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Secretr koko

[box][b][size=200][color=#000080]XX. Llalta[/color] 
[color=#0080FF]"Don't Say Goodbye" - Il Stella[/color][/size][/b] 
[b]Language(s):[/b] English 
[color=#404040][b]Lyrics:[/b] Marco Sybellia, Daniel Callaghan, Iman Asbartan, Giovanni Monchetti, Esther Winterborne 
[b]Music:[/b] Marco Sybellia, Daniel Callaghan, Iman Asbartan, Giovanni Monchetti, Esther Winterborne, John Marshall 
[b]Tune:[/b] [url=]Mama - Il Divo[/url][/color][/box] 

All four members of Il Stella, from left to right: Marco Sybellia, Llalta's very own Daniel Callaghan, Iman Asbartan, and Giovanni Monchetti. They will represent Llalta at World Hit Festival 45.[/align] 
Llalta in World Hit Festival has been very up and down since it's very first appearance in the prestigious contest back in WHF 40 in Mousiki, Izmedu. With four second places under it's belt (including one from Junior World Hit Festival) Llalta has placed 2nd four out of it's six appearances. The other two being 17th (8th in the semi) and 10th in WHF 40 and WHF 44 respectively. Suffice to say, it has been a rollercoaster of placements from crazy highs to lows. The most recent contest, held in Anollasia, Jefferton, saw Llalta reach second once again with Daniel Callaghan and his song, "What If We", an emotional, traditional Llaltese ballad which had the audience in tears (as normal). This is considered a huge success for Llalta, proving you do amazing things with it's tiny population of 3,136 people. The LBN were extremely motivated to working towards WHF 45 in Vodiznad, Izmedu. The LBN are hoping that they can once again nab a top three position back in Izmedu, the place of Llalta's first second placing.  
Il Stella are an opera group founded in Telm City back in 1997. The group consists of four members: Marco Sybellia, Daniel Callaghan, Iman Asbartan and Giovanni Monchetti. Two of the four originated in Llalta, being Marco Sybellia and Daniel Callaghan, Daniel competing for Llalta merely one edition ago and has strong ties with Llalta, living there a majority of his life. Marco on the other hand moved from the tiny island at the age of three to Britonisea. Iman Asbartan on the other hand, is the oldest member of the group at 48, and originates from Izmedu. Marco Sybellia is Kalosian by blood but has lived in Britonisea for much of his life. Formed in a music university within Telm City, their first album was "Goodnight and Au Revoir" in 1997 which, despite getting very few sales was critically acclaimed and was one of the highest rated by those that did listen to it's powerful and emotional tunes. The next album, released in 1999, "To See Once Again" also shared the same fate being highly rated but rarely bought. However, in 2005 their breakthrough album, "Wings of Icarus" was released topping the opera charts in many nations around the world, including Llalta. From there they continued to produce hit after hit and was renowned by opera enthusiasts and critics. 
The song that they will sing is called "Don't Say Goodbye", an emotional and orchestral opera ballad which is about the loss of someone in which they feel regret for as they didn't do enough to save them. Already taking Llaltese charts by storm, the song will hopefully continue Llalta's streak of podium places. Il Stella hope that their song can capture the hearts of the audience and make them cry a little, even if only on the inside. 


[color=#FF0000]Giovanni Monchetti[/color] 
[color=#00BF00]Iman Asbartan[/color] 
[color=#BF40FF]Daniel Callaghan[/color] 
[color=#FF8000]Marco Sybellia[/color] 
[color=#0000FF]Giovanni Monchetti & Iman Asbartan[/color] 

