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The Seven Great Dragons

The Fire Great Dragon: Flame
Flame was born in the heart of a volcano, of the Emberframe species. They have little insect-like arms on their collarbone, and they have the built of a wyvern, with bird-like wings. Flame spent most of his life as a free Emberframe, until he met Gozaburo Kaiba. He attacked Gozaburo, but stopped when a Dragon Rider entered the fight. The DR's dragon was easily overpowered by Flame, and was killed. But the Rider, cut through his wing with a plasma sword, and left him weaken. Gozaburo took the dragon to get help, and Flame soon became Gozaburo's dragon. After Igneel, John Drake's dragon, and the old Fire Great Dragon, left, Flame became the Great Dragon, and learned how to talk.

The Water Great Dragon: Tsunami

The Wind Great Dragon: Hurricane

The Earth Great Dragon: Rocky

The Lightning Great Dragon: Sparkles

The Astro/Space Great Dragon: Astral

The Anti/Destruction Great Dragon: Triple Strike