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The Rejected Realms Fight Club

[center][b][size=300][font=Impact]The Rejected Realms[/font][/size][/center][/b]

[b][u]What Is This?[/b][/u]

The Rejected Realms Fight Club is a game built around the [url=]NationStates Challenge Feature[/url]. The Challenge feature allows you to challenge any nation in the whole world and compares key census category statistics such as Political Freedoms between two nations and the higher score wins over a few rounds. As you challenge more people you gain championship points and your level increases.

Our Fight Club is meant to set up a competitive environment where members can face off against each other and try to be the club's top dog.

[b][u]How Do I Get Involved?[/b][/u]

If you would like to participate, but are not already part of the club, simply message or telegram [nation]Dead I Jack[/nation] to inform me who you would like to challenge for their spot in the standing. If you beat a nation in the standings above you, you move ahead of them on the list and everyone else moves down 1. Same goes for everyone else already in the club. If a new person to the club loses their first challenge of someone in the Fight Club standings they will simply be added to the bottom of the list until they beat someone in order to move up.


[*][strike]The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. [/strike]
[*]You can only challenge the same person once a week for their place in the standings.
[*]A challenge for a spot in the standings must be declared and recognized by the opponent and/or [nation]Dead I Jack[/nation]. This is to prevent someone from challenging the same person a bunch of times until they win and only notifying the organizers the 1 time they do win.
[*]A screenshot of the result must be submitted to [nation]Dead I Jack[/nation] to prove that you won the challenge.[/list]


[*]The nation that ends up at the top of the standings at the end of the kickoff week will earn one Legendary Card.
[*]The other top 3 nations at the end of the kickoff week will earn an Epic Card.
[*]From then on, every week we will see who is the most improved nation in the standings and award 1 Epic card to that nation.
[*]Anyone who lasts a week at the top of the Fight Club standings will earn 1 Epic card. If that same person lasts a month they will earn a Legendary Card.[/list]

Place	Nation	Nation Link	Level as of 1/7
1	Turbeaux	71
2	Ownzone	62
3	Kingdom of Circle of Magi	61
4	Glacikaldr	59
5	Dead I Jack	56
6	Thepeopl	55
7	Rom	57
8	North Pacific Spy	56
9	Shy Guyia	49
10	Frattastan IV	42
11	Marilyn Manson Freaks	45
12	Cyrtenes	46
13	Witchcraft and Sorcery	40
14	Bobberino	43
15	Morover	44
16	Toerana	46
17	Margiboof	37
18	Kyorgia	33
19	ThePlace	38
20	Democratic Republic of Unified States	34
21	Bormiar	30
22	Bobdabuilder	28
23	Novgorod-Pskov	38
24	Not to Fret	22
25	The Italian Stallion	21
26	Zoigai	27
27	Mysterio II	16
28	Eolusia	16
29	Rkr	8

Fight Club standings on Googlesheet (view only):

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