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[box][size=150][font=times new roman]ORDER OF THE REPUBLIC[/font][/size][/box][/center]
[box][font=times new roman][b]BASIC INFORMATION:[/b]

The Order of the Republic is an unofficial cultural and regional organization within The League of Conservative Nations. Despite not being mentioned in legal documents, and with no intent for it to be mentioned in legal documents, there is a role for Order members on Discord. It includes several administration officials and Citizens who meet the expected requirements for membership and serve the region in other ways as well. Its members pledge themselves to the common good of the region and its inhabitants and each member carries a Lightsaber as their weapon to defend the region and its values. It is formally led by the Grandmaster and the Master of the Order, however, several other members have contributed immensely and are included in decision making. Below are the requirements to be inducted into the Order of the Republic.

[list][*]The person is a citizen of [region]The League of Conservative Nations[/region].
[*]The person is reasonably active.
[*]The person should provide evidence of lightsaber ownership in use or display (not one simply kept away in storage).[/list]

[box][font=times new roman][b]MEMBERS OF THE ORDER:[/b]

[b]Grandmaster[/b] [nation]Quebecshire[/nation]
[list][*]Dark violet bladed lightsaber.[/list]

[b]Master of the Order[/b] [nation]Eminople[/nation]
[list][*]Orange bladed lightsaber.[/list]

[b]Master[/b] [nation]Chalanka[/nation]
[list][*]Green bladed lightsaber.[/list]

[b]Knight[/b] [nation]Greater Sacramento[/nation]
[list][*]Blue bladed lightsaber.[/list]

[b]Knight[/b] [nation]Sikh Khanate[/nation]
[list][*]Green bladed lightsaber.[/list][/font][/box]