon, he had to prove to the Great Dragon Council that they could hold such a position. So, in order to do that, they had to defeat every Great Dragon on the Council in combat, proving that they can not only keep all of them in check, but do the dirty work for them, taking out dragons or other problems that upset the balance. Flame was flying around the volcanic region of Dragons of Power, then he saw another dragon, a bit larger than him, flying in the distance. Flame knew about the trail for the Destruction Great Dragon, and he also know his opponent was the Hydra, the Devil that has three heads, Triple Strike. Flame flew up into the clouds in the sky, which was just smoke. He flew above Triple Strike, and watched as the hydra few down, landing on some rocks. Tom and Bob looked around for their opponent, but Tim, just stared at the lava in awe. Flame flew down behind them, and knocked them off the rocks into the lava. Each head roared in a huge amount of pain, and after struggling to get out of it, they finally crawled out of the lava. They were covered in burns and open flesh. They turned from a golden dragon, to a almost fleshy red dragon. Their wings were almost destroyed, and each face was heavily burned, with Tim's being worse than the others, being the one to go in head first. They crawled out a bit more away from the lava, and Flame circled in the sky, before igniting his body, diving down at them. He slammed them to the ground, and Triple Strike slowly tried to get up, but Flame slammed them again. This time, using his little pinchers to attack the open flesh, ripping it out. All of them roared in pain, and Tom turned to Flame, followed by the other two. Flame looked at them, and roared, with his mouth on fire, charging up a fire blast. He blast at them, and they all scattered, dodging the attack, then they unleased lightning in Flames face. His eyes reflected yellow, before being blasted off, and into the lava. He crawled out of the lava, burned from the lightning. His face was damaged, and so was his chest, with one of his pinchers broken. He looked at the hydra, and they stood over him, looking down at him, with there glowing red eyes. Flame put his head down, and nodded. Meaning, that Triple Strike defeated his first Great Dragon for his trail. Tom and Bob roared in victory, and with Tim not paying attention, roared after them, feeling left out. They started regenerating, and flew off, over the ocean to fight Rocky next.

Water Great Dragon: Tsunami
Height: 20 feet (Top to bottom of head)
Length: 480 feet
Weight: 32,000 feet
Wingspan: None

Tsunami was a Jörmungandr, the largest sea serpents species to have been discovered. She was born deep underwater, deeper than anyone had gone before. She grew up learning how to hunt with her parents, preying on other sea life, and once she got older, other species of dragons, like the Oceanroar and young Serpentine. Once she became an teenager, she started heading towards Turtle Town. She attacked a underwater Turtle Town city, killing hundreds. She was soon shot down. She sank to the bottom of the ocean, bleeding out. After that, she was rescued by the Great Dragon Steam. Steam took her to his Great Dragon Shrine underwater, and healed her wounds with the power of Great Dragon magic. Steam saved her life, and now she was lost and homeless. Her home was on the other side of the world and there were dragons that could kill her. Steam decided to take her has his apprentice. He gave her a home, and treated her like a daughter to him. He raised her until she became an adult, and one day when she was patrolling the Turtle Town grounds, she was attacked by two unknown subs. She destroyed one, before getting hit on her side. She was bleeding, and had wounds along her right side. The sub was about to kill her, but Steam took the hit for her. He roared, and brought the sub down as he sunk to the bottom of the ocean. That was the last we ever saw of Steam.
Triple Strike few over the ocean, fully regenerated. They had just had defeated Flame, and now they're on their way to fight Rocky, the Earth Great Dragon. But, while flying close to the water, they we ambushed from bellow, and the largest dragon to ever been seen on Great Dragon history, snatched both of Triple Strike's tails, and pulled them under. Tim, Tom, and Bob flailed around in the water, as Tsunami wrapped around them a bit, and pulled them under. They struggled, and their wings made waves as they tried to get out of the water. Tsunami pulled them under deeper and deeper. Tom got his act together, and roared underwater for his brothers to calm down. They all stuck Tsunami's back, and she roared. Her grip loosen, and they got out. They swam up to the survive, and the started flying out, but Tsunami grabbed their legs again, and pulling them back down, constricting them as she pulled them down. They roared as they were pulled down, and Tom told them all to strike her with lightning. This hurt her, and she went back underwater. She burst out in front of them, and they spun around, hitting her with both of their spiked tails. She was knocked to the side, and fell back into the water. Tsunami created a whirlpool, and hits Triple Strike in with her tail. They get sucked up, and brought underwater. They're not seen again, until they wash up on a unknown beach.

