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Shavaran Revolution (1912-1916) (W.I.P.)

Shavaran Revolution
Revolución Shavaraño

Dynastic Soldiers readying for a defensive battle at the trenches.

Dynastic Soldiers cocking their rifles at defensive positions.

Shavaran Rebels smiling for a photo


The Shavaran Revolution, a famous civil war mostly known by Shavarans, was an uprising made by Shavaran republicans that led to a four year conflict which started in 1912 and ended in 1916, the purpose of the revolution was to overthrow the Dynastic monarchy of the Pel Van Dynasty, and re-establish the country as a more democratic Republic. However, the will to establish a republic didn't bring rebel enthusiasm to citizens, but rather it was the oppressive actions done by Emperor Gregorio III that brought rebel enthusiasm.


The Pel Van Dynasty/The Dynastic Army
Supported by:
Osterreich und Ungarn

The Republican Front/Shavaran Revolutionary Army
Supported by:
(Probably W.I.P.)

Main events and battles (W.I.P.):

Shavara wrote:

April 27th, 1914

City of Batallón, Luchario, Pel Van Dynasty

Weeks after Rebel pushing of the Luchario province, a Revolutionary battalion decides to set up a camp to prepare for the invasion of Batallón, the capital and key city of Luchario, it is currently night in 10:50 PM.

The Revolutionary leader, Ricardo Vera, is holding an oil lamp while seeing the fortified city under Dynasty control, slightly bright in the night, he gets off the horse, holding his Mondragón rifle, the rest of the rebel battalion is setting up a camp behind the trees, some rebels are eating cooked tortillas before going to sleep.

A rebel fails to set up his own tent. "Maldita sea pal c*rajo" He said quietly, trying not to disturb sleeping rebels, revolutionary leader sees the failed tent, he chuckles, and goes over there.

"Need a hand?" Asked Ricardo Vera.

"Sure Líder, this stupid tent just falls everytime I try to set it up, I try not to yell, for I see some of our troops are sleeping." Said the rebe, with soft anger as he tries to cool it down.

"Let me do it for ya." Said Ricardo, few minutes later, the tent is set up successfully, the rebel looks happy.

"Thanks Ricardo, I owe you somethin'" Said the rebel.

"Oh no no no, I don't need anything, thank you." Said Ricardo. "But I DO have something for you." He added while smiling.

"What's that?" Asked the rebel.

"A good luck in the fight tomorrow, show your strength, bravery and courage against those tyrannical soldiers in the city, remember not just to charge, but to also take cover if you think heavy fire is onto us, remember your training, and go to sleep now, amigo." Said it all Ricardo, wishing all the good luck to the rebel itself.

"I will." The rebel then goes to the tent, lays down on the floor under the tent, and starts to sleep along with his rifle.

As rebels start to sleep in the camp, so does Ricardo, however, few rebels who were in charge to defend the camp are watching if any Dynasty or Legionary troops are scouting for them, it appeared that there was no sign of Legionary soldiers.

Meanwhile in the City of Batallón

As daily, Legionary Soldiers are watching everywhere, as the fortifying walls are in watch of any Rebels in sight, the wall is heavily armed with infantry guards, machine gunners, artillery cannons and sometimes covered with sandbags, one legionary soldier on the fortress wall sighs, as he wants to go to sleep, but he recently drank a cup of Kianese Matcha tea to keep himself awake and aware of the enemy, he sees a Legionary scout holding an oil lamp, and mounted on a horse entering the city, some armed gatekeepers allow the scout to come in, the scout himself goes to the City hall to report to the Fortress Colonel, who is having a conversation with the major of the city and the Governor of Luchario, as soon as the scout comes in, he yells:

"Colonel Mateo!" The Scout yelled.

"What do you want, Scout? I'm having a serious conversation here with the governor." Said Colonel Mateo.

"Have your scouts not learned to not interrupt talks?" Asked Governor Alberto Jimenez Vila to Colonel Mateo with a disappointed look on his face.

"No, they haven't, I keep yelling at their commanders to properly command them." Said Colonel Mateo, he now points at the scout. "What was it that you wanted? Have you found anything?" Asked again the Colonel.

"I believe I found a camp right behind the trees outside the city, I can't tell if it's either a refugee camp or a rebel on-" He is interrupted by Colonel Mateo, as he said a single 'wait'.

