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The Sentinel Initiative

The Sentinel Initiative, or the S.I. for short, is an international law enforcement agency that protects nations in the Blue Coast from extremist terrorists, endemic criminal organizations, or from rogue nations. It is a relatively new foundation created by, currently, the two lead nations in the S.I. The Dixvia and Daulend who both serve as the primary source of agents for this organization, with Daulendish veterans serving alongside seasoned Dixvian NDSA agents. One of the sparks for the creation of the S.I. was the Eastern Zolotaya Incident, which served to fuel paranoia which this project seeks to stem. In addition to the primary members, there is also Asparo which provides exceptional Ranger recruits to serve as field agents.

Sentinels, which is the term for any official in the program, are given quite a bit of sway in terms of the legal systems of the countries they have permission to monitor in. They serve as a intelligence task force, as well as being able to preform duties similar to other law enforcement officials. They are held accountable by a committee comprised of the leading nations behind the program, but are advised to place the greater whole over the individual.