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Suppression and Near Treason

Rebellion and Treason

The 'Bulgaria' Incident
March 21 - March 24 2019


Czaedom of Bulgaria being banjected from the region and his subsequent puppets. And the start of Operation Ox.

Back, many moons ago, a small argument caused by the suppression of a post by [nation]Czaedom of Bulgaria[/natiom] by one of the elder gods known as, the moderator. It started with Bulgaria creating a poll, talking about the hypothetical "fall" of the Confederation (Ridiculous, I know).

Many showed outrage and scoffed at such a scenario, but it escalated when a post by Bulgaria insulted one of the government officials and about 20 posts by Holy Roman Empires2, a puppet of Bulgaria - which he will later deny -, was suppressed. This was due to what the writers can tell was a muti-post, banned by the Imperial Law. Bulgaria expressed outrage, complaining and threatening to file a complaint. It was meet with expressions of anger from the rest of the Confederation. This was around the time of our great Viceroy’s second year as WA Delegate. Depackya suppressed a trio of posts from Bulgaria afterwards.

Due to this sentiment on Bulgaria began sliding from annoyance to full on resentment.

Czaedom of Bulgaria wrote:I wrote a patriotic poem
Oh hail the confederation! Hail! Hail!
His vicorcey,
Fighting off impure blood,
Oh Castelia,
Fair and true,
To every flagpost,
In the confederation.
To who else more?
Whose as holy and true,
As holy water,
Lastly and not least,
Who is a patriot,
And a dictator!
Are we all not corrupt dictators!
Hail the confederation!

Also i apologize to shronk, but really, honestly the holyroman Empires2 was not my puppet state.
Well congratulations, im going to shut up, a grand day indeed.

Bulgaria's attempts at appeasing the public

Due to this, Bulgaria wrote several poems[.url] in an attempt to appease the public

Then, Bulgaria went too far. He insulted and misread - more like wrongly assumed - Shronok's title, saying that "He is not even doing his job for gods sake!" He also threatened to continue spamming. Meanwhile, the public of the Confederation began declaring that Holy Roman Empires2 was Czaedom of Bulgaria, which he reverly [url=page=rmb/postid=34889974]denied.

Soon. He was banjected.

But then, a certain Napolenic francey appeared. Acting like how a newcomer would. Before being revealed to be Czaedom of Bulgaria.
As a final declartion to this incident, the Viceory declared this:

Jocospor wrote:OOC: And just while this is still fresh in everyone's memory:

Czaedom of Bulgaria/Holy Roman Empires2/Napolenic francey/Napolenic franceys colony, you failed to observe the laws of our region. I wrote those laws. Personally. I stayed up all night before I released the first edition of Imperial Law. I worked - hell, I work - damn hard to make this region what it is. Our rules are not hard to follow. It has always been my hope to foster a sense of professionalism amongst us; in doing so, I hope every player will be able to transfer the skills they learn here into their day to day lives.

When a player like you comes along and behaves as you did, I say to myself, "Oh, look, alright. They're new. They'll learn." But then you do it again. And again. And you don't stop. You sent me sixty-eight telegrams that all said exactly the same thing. You've insulted multiple highly-esteemed nations of our region. You've cluttered up the RMB with pointless garble. You've pissed on the rules, on my hard work and the work of others - and all of this you've done knowingly.

Do not come back here.

- Jocospor

And such, the incident was over...


In light of this incident, Czaedom of Bulgaria formed a new region called The Monarchy Alliance, and the Confederation created Task Force Ox for Operation : Ox. An operation tasked with the destruction of said region as retribution for Czaedom of Bulgaria and Holy Roman Empires2 causing chaos during two momentous occasions in the Confederation. The creation of the new region also caused the Watcher echo Mystery where a myestrious who claim to be acting on the Confederation's behalf attempted to convince many regions who had opened embassies with the small region to shut them down. We still don't know who they are.

Since then, no other nations have yet to cause such a big mess in the Confederation, and next time, the Confederation will strike harder and faster than before.

Written by The Golden Throne Pillar of Kafair
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Many Thanks to Czaedom of Bulgaria and Holy Roman Empires2 for giving both of us a laugh doing the research into this.