"You found a camp...? Did it have any flags?" Asked twice Colonel Mateo.

"No, which is why I said that I don't know what is it affiliated with."

"... I'm going to command troops, I'll finish the talking tomorrow with you Alberto and Monte Marquez." Said Colonel Mateo, he gets out of the room, so does the scout.

A lot of minutes later, a Legionary group of Soldiers is sent to investigate the camp, reported by the scout, all soldiers were holding Oil Lamps along with their rifles. A Soldier gets off the horse, he quietly enters the camp, where the rebels are sleeping, a Legionary soldier finds a Revolutionary flag, he raises his eyebrows, and gets out of the camp quietly, he goes back to the group.

"I've got something to report." Said the Legionary Private to Commander Hector Vargas.

"Go on." Said Hector Vargas.

"The Camp is indeed rebel, I saw a revolutionary flag, and people sleeping with their rifles." Said the Private, Hector isn't surprised because it's a rebel camp, but because there was no gunfire.

"Strange that rebel guards did not find us or have alarmed the camp, they must have slept too." Said Commander Hector Vergas. "We have 100 men here, burn it down, we know they'll invade the city." Ordered Commander Hector Vergas. "Sí Señor." Said the Private, the small battalion of legionary soldiers are holding torches and buckets of oil, they find a more flammable area of the camp, they are quietly walking to prevent the wake up of rebels, now that they find the more flammable area, they pour the oil on it, and make tracks of oil connecting with each tent of the camp quietly, a rebel slowly wakes up because of the smell of the oil, he doesn't see the oil now that it's dark, he turns on his oil lamp and gets out of the tent, he sees the oil now and the legionary soldiers.

"..." The rebel just stared.

"..." The Soldiers stared back.

"¡SOLDADOS ESTÁN AQUÍ!" Yelled the Rebel, waking up the most of the camp.

"¡Préndelo! ¡Préndelo!" Yelled the soldiers, they turn on matches and drop em' into the oil, they get out as fast as they can, the camp begins to burn, starting with few tents, rebels on the burning tents woke up and got out as fast as they could, except for one rebel, which was unlucky and got burnt, the rebels who woke up open fire on the legionary soldiers, starting a small battle, the Legionary soldiers fire back at the rebels, one soldier was hit, as the soldiers were more skilled, and hit 4 rebels, the flames on the camp worsen, the legionary soldiers retreat from the camp, mounting on horses, and yelling "¡Jia! ¡jia!" (Hia! hia!), they run mounted on horses back to the city.

Ricardo Vera, leader of the revolution wakes up, seeing the camp burning into a ball of flames. "What the hell is happening...?" He's lucky that his tent is not leaked with oil, but it doesn't stop it from being flammable.

Almost an hour fighting the fire with water, the camp stops burning, half of the camp burned down, affecting much of rebel preparedness for the city's invasion, and causing some deaths linked to the burning.

Shavara wrote:

11:00 AM, Nonscio Timezone.

July 4th, 1916

San Floriza, Archada, Pel Van Dynasty.

The sky is shining, but partly cloudy, very few birds are heard singing, fewer than usual, a grasshopper is jumping happily on tall grasses. Human footsteps, slow rolling and dragging of artillery, horse steps and rifles cocking are heard from a marching brigade of legionary and royal soldiers. It is then revealed to be a dynastic brigade readying for defense combat at the entrance of a small, urban city and at the front of an open field. Artillery is being cleaned and their shells are being loaded, men are forming defensive positions, building sandbag walls, mounting up machine guns and cocking their rifles as they load their ammunition. Commander Édgar Hurtado looks at the field with his binocular, he sees an army of rebels with their rifles, both infantry and cavalry. The Defense positions of the San Floriza city are now quiet, waiting for the rebels to charge.

A Royal soldier, who woke up an hour ago, is ready to meet his fate, but he also keeps morale and the will to defend citizens from rebel barbarism, he looks at one of his comrades, who is fully ready to massacre rebels with the mounted machine gun he was ordered to man. "You ready to kill these barbarians? Because I ain't, especially if I woke an hour just to meet death." The soldier slightly complained, the machine gunner shakes his head while doing 'tsk' sounds. "We're soldiers lad, every time we get dragged to battles and combat, we expect to meet death, we have discipline, and we are willing to sacrifice our lives to defend the people of this city from rebels trying to ruin it."

