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Weekly Newspaper-13.05.2019

Edition 2
Issue IV

•Elections going on in The North Pacific.

•Kyrogia elected as the new WA Delegate of The Rejected Realms.

•Armistice signed between The Wolf Clan and Order of Southern North.

•The Region of India soon to hold WA Delegate Elections, tightens security.

•The people of Europeia voted and elected then-Minister of Culture Lloenflys to the office of first minister.

The Political Scale

Last week we had held a poll,asking where did the nations found themselves on the political scale.Here are the results:


A major portion of voters expressed that they are somewhat alligned with Right,the option gaining only a slight 1% more vote than the Left.

Further it is interesting to note that in the first few hours of the poll,'Right' had acquired about more than 40% of the total votes,followed by Centre-Left with only 25% of the total votes.

Another thing to note is that,this time our poll was held for the shortest duration but got maximum amount of votes.

Armistice Signed between The Wolf Clan and Order of Southern North

On May 5,an armistice was signed between TWC and OSN with the help of Odinburgh.

The purpose of the armistice was to gain peace and prevent further incursions of activities of subterfuge attempts and sabotage from the OSN and stop further affiliation with the Kaiserreich via OSN.

Some common points agreed upon were:

1.Agree to cessation of active attempts at subterfuge and sabotage.

2.Ban of mass recruitment telegrams between OSN and TWC regions.

3.OSN assurance that their troops and/or spies would not be pressed into service by Kaiserreich against the TWC.

The Arbitrator regions were Novus Lucidum,HoG,The FM,Hartfeldon and Lazarus

Full treaty can be read here.

The nation of Odinburgh has shown good leadership skills in mediating peace between the two region.

Elections in The North Pacific

The set of elections are the general elections, meaning that candidates may run for WA Delegate, Vice Delegate, Speaker of the Regional Assembly (Speaker), and Attorney General. These elections are held once every four months. The nominations process started at the beginning of the month, and voting began on May 6. Voting will end on May 12th.

The Candidates are:

WA Delegate: El Fiji Grande, Lady Raven Wing

Vice Delegate: Sil Dorsett, Malphe, Praetor, Kirostan

Speaker: Artemis, Dreadton
Attorney General (AG): Darcania, Funkadelia, Dinoium

Results are expected to be declared till 13 May.

Court Trials in Regime of Great Cyan

In the recent election for Executive Head, excitement were on the candidates wondering who would win. New Kurusau Drumopia did managed to win the elections, however puppet flooding has been brought up, leaving New Kurusau Drumopia on trial for multiple offences. The Executive Head role was passed on to the runner-up, Recruitment Telegram Receiver; for the time being. If New Kurusau Drumopia is proven innocent, it is suspected that the role will be given to him. If proven guilty, ejection/banning might be an option.

Elections in Europeia

The people of Europeia voted and elected then-Minister of Culture Lloenflys to the office of first minister, beating out incumbent Rand by a margin of 35.9 percentage points. When polling closed, Lloenflys/Sopo had 25 votes, Rand/Pichtonia had 11 votes, and cuddlebuns/Vlaska had 3 votes. In his opening address, Lloenflys thanked his opponents, and spoke to concerns about the staffing issues faced by the regional government.

In Europeia's first election for the new office of Chief of State (with the incumbent serving due to her election as President), in an uncontested race, incumbent Chief Kuramia was reelected, with World Assembly Delegate and Speaker Aexnidaral on the ticket as deputy. In her platform, Chief Kuramia discussed her motivation for seeking reelection, explaining "I still feel excitement for serving this region in a place I've always loved."

New Region,New Hope

In recent conversations with Puntia,Founder of Greater Astoria which was recently transformed from former region Manasawala,said,"We are doing good and have shown a small blockage cannot stop us or our progress".

The region recently received a shock when more than 20 puppets of Hamramstan,their former Founder,were deleted and they came to know about the truth.As of now,as per reports,the new region is doing good with Roleplays and have successfully set up the new region.


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Making Star State


Star State is my latest roleplay project in the P2TM forum. Its a SciFi roleplay that I really just started out of impulse. I further solidified my desire to do SciFi by watching some cool space battle videos. Seeing the clash of spaceships numbering in the tens of thousands amidst the twinkle of stars really motivated me to work toward making my ideas a reality.

The name of the roleplay, 'Star State', was derived from chatting with folks from the NS FT (Future Tech) server and Kyrusia termed FT nations as 'star states' which I thought was a pretty cool name. The title of any roleplay is important because it is the first thing people notice when they look at your thread in the forums. Is it cool? Is it provocative in a positive manner? Roleplayers have to understand that their game's title influences whether a player's decisions to check it out or not.

Worldbuilding is not an easy process but I am fortunate enough to be blessed with NS buddies with experience in the realm of FT roleplay. The first thing I did before even making a draft for the OOC was to setup a Discord server then talk about my ideas with others. I learned alot about FT roleplay while conversing with them. Concepts such as the Alcubierre drive were introduced to me and I learned about hard and soft FT, a concept I grasped immediately because of my background in MT/PMT roleplay. I also utilized the NS FT server, just asking questions because that is what the server was made for. I wasn't afraid of speaking my mind in such a large server since I've been on many NS RP servers and I'm used to it though I can see why newbies would be less inclined to be as open because of the number of people that would read their questions.

Another Exciting Week at NHL!
By:Columbus bluejackets

Another exciting week in the NHL has commenced!
For the past week the Scamblers cup, a tournament aiming at getting teams in the leauge to 14 games played. This week saw some historic feats as well. From the first shutout in leauge history to the most OT periods in a single week of play. Let's get started, shall we?

We begin with a game facing two of the original franchises in the Nationstates Hockey Leauge.
Kansas City Scouts @ Brooklyn Americans

The first period started off slow, with Kansas City taking an early lead over the home team 2-1. But, the Amerks, one of the top teams in the leauge would not have it. The Americans would take a 3-2 lead in the second period, using there stellar defense to shut the visiting team out in that period, while having their equally mesmerizing offense score two goals.
The scouts head coach would later state in a post game press conference, "I was vexed. We played so good in the first period and to just fall off like that was painful. I mean, they literally shut us down."
And alas, his team would start off the third period with an easy goal for the Amerks only 12 second into said period. But the scouts were resilient. They would not give up another goal for the remainder of the game. The scouts would go ahead and Rush across the ice, where he would score a goal, only 24 seconds in to the game. The scouts would have to wait until the end of the period, with only 14 seconds left and facing another painful loss, Chuck areas on would rush up the court, and swing his stick, hitting the puck and into the goal with only 4 second remaining! The Amerks would take a swing and horribly miss it as the buzzer goes off, signaling A SO/OT. The scouts would manage to pull off the victory In the fourth shootout period. The final score: 5-4

The Complete Article can be read here.

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