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[color=white][align=center][b][sup][size=100]MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1994 |  1.29[/size][/b][/sup][/color]

[align=center][color=#3C4044][font=georgia][size=200]BRITAIN HEADS TO THE POLLS.[/size][/font][/color][/align]
[align=center][color=#3C4044][font=georgia][size=130]The Conservative Party emerges as the victor in the European Parliament elections.[/size][/font][/color][/align]
[align=center][color=#3C4044][b][sub]WRITTEN BY DONALD L. MAYES | [/sub][/b][sub]POLITICS[/sub] [/color][/align]

[center][color=#808080][font=Georgia]LONDON  In the United Kingdom, Voters headed to the polls to vote in the first ever European
Parliament election in the country. Prime Minister Tony Blair was captured casting the very first vote,
a historic moment. The Conservative's, Labour, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and other parties would
fiercely battle it out in a exceptionally heated campaign since the massive loss of support of both the
Labour party, and the Conservative Party - the largest parties in the United Kingdom, overall however
have declined in popularity, creating far more competition in British elections - notably however, it is not
necessarily this domestic, British parliamentary dynamic transfers to the European wide parliament election.
  [size=120][/size][/font] [/color][/center]

[b][align=center][color=#3C4044][font=georgia][size=130]The Conservatives out raised all their opponents.[/size][/font][/color][/align][/b]

[center][color=#808080][font=Georgia]The Conservative party by far spent more, and out raised all their opponents, its estimated roughly
157 million dollars was spent on the European Parliament elections, with over 55% of such funding coming 
from outside sources, most notably the Balkan Union. The Crown Prosecution Service did announce an
investigation would occur into the Conservative party's finances, not necessarily due to misconduct, but
to ensure funds from outside sources are not used on domestic elections, which is notably illegal under
British law. The Conservative Party did not release a statement concerning the investigation and monitoring
of their finances after the election, with their leader staying silent concerning the pressing issue as well.[size=120][/size][/font] [/color][/center]

[b][align=center][color=#3C4044][font=georgia][size=130]The results are surprising.[/size][/font][/color][/align][/b]

[center][color=#808080][font=georgia]The Conservative Party was confirmed as the largest party elected in the European Parliament 
Elections, following by the Liberal Democrats, then Labour. The overall trend was that Nationalism
sold during the elections, and that Britain and its people wanted a party that would stand up for 
British interests rather then what is best for 'Europe as a whole', which was the policy of the Labour Party.

[b]The Conservative Party[/b] - 73 Seats, Alliance of European Populists
[b]Liberal Democrats[/b] - 21 Seats, Liberals of Europe
[b]The Labour Party[/b] - 9 Seats, European Socialists Democrats
[b]UKIP[/b] - 8 Seats, Break Up the European Party
[b]The Green Party[/b] - 1 Seat, None

One noted surprise from the elections, would be Nigel Farage's United Kingdom Independence Party, with
it only a single seat away from tying Labour's seat count - signifying clearly that doubts about the European
Union is ripe in Britain, however it should be noted that the longer the United Kingdom is in the EU, its
approval ratings rise as the power, efficiency and benefits of EU institutions are proven first hand in Britain [/center][/color][/font]

[b][align=center][color=#3C4044][font=georgia][size=130]How much did Balkan Money Help the Conservatives?[/size][/font][/color][/align][/b]

[center][color=#808080][font=georgia]In what is easily the most controversial aspect of the elections, would be the influx of Balkan
money into the Conservative Party, which allowed them to control roughly 78% of all television ads
that are related to political causes. Prime Minister Tony Blair sharply criticized the Conservative party 
for accepting millions of dollars from the Balkan Union, and its oligarchy. The Prime Minister also 
signaled that, "We will be passing legislation confirming that British campaign finance supersedes 
European Union legislation concerning campaign finance". The move is supported by the public whom
support banning foreign money from entering the elections, with a 72% majority saying they supported
that notion. Regardless, its generally accepted that the way the election is run must change soon.

[size=90][center][color=#808080][font=georgia]Tony Blair discussing the election results at a Press Conference. [/size][/center][/font][/color][color=#ECECEC].[/color]
[color=white][align=center][b][sup][size=100]COPYRIGHT, THE TIMES, 1994.[/size][/b][/sup][/color][/align]

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