The Rebel battalion's leader, Carlos Aguinaldo, soon looks at the legionary defense positions with his binocular while mounted on a horse, he then looks back at his battalion , it seems that rebels are dragging their artillery, but seeing many artillery cannons on the city's defense positions, rebels worry that with inferior artillery support, they might lose the battle. Carlos looks back again at the rebel battalion, he then turns right with his horse, giving a speech.

"Attention revolutionaries! This is the day that we charge against the enemy who are royal to the dynasty! This is the day we make their military discipline look embarrassing!" He yells, taking his machete and raising it up. "We aren't here to capture the city for weapons and ammunition! We are here... to liberate the citizens from the oppressive regime! Raise up your swords and melee weapons!" He yells again, rebels taking their melee weapons such as swords, machetes, shovels, etc and raising them while yelling with morale and patriotism. Carlos smiles, facing towards the line, and pointing his machete at it. "The liberation of the people are not our main focus, it is our future! It is peace!" The Rebels then mount on their horses with their melee weapons and grenades, and those who stay on feet begin cocking their rifles and are readying to run.

While Carlos points at the line with his machete, he takes few steps front with his horse. "CHAAAAAAAAAARGE!" He heavily shouts, as both cavalry and infantry yell war cries, soon charging forward along with the battalion's leader. Heavy footsteps from both horses and infantry are heard from all around the field.

At the defense position, Dynastic soldiers are looking at the charging army, they do not fire yet, for the commander hasn't given orders to shoot any bullet from the guns, but as the running sounds get closer... "FIRE!" The command was shouted by Commander Hurtado, first waves of bullets are heard firing, the gunshots are loud as hell, soldiers are firing their rifles, machine guns and artillery towards the charging rebel army.

The charging army, as they did not expect it, suffer heavy casualties, even after seeing more than 20 rebels die from gunshots in less than 10 seconds, and 8 cavalry units, having both their horses and riders die as well, in less than 15 seconds. An entire group of the charging rebels was blown up by a single artillery shell fired from the defense positions. Despite the heavy casualties, it doesn't stop the charging battalion from charging forward against the positions. One rebel pulls a trigger of his rife, shooting a bullet that heads towards a royal soldier manning a machine gun, soon, the bullet hits the manner's heart, making the soldier stop using the machine gun, and die slowly. This was indeed a lucky shot for the rebel, which soon continues to charge forward.

Despite the royal positions making a great job in defending their lines, it doesn't stop the charging army from keeping their morale, and as soon as they get close, cavalry units then barge through the lines, slaughtering royal soldiers with their melee weapons. An extremely lucky soldier who was yelling in fear, pulls a trigger in his rifle towards a horse rider he was aiming at, soon killing the rider, and making the horse neutral, he breathes heavily, relieved that he survived slaughter from the cavalry even though his comrades are dying.

The heavy battle soon begins, both sides firing their rifles at each other, as rebel infantry start to advance while either shooting their rifles at royal soldiers without aiming, or raising up their melee weapons as they charge. A rebel jumps to a soldier, and kills him with a machete, same's happening in the front of the positions.

A royal soldier takes his trumpet, he starts playing tones of the trumpet, meaning he's commanding his comrades to pull back for better aiming against the rebels, even though that's an old tactic, it still worked for the men to pull back. Secondary positions soon uncover their more equipped machine guns, instantly beginning to fire at the rebels that barged in, killing many of the rebels, killing 60 per 30 seconds, after 5 minutes of firing the machine guns, a total of 502 rebels have been killed. After the massacre, the rebels succeeded to take down the machine gunners by either rifle or melee, making the royal soldiers pull back once again.

Hours later of battling, the city is in chaos, civilians are hiding in their underground shelters and if not, barricaded houses. After the last advancement made by the rebels, the legionary and royal soldiers defending the city surrender. Carlos, lucky enough to survive the battle, soon stands up in a roof of a house, waving the revolutionary flag while men burn the Dynasty's flag.

"We are victorious! The people of this city are liberated from the Dynasty! Our revolution will succeed in the war!" Yelled Carlos in a victorious voice, Rebels cheer at the victory while raising both their machetes and rifles, but the "liberated" citizens aren't, because they were loyal to the Dynastic monarchy, they instead turn unhappy because of the rebel capture of San Floriza.

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OOC inspirations:

All I can say is that I ripped it off from the Mexican revolution. Yeeeah, I'm a copy cat ;-;