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Get to know Tjorl's first Oatland Summer Olympic Team

The Tjorlish people are excited to watch the 2019 Oatland Summer Olympics due to their hunger for sport. Here are some of the athletes on the Tjorl's first Oatland Summer Olympic Team.

Gymnastics - Natalie Schuler, Liva Brodbeck
Schuler started gymnastics at 6, winning at the Regional Games at just 14. She lives in Lestierre as of right now and is 17 years old. Natalie is also incredibly smart, passing the entrance exam for Tjorl National University, the best in all of Tjorl.

Liva Brodbeck is a talented gymnast, winning the nationals and picked as 1 of 2 gymnsats to compete in the Summer Olympics. Right now she lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She is very humble, just mingling with the locals sometimes when she stays in Afoln in the winter, even seen talking to people in Starbucks.

Swimming - Gregers Sörensson, Torben Jokinen
Gregers Sörensson has a memorial named after him after setting numerous records in the nationals. He is our flagbearer in the opening ceremony. After being celebrated around Tjorl because of his incredible speed in the water, he decided it would be best to set up a swimming pool in Everton.

Jokinen grew up on the coastal city of Everton on Wilshere where he learned to swim. He has never won a national though, because he always loses to Sörensson. Everyt time they compete against each other, Tjorlish people call it "Tidevanns Klassiker" or "Tidal Classic".

Weightlifting - Lars Hansen
Hansen always impresses during the Regional Games because not one guy gets close to his level. Basically, he's the Michael Phelps of Tjorlish Weightlifting. He was recently in controversy though, driving while a bit intoxicated resulting in his arrest and staying prison for a while. He is the oldest in the delegation at 32.

Rifle Shooting - Alex Hall, Hermann Stein, Astrid Bergström
Hall grew up in a small village in the thick wooden jungles of Wyen. He learned to hunt for deer there and took his talents to the Nationals and the Summer Olympics. He was so good, TFP General Henrikki Adrian said "He's better than most of the people in the divisions I command".

Hermann Stein has a reputation of having fun while competing. This includes laughing, telling jokes, and taking about everything from alphabet soup to zoos he's never gone before. We took a poll on Twitter who is the most likable guy in the delegation and Stein won by a mile.

Bergström was always popular even before she competed in her first Regional Games as she was known throughout high school. Her boyfriend, famous basketball player Kevin Frank said, "Back in high school, you can easily tell which boys in the class had a crush on Astrid. Very easy to tell."