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Landmark treaties signed between The Copper States and Leonism

Today the imperial government in Leestcheck announced the signing of four landmark treaties between the Imperium of Leonism and the Scientocratic Oligarchy of The copper states. The mutually beneficial treaties were signed after short negiotiations and could have wider implications for Lazarus.

The treaties are:

The Research and Science Treaty

Acknowleding the common goal of both nations to further scientific research and progress, the Scientocratic Oligarchy of The copper states and the Imperium of Leonism hereby agree to

a) share any non-confidential research with each other.
b) grant visa to any scientist visiting the other nation
c) establish a student exchange program between the two nations
d) --- removed and expanded into a seperate treaty ---

Both signatory nations will from here on work together to boost their scientific output and higher education, with the ultimate goal of furthering the societal progress of humanity in Lazarus.

The Lazarus Aero-Space Agency Treaty (LASA-Treaty)

Remark: Originally part of the above treaty under d), it was decided to create a seperate treaty for this idea, to allow other states to join at a later date.

a) The signatory nations create a common Lazarus Aero-Space Agency, to further scientific research of outer space and enable scientists from all participating nations to pool resources for this purpose.
b) The Agency, further refered to as LASA, shall recieve at minimum 0,5% of GDP per annum as funding from the signatory nations.
c) LASA is open to all nations resident in Lazarus

The Larazus Imperia Treaty

Remark: Originally limited to granting visa to scientists as per the Research and Science Treaty under b), on behalf of The Copper States the scope of this idea was expanded to include visa free travel to all citizens of all participant nations

a) The signatory nations hereby waive all prerequesites for visa for citizens of other signatory nations, thus forming a Common Travel Area (CTA) in Lazarus through which all Lazarene citizens may move unhindered.
b) The Treaty is open to all nations of Lazarus.
c) Signatory nations may withdraw from the treaty anytime with a 90-day advance warning
d) Signatory nations may limit the time a citizen of another signatory nation can travel through their country to no less than 90 days

Treaty on the establishment of an imperial naval base in The copper states and mutual protection of merchant ships

a) The Imperium of Leonism pays 10 billion Imperialmarks for a plot of 10 square kilometers of unused coastal land near the southern border of The copper states, called Caulicarrot Bay
b) In return, the Imperium will recieve full souvereignity over this land and be explicitly permitted to establish a naval base there, including an airstrip
c) The based military will never be used against The Copper States or its allies
d) The Imperial Navy of Leonism will protect merchant ships from The Copper States free of charge whenever these use the Translazarussian trade route, currently linking Cianlandia, Leonism and Hycronesia. In return, warships from the Copper States will also protect merchant ships from Leonism if possible.
e) The Imperium of Leonism will refrain from storing Weapons of Mass Destruction at the newly established base

Signed in Venstradam on May 14, 2019

Caussi Caulicarrot Camillot
Leader of The copper states

Imperator Konsul Leo I.
of the Imperium of Leonism