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Edlewiess and Escobar: An amazing article on the Conquistador Casino hotel.

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Havana is the No.1 adult entertainment hub in the world. And it is it's might hotels on the Vedado strip that give it this chief position.

Back to the Times of Nuevo Espaneol, this is the Conquistador. With 7000 luxurious rooms and the world's second biggest Casino, this resort hotel is the word 'Exclusive' redefined.

As guests cross the big Spanish colonial iron gates to enter this paradise, they are welcomed by none other than Christopher Columbus himself!
From then on the journey into the land of the 16th century starts along with gold and marble with no expense spared.

The whole interior of the hotel is covered with authentic reproductions of old Spanish churches, monuments and forts. The hotel's lobby itself is the court of King Ferdinand II.

Gold and marble renaissance statues adorn every hall and corridor.

It took 7500 workers 19 months to built this massive resort paradise.

The hotel has it's own shopping mall, 27 restraunts, 6 fast food joints with all the latest brands, eight helipads and a private beach.

Speaking of the beach, that's where the Casino Is, on board an authentically recreated 16th century Spanish Treasure Galleon. Even the interior of this magnificent Casino is designed like a palace on boat to give tourists the feeling that they are really gambling on board a Galleon.

Something amazing happens here from dusk to midnight, a smaller but frightening pirate ship assaults the Galleon and tries to rob its hapless sailors. But they are soon beaten back after a mighty battle. This battle made with the latest 7D sound and lights technology complimented with advanced robotics and with skillfull actors is a marvel to watch. It repeats every 1 hour. So if you are wondering what would the kids do while you gamble away their student fund, here is your answer.

Now we move up the huge lifts to the hotel rooms. Here luxury is absolute and paramount.

No expense has been spared to make every room look like a Spanish or Morroccan Palace. All the rooms boast excellent views of the Carribean sea and sunrises and sunsets are a great to watch.

The Cordoba suite here costs $85000 bucks a night. It is an ultraluxurious triplex. There are only 8 such suits, all on and above the 38th floor!
It comes with a private garden balcony, 24 hour staff, a private Spanish church with services and all. Rare costly Parisian wine is complimentary.

Even the economy rooms are among the most comfortable in Havana with excellent customer service.

Lastly the hotel also boasts of a huge aquarium and tropical butterfly zoo with hundreds of species of the beautiful creatures. The aquarium and zoo building itself is shaped like a Morroccan Cordoban Blue domed mosque.

All in all, if luxury and theme is your forte, make the Conquistador your home when you visit Havana and indulge in the 16th century!

Revolucionario cuba