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Your Region Wants YOU!

Help Balder conquer the World Assembly!
  1. Join the World Assembly with your Balder nation if you are not already a member.

  2. Endorse our Delegate North East Somerset to become a Housecarl.

  3. Vote in the General Assembly and Security Council to join the Althing.

  4. Collect national artefacts by doing all of the above.

What is the WA Expedition?

The WA Expedition takes the nations of Balder on a quest to win national artefacts and titles, while making Balder safer and stronger in the World Assembly. The WA Expedition is led jointly by the Delegate and Government of Balder.

How can my nation take part in the WA Expedition?

You can contribute to the WA Expedition with three simple steps:

  • Be part of the World Assembly. If you are not already a member, please apply for WA membership with your nation in Balder. Joining the WA requires you to enter an email in your nation's settings, as you will need to confirm membership via email. If you currently have a nation in the WA in another region, please consider moving that nation to Balder. Please remember that each player may only control one nation in the WA at any given time.

  • Endorse our Delegate North East Somerset. Endorsing the Delegate helps ensure that Balder is safe against external threats, making it harder for enemies of the region to topple our government. Additionally, endorsing Delegate North East Somerset increases the number of votes Balder has in the World Assembly, and therefore directly makes us more powerful.

  • Vote on General Assembly and Security Council resolutions. You should use your Balder WA nation to cast a vote on as many resolutions that reach the floor of the General Assembly and Security Council as possible. Voting regularly helps multiply the voting power of our region in the world stage.

How does my nation become Housecarl?

Housecarl is an honorary title conferred upon all WA nations in Balder that endorse our Delegate North East Somerset.

The Housecarls of Balder are recorded in the Housecarl Runestone. After you endorse Delegate North East Somerset, your nation will be added to the Housecarl Runestone at the following update, and it will continue to be listed there while you continue endorsing the Delegate.

How does my nation join the Althing?

The Althing is the regional assembly consisting of all Balder WA nations. To join, you must join the World Assembly.

Members of the Althing of Balder are recorded in the Althing Runestone. Nations are ranked daily by their voting activity, with prestigious high positions reserved for the most active contributors. The more regularly you vote on resolutions, the higher you rank!

What artefacts can my nation win?

Nations participating in the WA Expedition can win several types of artefacts:

  • The Axe of Kinship is won by nations that support Balder by joining the World Assembly.

  • The Shield of Loyalty is won by nations that endorse our Delegate North East Somerset.

  • The Helm of Wisdom is won by nations that regularly vote on General Assembly and Security Council resolutions.

Monthly runestones will record the artefacts won by nations based on actions they performed over the preceding month. Below is a list of runestones published so far.

How does Balder benefit from the WA Expedition?

Our region's safety from invasion and voting power within the World Assembly depends on the endorsement counts of our Delegate. The higher North East Somerset's endorsement count is, the better protected and more influential Balder is. This serves the interests of all nations in the region.

How does my nation benefit from the WA Expedition?

In addition to winning national artefacts, joining the World Assembly brings several important benefits for your nation:

  • Most obviously, you gain a direct say in the outcome of General Assembly and Security Council votes.

  • Joining the World Assembly means that you are able to endorse other nations and be endorsed by other nations (up to the regional endorsement limit of 15). A nation with more World Assembly endorsements will accumulate more regional influence.

  • If your nation gains two endorsements, you will be able to submit your own proposals for World Assembly resolutions.

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