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The Eastern Conflict

The Eastern Conflict

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Greater Felter
The Angel of Charity
(Ended late 2059 due to Felterian control of the empire)

(Ended with Felter gaining the claimed islands)



Early 2059

The beginnings of tensions between Greater Felter and Plazland started around this time leading from one key moment in the beginning of the Eastern Conflict. In the early months of 2059, Plazland a technologically advanced nation in central Orientalis began a switch towards a new Ideology born in the same nation called Galacticism. Galacticism is a Ideology that can be paired with any other ideological focus. In itís simplist form it is more focus on technology and betterment of science. In Greater Felter the nation had adopted an Ideology formed decades earlier by Marcy Sky called Mairorism and has been using it for decades alongside making Marcy Sky Leader of the nation. Mairorism never gained much world influence however it had some success in Sminishia. Unlike Galacticism is was to stay in itís homeland. On the other hand Galacticism spread very quickly across Valsora in all continents and cultures. The Galactic Ideology was just created however it was now wildly popular. The Felterian Government at the time even considered switching to the new Ideology pairing it with Mairorism and Galactic Mairorism would be born. However that changed quite quickly and wildly when the daughter of Marcy, Ivy got more power in the government. She convinced the population and government of Greater Felter that Galacticism was a threat to national security and Mairorism as a whole and Greater Felter quickly adopted a non-Galactic policy. Within the same month that Galacticism began, a small team of opposers had been made. After Greater Felter joined the team of anti-Galactics, they started to threaten Galactic nations, with more than half of the threats being directed towards Plazland. In what is called the Galactic crises, several nations dropped out of Galacticism. However Greater Felter continued the treats toward Plazland and the The Galactic Union.By mid 2059, things had seemed to calm down between Greater Felter and Plazland for now, with Greater Felter only making occasional threats towards Plazland.

Mid 2059

The tensions between Greater Felter and Plazland has been calming down steadily for the past months after the Galactic crisis. No more threats have been made for quite some and relations are even looking to improve between the two nations. However that changed when one foreign attack happened to two completely unrelated nations to the conflict had their own conflict. On the other side of the world, Osterreich und Ungarn had claimed two islands owned by Peatiktist. The two nations didnít get involved too much in the conflict, however this gave Ivy ideas. Not a month after the island conflict, Greater Felter had claimed a island in southern Plazland named Julian island.