Wind Great Dragon: Hurricane
Height: 15 (Top to bottom of head)
Length: 320 feet
Weight: 20,000 pounds
Wingspan: 360 feet (180 feet per wing)

Hurricane was born in the middle of a hurricane, that destroyed Dragons of Power, New Makasta, and The Legion of Mankind. Hints, her name. He was of the Emeraldtwister species, which were capable to creating strong winds when they fly, and can spin around to create a tornado. Emeraldtwisters, mate for life. Once the female lays an egg, both the male and female fly synchronized in a circle, together, they create a hurricane for the female to lay a signal egg. They make the hurricane their nest, and fly around in the winds and eye of the storm. After about 32 days, the egg hatches, and the hurricane slowly starts to fade away. That baby, was Hurricane. Hurricane would fly with her mother and father. He learned from his father how to control the wind, and learn to glide with air currents from his mother. When Hurricane got older, he met Rocky. They became quick and best friends. Hurricane and Rocky would go on adventures together, and facing many dragons, defeating them, and even meeting the Earth & Wind Great Dragons, Diamond & Cyclone, after both Hurricane & Rocky saved a whole city from a bombing. Diamond & Cyclone trained both of them. Cyclone taught Hurricane to use a sonic roar. A roar like attack for some wind dragons, that produce a beam like wind attack, instead of fire, ice, or lightning. Cyclone taught Hurricane everything he knew, before dying of age, with Hurricane taking over as the wind Great Dragon.
Tom and Bob woke up. They looked around on the beach, looking for where they are. Tom nudged Tim, until he woke up. Bob was shaking his head one side, then the next, getting the water out of his head and ears. They got up, and flapped their wings, drying them before taking off again. They had no clue where they were going, but Tom had a feeling that they were going the right way. They flew, and saw a hurricane coming their way. They flew through the tough winds, but barely. The couldn't see 200 feet in front of them, and were flying blind. Tom sniffed the air, and growled. Bob looked around, and then they were caught by a strong wind current, that was pulling them up. They tried to fight it, but it was too strong. Tim looked up, and yelled for his brothers to look up. They all looked up, and was Hurricane, flying in circles above them, pulling them with this current. Tom roared, and told the others to prepare and strike Hurricane with electrical beams. They charged up, and before they released it, Hurricane fired a Sonic Roar, knocking them off their balance, and their heads flailed a bit, missing him completely. Hurricane dived down, and wrapped around Triple Strike, like a snake, around their necks and body. Hurricane carried them for a bit, and using his tail, threw them into a cliff, and they fell down on the ground. Meaning, that they're on land. Hurricane roared, before shooting a Sonic Roar at the cliff, causing rocks to fall on Triple Strike. Tom roared, and fired a stray electrical beam, which missed again, before they were covered in rocks. Hurricane roared in victory, and flew back into the storm.

Earth Great Dragon: Rocky
Height: 60 feet
Length: 250 feet
Weight: 45,000 pounds
Wingspan: None

Rocky was born deep into the Kumarian desert, underground in a Kuamrian cave system. He was of the Boldercrusher species, and was a flightless dragon, also known as Drakes.

Lightning Great Dragon: Sparkles
Height: 80 feet
Length: 250 feet
Weight: 10,000 pounds
Wingspan: 180 feet (90 feet per wing)

Astro/Space Great Dragon: Astral
Height: 100 feet
Length: 320 feet
Weight: 20,000 pounds
Wingspan: 300 feet (150 feet per wing)

Anti/Destruction Great Dragon: Triple Strike
Height: 120 feet
Length: 200 feet
Weight: 50,000 pounds
Wingspan: 380 feet (160 feet per wing)