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The God-Queendom of Penult

The God-Queendom of Penult
French: Royaume-Saint de Penult
Franglais: God-Roidomme d'Penult
German: Panoltsches Gottreich
Groguelle: Penults Dieusreiche
Type: political structure comprised of:

The Cielic Throne, the political, religious, and social leader of the nation, every other council or authority is bound to the Cielic Throne through infallible, God-given, and wise decree

The House of Lapreussien-Ciel, a powerful house with religious ties governing the spiritual and legal principles of the nation, whichever family of whom the God-King appoints the heir of the Cielic throne becomes the House of Lapreussien-Ciel, the esteemed members of the house form what is essentially an advisory body, thus the house is known politically as 'The Privy Council'

The Royal Brotherhood, a group of six appointed higher-monks who delegate confusing moral and sometimes economic attitudes on the basis of the Cielic faith, the Touvedaciel, and on the collective moral stance of the country, these positions are sometimes delegated to be elected depending on the opinion of the Cielic Throne and the House Lapreussien, each monk governs an Obèlisque; a large and sacred temple

The Righteous Families of Penult, currently: The House of Fleance, The House of Baladeur-Klein, The House of Ladeschaines, and the House of Joseph-Rougeciel, each noble family has corporations and municipal bodies extending to cities and regions, operating a semi-feudal system across the country

Major Cities:

Dimontlarmier: Seat of the Cielic Throne and the Maison-Lapreussien
Toussain: Most populated and densely populated city in Penult
Fleance Basin Major Franglais-speaking centre
Helge-Neudeutschestadt Major German and Groguelle-speaking centre, Seat of the Royal Brotherhood
Keythampton Major English-speaking centre

Official Languages: French, English
Recognized Regional Languages: Franglais (French-English creole), German, Groguelle (French-German creole)

82% Cielic Faith
13% Heliocielic Faith
5% Old Hinduislamic

Ethnic Groups:

43% Propenultans
37% Antepenultans
12% Angloes
6% Almagues
2% Anglomelange/Deutschesmelange

Government: 999th Cielic Throne

God-King: God-Queen Toussette-Ciel VI (Mairjeanette Lapreussien-Ciel)
God-Spouse: None
Heir Apparent: None

House Chamberlain: Tythesse Lapreussien-Ciel
Chamberlain of the Privy Council: Gerard Lapreussien-Ciel

Reverend Brother: Yves Jacombre
Reverend Moderator: Tifleu Partaille


Upper House: Chateau de la Maison (Privy Council)
Lower House: Helge Hall (Royal Brotherhood)