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by The Samrajya of Hindu Mahasabha. . 61 reads.

The Dark Condition of League of Socialist States

The league of Socialist States currently ruled by a madman called as Ragnaria.Sadly he has grabbed all the power via his puppets.

The region contains only 3 genuine nations but rest are the puppets controlled by Ragnaria who has ceased the WA Delegate position without informing his residents that the rest of the nations are his puppets kept in CCD for a long time.He has restricted the WAD position so that no one else can acquire it.

The thing to note is that Lost Hope claimed to be an independent nation,but when I sent telegrams to all other nations (excluding him),he jumped of nowhere and asked me to not to send any kind of telegram,which I haven't sent him but might have some other nations who happen to be his (Ragnaria's) puppet.

We call for the Independence of the League and ask members like Kha Larke, T F S and Ejercito Mitsukista de Liberacion Global,the only genuine nations in the region,to fight against the Dictatorship.

I request the nation to not to come in trap of his mass recruit telegrams and consider liberating the region from the hands of the dictator.

Ragnaria has misused the name of Socialism to target innocent nations.

We hope the regional members liberate themselves from the grip of this dictator and elect a new WA Delegate among themselves.