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A Dixvian Arrival

DNUNS: Dixvian National Underground News Station, we bring the truth to the underground.

In shocking news, President-Marshal Marshall Giles has departed Kreta for Daulend just this morning! Due to current investigations underway in the diplomatic corp of the nation, he feels that it is best to meet with the Prime Minister in person to discuss the situation. The President-Marshal is a very well liked figure in the underground by almost all classes and occupations, some with more spiritual or occult leanings often view Marshall Giles as a sort of messianic figure, although he openly dislikes this and often gently chides those overenthusiastic zealots about the greater purpose of every single Dixvian. Since the announcement of the departure of the President-Marshal a great clamor was had in various debate and political spheres trying to speculate as to the reason for this sudden action.

Today at 7:43 P.M, Marshall Giles has arrived in Daulend to meet with Graham J. Williams and Franklin Sengoku in a private location that has not been disclosed, multiple Daulendish investigative Journalists have conflicting opinions on this matter, some think that Marshall Giles should be treated as a celebrity or even a war hero, whilst others think that the privacy of his character is suspicious and worth investigation, regardless of this, we are looking forward to whatever comes out of these negotiations.

Tuesday, 8:25, P.M: A dictated transcript of the conversation primarily between Franklin Sengoku and Marshall Giles.

Marshall Giles: "I did not expect for the Prime Minister to have a vault specially left aside for him and his family, but one cannot argue the effectiveness in deterring hungry eyes."

Franklin Sengoku: "It's more of an old privilege extended to those in office since a few decades ago, sort of a...tradition?"

Marshall Giles: "Tradition? How interesting, I would suppose that is strange to me due to the fact that nearly everyone back home is protected at all times in a similar fashion."

Franklin Sengoku: "Ha, I would imagine that it would be, all things considered. By the way, I'm sure you had plenty of time to see the countryside while you were in transit, so, what did you think of it?"

Marshall Giles: "Hmm, while I can certainly appreciate my fellow citizens enthusiasm for the beautiful vistas and verdant forests, I will always find more comfort back home. Perhaps it is my age catching up to me, Ha, you should've asked my daughter, she loves visiting here when her college is out for it's break."

Franklin Sengoku: "Perhaps I will get a chance to someday. Now, whilst the conversation is certainly pleasant, you came here in response to my request for assistance, yes?"

Marshall Giles: "That would be the correct assumption, yes."

Franklin Sengoku: "Good, good, it makes sense after all, Dixvian enterprises are already present here so you having an interest is logical. Now, I must ask you, what is the plan here? Outside Investors are already jumping ship, we've had to retool much of our industry to be more environmentally safe and self-sufficient, and we're recovering from that incident with those freaky cults!"

Marshall Giles: "Please calm yourself, now, I can assure you that those corporations that are directly sponsored by our government will NOT leave here without my express permission if they know what's good for them, also, if you are lacking investors that won't be too much of a problem, the Dixvian government would be more than willing to offer you cheap, forgiving, loans to start up business here again. And for those cultists? We've already interrogated several high ranking members of their cabal and have located most of their industries and safe-houses"

Graham J. Williams: "I must say, if even half of that is true, it is certainly is impressive."

Franklin Sengoku: "Pres-President! I didn't think you wanted to attend this meeting!"

Graham J. Williams: "I won't be around for long, but I wouldn't miss the chance to meet the Old Jingo of the Blue Coast."

Marshall Giles: "Wow, that takes me way back, I wasn't even that old when I got that moniker, funnily enough. I was worried you weren't going to show though. I make a point to know the face of my friends and enemies, let us hope it reminds as friends, yes?"

Graham J. Williams: "You certainly are straightforward, I can respect that. Although I have some skepticism toward the militarism of your people, I would be a fool to look a ally down the tank barrel, or some other analogy. Regardless, I'm sure you can figure out the specifics with the President-Marshal, right Franklin?

The rest of the meeting was primarily about specific companies, industries, and various other deals ongoing between the countries.

The dixvia