The postcard ends and the arena becomes pitch black. All becomes silent, everyone waiting in anticipation for the entry. At last,  a brilliant white spotlight illuminates a sleek black piano, John Marshall playing the simple melody as he wears a simple yet elegant suit. More spotlights join in revealing more. Behind him are three violinists, their chestnut hair up in a somewhat neat bun and simple white dress that flow like waterfalls onto the floor. Each musician begins to play, eyes shut to match the solemn introduction to the song. The camera spins around the piano, allowing the audience at home to spot the violinists and audience, waving lights from side to side, like stars in the night sky. The performance appears to be done entirely in black and white. After circling the piano once, the camera turns to Giovanni Monchetti, hair slicked back, who is stood at the back of the stage. As he sings the verse, clad in a simple black suit with a white shirt, he solemnly walks forward from the back of the stage. He eventually arrives next to the piano and puts his hand on it's surface, shimmering in the light. He looks at John Marshall at his piano before turning to the camera, only the piano and Giovanni in the camera. He reaches his hand out to the camera. He looks as if he's remembering a memory lost, worn down in the ages, pained that he can't remember it fully. Like trying to spot a ship on the waves of the ocean. 

[box][color=#FF0000]And as I watched your shadow fade 
Like watching fireflies ablaze 
Once so beautiful and vital 
Yet so fragile 
As souls[/color][/box] 

The camera moves slowly to the left and Iman Asbartan, dressed in the same formal attire as Giovanni. They move so that they are back to back, allowing the camera to circle them for a little while. During the two verse, the lights stay the same only moving to follow Iman and Giovanni as they travel around the stage. The LED screen this whole time is pitch black, other than a couple twinkling stars, glimmering and shimmering. As the camera passes each person, they stare longingly into the camera. The camera then moves out and pans across the whole stage taking in the musicians playing as if it were their last moments and Iman and Giovanni. Flags can be seen slowly waving side to side to the steady rhythm of the song. There is a sombre yet hopeful atmosphere in the arena, a bittersweet kind. 

[box][color=#0000FF]If only I could turn back time 
To show you light when shadows reigned 
Too cooped up in hopeless dreams 
I never came 
Left astray 
[/color][color=#00BF00]Left astray[/color][/box] 

As the first chorus begins, a small selection of white lights billow outwards giving it a grand look. During this moment, the camera takes a further back shot of the stage, allowing Daniel Callaghan and Marco Sybellia to walk on stage to join their opera group for the chorus. They all stand in a line, singing the solemn song with passion to the audience and tell their story.  

[box]What if I could have changed 
What if I could have saved 
What if I could have lead you into my heart 
And yet I remember that I will meet you once more 
Another place 
[color=#FF0000]Another time[/color][/box] 

Marco Sybellia steps forward, away from the rest of Il Stella as he begins to sing his verse. He travels towards the front left of the stage, his voice tinged with pain as he sings powerfully, the audience 

[box][color=#FF8000]To think I'd never see those eyes 
Sapphire abyss streaked with tales alive 
Burdened with never said goodbyes 
My soul strained too 
For leaving you 
Leaving you[/color][/box] 

[box]What if I could have changed 
What if I could have saved 
What if I could have lead you into my heart 
And yet I remember that I will meet you once more 
Another place 
Another time[/box] 

[box][color=#00BF00]Je ne dis pas au revoir[/color][/box]
[box]Don't say goodbye to me my love 
We'll meet again in another time 
Where we can dance among the stars 
Without cares 
Where we could fly  
On endless skies[/box] 

The golden lights of the chorus fade a little, as do the sparks, the stage similar to that of the beginning. There are a couple white spotlights illuminating Il Stella as they sing the final section of the song, hope and memories in their eyes that shimmer in the bright lights. The camera takes a wider pan of the stage taking in the musicians and Il Stella, all sombre to match the sad melody, lyrics and meaning of the song.  

[box]But for now let this be my symphony  
As you wait for me up there 

The screen slowly fades out into black as they sing the final note, raising their hands up to the ceiling in sync with each other., and the audience begins to cheer loudly, especially the Llaltese, proud of their polished and emotional entry. People can be seen crying. The lights return to normal and Il Stella hold hands in a line and bow, smiles all round. They pat each other on the back and do "man" things as they move off the stage with pride, knowing they did Llalta proud.