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The European: Issue 3

[floatright][size=150][i]Be a good European and [b][color=red]UPVOTE[/color][/b]![/i][/floatright][/size]
[box][b][size=150][nation]Leakli[/nation] elected Minister of NationStates Affairs (Monsa)[/size][/b]
[hr]The nation Leakli has been unanimously elected MONSA of Europe but Better, and has been received with positivity. We hope to see the contributions he makes to our region.[/box]
[box]Culture Competitions have commenced!
[hr]Send in your applications for the Culture Competition! The winner's creations will be made the status quo of the region! You can create:
1. The Regional Flag
2. Create a regional anthem
3. Design a coat of arms
4. Design a new cover for the European
5. and much more!
Submit [strike]to your overlord[/strike] your applications to DoNotComeHere through or Google Drive!