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Suppression and Near Treason

Back, many moons ago, a small argument caused by the suppression of a post by [nation]Czaedom of Bulgaria[/nation] by an admin. It started with Bulgaria creating a poll, talking about the hypothetical "fall" of the Confederation(Impossible, I know). Many showed outrage and scoffed at such a notation, but it escalated when a post by [nation]Holy Roman Empires2[/nation], a puppet of Bulgaria, was suppressed. This was due to what I can tell was a muti-post, banned by the Confederation Laws. Bulgaria expressed outrage, complaining and threatening to file a complaint. It was meet with expressions of anger from the rest of the Confederation. This was around the time of our great Viceroy’s second year as WA Delegate. [nation]Depackya[/nation] suppressed a trio of posts from Bulgaria afterwards. People were a tad miffed due to the haughtiness of Bulgaria, seeing itself as equal to our Viceroy himself. After a small break, 23 consecutive posts by the puppet nation were suppressed, angering Bulgaria further. Rather than achieving its intended goal of a imperial response, all that happened was that Confederation sentiment slid further away, leaving Bulgaria with even less chance of getting a response. Than, Bulgaria went too far. He insulted and misread [nation]Shronok[/nation] title, saying that "He is not even doing his job for gods sake!" He also threatened to continue spamming. He also insults [nation]Jocospor[/nation], implying that he cannot control his ministers. This was too far. Outrage was instant. [nation]Jocospor[/nation] filed a complaint to mods against the puppet nation.

The mods responded, saying:
"Yes, Holy Roman Empires2, you most certainly will be silenced if Moderation has to intervene due to your spamming a second time. Namely: your RMB privileges will be suspended for a period of time if we have to act again.

For now, you're WARNED FOR SPAMMING and all of your RMB posts have been suppressed.

Knock it off. Now."

This tipped Bulgaria over the edge. Another post was suppressed by [nation]Shronok[/nation]. Attempting to back out safely, Bulgaria wrote a "patriotic poem":

"I wrote a patriotic poem
Oh hail the confederation! Hail! Hail! 
His vicorcey,
Fighting off impure blood,
Oh Castelia, 
Fair and true,
To every flagpost,
In the confederation.
To who else more?
Whose as holy and true,
As holy water,
Lastly and not least,
Who is a patriot,
And a dictator!
Are we all not corrupt dictators!
Hail the confederation!"
(The spelling in this was terrible. I kept it for historical recording)

Also stating that Roman Empire was not his puppet, though earlier he stated it was. Continuing to try and escape, Bulgaria was stopped over and over. At every corner, loyal Confederation members stopped and showed evidence that Bulgaria was doing wrong. 4 more spam posts were suppressed, and slowly, Bulgaria's options melted away. Bulgaria was never to be heard from again, a disgraced and defeated nation. Another, [nation]Napolenic Francey[/nation], made a similar mistake, after Bulgaria's defeat, posting 3 times and being suppressed. After what seemed like a recovery, our viceroy appeared and dropped a big reveal. [nation]Napolenic Francey[/nation] was Bulgaria. ANOTHER nation, [nation]Napolenic Franceys Colony[/nation], came back, asking why it was suppressed. Than, our viceroy destroyed them all, in 1 beautiful move. Observe him saying that:

"OOC: And just while this is still fresh in everyone's memory:

Czaedom of Bulgaria/Holy Roman Empires2/Napolenic Francey/Napolenic Franceys Colony, you failed to observe the laws of our region. I wrote those laws. Personally. I stayed up all night before I released the first edition of Imperial Law. I worked - hell, I work - damn hard to make this region what it is. Our rules are not hard to follow. It has always been my hope to foster a sense of professionalism amongst us; in doing so, I hope every player will be able to transfer the skills they learn here into their day to day lives.

When a player like you comes along and behaves as you did, I say to myself, "Oh, look, alright. They're new. They'll learn." But then you do it again. And again. And you don't stop. You sent me sixty-eight telegrams that all said exactly the same thing. You've insulted multiple highly-esteemed nations of our region. You've cluttered up the RMB with pointless garble. You've pissed on the rules, on my hard work and the work of others - and all of this you've done knowingly.

Do not come back here.

- Jocospor"

And such, the RMB battle has ended. 

(I do hope this isn't too long. First time making one of these history things. Thanks to The Multiversal Empire of MineLegotia and Equestria for the topic.)