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Greetings Excellence,

Sorry for the late response,here are your questions.

1.By how much margin you won the election?Do you consider it as a poor margin or a good one?

2.What do you think,what policies or ideas made you win the elections?

3.Any operation or change that you would carry out immediately after being elected as the WA Delegate?

4.The journey from a native of TNP to the Comm. Officer and then to WAD,how was it?

5.How much hard work have one to do to gain such a high and respectable post?

6.For how long are you on NationStates?What chnages have you witnessed since then in TNP?

7.What do you think makes TNP attractive?

8.Any policy or initiative of your previous WAD Pallaith,that you admire?

9.Did your competitors gave you a tough fight in the elections or was it a easy one?

10.What is your future vision for TNP?

We are now moving towards Foreign Relations-

11.The relations of your region,TNP have been terminated with The Pacific (GCR).Is TNP considering to re-establish relations or something like that with The Pacific?

12.As we know that TNP is a member of a WA Bloc,called as WALL,how is it beneficial to TNP?Why did TNP considered joining it?

13.How are you going to improve the relations of TNP with other regions?Any major change in Foreign Policy?

14.Your Regional Publication, The Northern Star has many viewership.Any reason behind it's success?

Thank You