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Secretary of Role-Play Election 5/15/19

Speech by Polar Svalbard

Hello TWI it is me, Polar. I'm running for SoRP since no one else seemingly wants to and I don't want the office to just sit empty, nor do I want to have Van take on too much more work as I'm sure it makes NS less fun for him.

If I become SoRP I mostly just want to make sure that new players are able to adequately get help during this transition time especially as many members are less active due to exams. I don't think I'll do too much in regards to the overall formatting and whatnot of the office that SoRPs like Ainslie and Dorm contributed to, although I'll try to keep up nationbuilding stuff and promoting RPs. A big thing I want to do though is find someone who will want to take over the role of SoRP and ease them into the role and get them more up to speed on the role so that the whole weight of the role is not wholly dropped on them, I think that might work better in getting someone to be SoRP for a longer period of time. We'll see how that goes.

Honestly I think it would be fun to be back in the role although if someone like AM also runs or someone you believe will fill the role in well please vote for them. Consider me more of an interim SoRP as I've done the role before. Hopefully as the summer roles around we all get more active, I know I'm going to start being more active.

Thanks TWI. Much love, Polar.

Speech by Brulafi

I am Brulafi, and I am running for SoRP. I'd love to help bring new people up to speed on our storied roleplay style and community, and to make myself answerable to the community at large to ensure we're all on board! I'm pretty epic and only one other person is running (to my knowledge) so we need some competition. My speech is short because I believe in brevity.

I am Brulafi and I approve this message.