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Galactic Page of Alien Species

Sentient Species

Species that share mostly human features

Species that are warm-blooded inhabit mostly land and have a vertebrae

Species that have the ability of flight and glide through the use of feathers and have its offspring through an egg incubation phase

Species that the ability to move between land and water with great ease, raise its young through a tadpole larvae age and is cold blooded

Species that are clod blooded, have layered skin ie ability to shed skin or a hard layer or skin Scales, Shells, raise its young through an egg incubation stage

Species that have segmented bodies, an exoskeleton and raise its young through an incubation then larvae phase. Some have the ability of flight, eusocial (Hive) colonies and other strange abilities

Species that live in the ocean, have no vertebrae and raise its young through egg incubation. Some have shells while others can have tentacles with suction cups.

Species that have gills, fins suited for aquatic survival and have jaws

Species that do not photosynthesise like Plantoids but instead grow through the break down of decaying matter, they reproduce through the use of spores and have the ability to form eusoical colonies (Hives)

Species that use photosynthesis to grow and produce substance, reproduce throuhh means of seeds and pollen

The Iroquois Confederation of Jeruk